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The Apartment Essay, Research Paper

& # 65279 ; The Apartment

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What precisely does the word significance indicate? The dictionary provinces intending as an

deduction of a hidden or particular significance. In Humanities, the significance of a movie indicates

the content, the perceptual experience, of what took topographic point in a movie. The chief significance of a movie depends of

the reading of a individual. There could be one significance or five significances, but it depends on

the individual. The significance of The Apartment is non a love narrative, but more of a play about a adult male,

C.C. Baxter, on a subconscious pursuit to go more vocal and stand-up for himself.

Fictional characters, movie techniques, and music all come together to do The Apartment s significance

come alive.

Fictional characters are really of import to a movie, without characters, there would non be play,

action nor duologue. C.C. Baxter is the chief character who, throughout the film, learns how to

lodge up for himself. Mr. Sheldrake and the four executives bribe Baxter into utilizing his

flat by endangering to fire him. He does non stand up for himself, and lets the executives

push him about. Miss. Kubelick, the love of Baxter s life, helps him recognize he is a pushover

and demands to alter his life. She helps him on his quest to go a better adult male, more


Film techniques say a batch about a movie. Whether the movie is sophisticated, drab, amusing,

romantic or even chilling, movie techniques help put the temper. In The Apartment, the manager chose

to utilize largely average shootings and fade-out shootings. We can see from the medium close-up shootings the

facial looks of Ba

xter when he lets the executives from work push him about. The fade-

out shootings happen when an of import event occurs. For illustration, when Baxter waits to acquire into

his flat, it fades out and goes into a shooting of what is go oning inside the flat. From

watching inside the flat to outside with Baxter, we get a feel that Baxter is non happy with

giving his flat up. We can see from his organic structure linguistic communication he wants to state something to the

executives but can non. The movie techniques in The Apartment prove that Baxter is non happy with

being pushed around.

Have you of all time seen a film without sound or music? Possibly that would be exciting in

the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s, but in 1960 when The Apartment was introduced, people expected to hear

sound and expected to hear music. Music by the 1960 & # 8217 ; s was a large portion in peoples lives, so to

non hold music in a film would be unentertaining. The music in The Apartment ranges from

decelerate to quick, and soft to loud, depending on the state of affairs. When Baxter is experiencing dying, the

music is loud and speedy. When he is experiencing pushed around the music is softer and more angry

sounding. When Baxter is pacing about in forepart of his flat waiting to acquire in, the music is

soft, and drawn out, more slow. Music and sound escalate the state of affairs or event in the film

and even intensifies the emotions shown by the characters.

Even though the characters and the music in The Apartment are important to it s significance,

the movie techniques contribute the most. Fictional characters bring play, and duologue, music brings

emotions, and movie techniques bring the whole film together.