The movement of postmodernism considers any
opposition or any doubt as puritanism. It employs reactionary historiography
and cynicism. It seeks the existential immediacy of the present. It tries to
separate itself from the past, with the ultimate goal of creating new possibilitiesIn postmodernism, all arts have free access.
Postmodern artists create new forms of art, such as installations and
performances. The impact of the new movement is enormous and very
obvious. Spectators are offered with a new set of experiences, which is quite
different from the past . New forms of art gain more and more
supporters and become popular, despite the fact that many times the content can
be shocking or completely unclear Postmodernism, being a movement whose driving force
was to question the perceptions of the past, had a significant impact on
society, triggering debates and disputes that continue even today

One of the highlights of the
post-modern era is the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989). It is a
revolution, perhaps the most ambiguous event of the century. Many symbolize it
as an extension of Guernica. Society is changing and redefined through
the questioning of great merits such as the liberation of humanity or even
religion. The inadequacy of great ideologies shapes a wider social perception,
uncompromising and polymorphic. Zeroing and pluralism contradict.

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my opinion, personal beliefs and fundamental principles are matters of
importance and they have great gravity on each one of us. At the same time
questioning and searching are vital. I found fascinating the idea of doubt in
this section. It is something that I like to consider quite often and it can be
very helpful.

Sometimes, it is nice and
beneficial to step back and doubt what we take as given. In a world that
everything is changing with lurid speed, it is useful to have the ability to ask
yourself and review something you had established. In that way you can find a
new perception and a fresher point of view that most likely you had blocked