Last updated: June 28, 2019
Topic: ReligionChristianity
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The avocado – a tropical fruit, pear shaped with soft flesh and single seed core. When planted the seed reproduces another avocado. It cannot reproduce into anything else. Planting avocado seeds over and over again will always produces generations of avocados. Western philosophy and religions use this view to explain human nature and creation. Christianity uses this view by stating that humans are unique. They are the only being created in the image of God.

The avocado seed represents the human heart and soul; it is what makes us human. What makes the avocado isn’t in its flesh but in its seed. The same applies to humans. What makes us what we are is also in our core; or our heart and soul. It is where the capacity to feel, to rationalize, to be is found. Without this core, this seed, the avocado could be reproduced into something else. That same core in humans, made in the image of God, is what keeps humans as humans. Modern technology is now capable of blurring this view.

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For years Christians have believed that the seed or core of the Avocado View is what makes human beings unique, created by God in His image. Technology is now crossing these boundaries. With the capabilities of reproducing DNA and bionic technologies humans or at least parts of them can be reproduced outside of the seed or core. The debate now is whether or not this technology is right. Should we mess with what God has created in His image? By altering the human core are we altering God?