The play Othello and the two film adaptations have many similarities. The differences were only the setting and characters in the movie O but generally the concept was the same. In the movie O, the setting is a high school. Othello is played by a black teen in an all white school named Odin. He is the star basketball player just as Othello is the famous general. The teen girl Desi plays as Desdemona, Hugo as Iago, and Mike as Michael Cassio. The plot really begins when Hugo, who is the basketball coach’s son becomes jealous of his father’s love towards Odin, the star player. He also becomes even angrier when Odin shows gratitude towards Mike instead of him. He then uses Roger (Roderigo) to enact his plan of revenge. After the plot generally remains the same. Odin becomes falsely jealous of Desi and Mike and then goes to Hugo for help who ends up manipulating him. In the end, Odin strangles Desi and then shoots himself to kill himself after realizing his mistakes. In both the play and film, Odin gives a speech about people speaking the truth about him after he is dead. In the Othello film, the setting is still 16th century venice. In the play, Othello is generally respected but people still think of him as “the moor.” He also has that in the back of his mind which is an insecurity of his. These thoughts could have been a driving force as to why he believed Desdemona would become unfaithful. In the film, Othello is played by Laurence Fishburne who seems to have more respect as Othello than in the play. He has a powerful presence while the Othello in the play was presenting a stereotype of that day. Another difference in the film is the sex scene. The play does not explicitly have a sex scene but it insinuated it. The film explicitly shows Othello and Desdemona making love to show their true connection and show how it was real. Both films O and Othello are similar except the fact that O took place in the 20th century and Othello (Odin) was a star basketball player. Both films had a sex scene unlike the play. In O, the sex scene between Odin and Desi shows Othello being angry and violent with Desi. He is angry about the rumors he is hearing about Mike and Desi. There is also a sex scene between Hugo and Emily while in Othello there is not. This shows how Hugo is only using her to get what he wants and Emily wants to please Hugo. In conclusion, the Othello (Film) and play had the least differences and most similarities. The O film had the most differences but it still had the same plot line of Iago manipulating everyone. It was modeled in a more current time to resonate more with young people. In general, the three adaptations still get the main message across. One person manipulating everyone because of jealousy and everyone being too blind to see it.