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The Black Cat 2 Essay, Research Paper

There is something in the unselfish and self-denying love of a beast, which goes straight to the bosom of him who has had frequent juncture to prove the paltry friendly relationship and ethereal fidelity of mere Man. ( Poe, 100 )

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Edgar Allan Poe s short narrative The Black Cat tells a narrative of a adult male whose scruples is embodied by two cats. Through the usage of contrasting sentiments, Poe encapsulates the image of a animal consumed so wholly in his contrariness that he impetuously commits flagitious offenses that involve the two cats. One of the cats evokes in him a loving bitterness while the other inspires sheer hatred. His reactions show that although together they symbolize one entity, each of the cats has a different consequence on the storyteller s emotions.

The first cat the storyteller introduces the reader to is Pluto, whom he ab initio describes as his favourite pet and playfellow ( 100 ) . The relationship between the two is one of common esteem, until one dark when the storyteller comes home rummy. He imagines that Pluto is avoiding him, and spontaneously decides to estimate one of the felid s eyes out. I experienced a sentiment half of horror, half of compunction, for the offense of which I had been guilty, but it was, at best a lame and ambiguous feeling, and the psyche remained untasted. I once more plunged into surplus, and shortly drowned in vino all memory of the title ( 101 ) . Pluto finally recovers from the assault and accordingly flees from his maestro whenever he approaches. At first, the cat s forsaking of the storyteller causes the storyteller to see heartache. However, this anguish rapidly transforms into annoyance and the storyteller hurriedly hangs his cat and burns his house down. and with the bitterest compunction at my bosom ; -hung it because I knew that it had loved me, and because I knew that in making so I was perpetrating a wickedness a deathly wickedness that would so endanger my immortal psyche as to put it if such a thing were possible even beyond the range of the infinite clemency of the Most Merciful and Most Awful God ( 102 ) . The storyteller commits this act out of pure compunction because he treats Pluto, an guiltless animal that one time was so dedicated to him, so cruelly. To the storyteller, Pluto symbolizes all good interior of him. Hence, when he commits any error towards the cat, he is oppressing himself. When he hangs Pluto, the storyteller is hanging himself.

Whereas Pluto s relationship to the storyteller was one of love and fright, the 2nd cat s assoc

iation was one which displayed utmost love and regard. After Pluto s decease, another felid that has a dramatic resemblance to Pluto cryptically appears in a saloon at which the storyteller was holding drinks. It falls in love with the storyteller, accompanies him place and immediately domesticates itself. Although one would believe that such a loyal pet would convey joy to one s life, the animate being had the opposite consequence on the storyteller.

For my ain portion, I shortly found a disfavor to it originating within me. This was merely the contrary of what I had anticipated ; but-I knew non how or why it was-its apparent fancy for myself instead disgusted and annoyed me. By slow grades these feelings of disgust and irritation rose into the resentment of hatred. I avoided the animal ; a certain sense of shame. And the recollection of my former title of inhuman treatment, forestalling me from physically mistreating it I came to look upon it with ineffable abhorrence, and to fly mutely from its abominable presence, as from the breath of a plague. ( 104 )

While the storyteller was so disturbed when Pluto was non in the same topographic point as he was, he can non manage the 2nd cat s longing to be his friend. No affair how dreadfully the cat is treated by the storyteller, the felid persists on loving him. The chief character repudiates the cat s love and in an attempt to make so, efforts to kill the cat, unsuccessfully.

Although Pluto and the other cat trigger conflicting feelings in the storyteller, they bring out his true character. Integrating these wholly reverse state of affairss between each of the cats and the storyteller illustrates Poe s belief that adult male is basically a rule-breaking character. To the storyteller, there was virtue in killing the cat in that a moral jurisprudence forbade it. The chief character girls Pluto when he is non in the same venue as him, but loathes the 2nd cat that will non go forth his side. These are two really distinguishable positions.

An ever-present subject in Edgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat, the spirit of contrariness explains the odd, about incredible behavior of the storyteller. While the two cats induce wholly different reactions from the storyteller, his response is the same to each of them. When Pluto avoids the storyteller, the consequence is Pluto s decease, and when the 2nd cat gets excessively close to the storyteller, the decease of the storyteller s wholly loving and guiltless married woman consequences. Poe s image of a adult male so affected by two cats and his reactions to their behaviours paints a perfect image of how truly immoral adult male can be.