Last updated: August 22, 2019
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The Blind Side is one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. Sandra Bullock’s character was the most interesting one for me. She played Leigh Anne Tuohy, a middle class woman with a great heart. She adopted Michael, a big black kid who was very shy and careless. The aim of this essay is to show the strong personal qualities of this character and why she inspires me.

Michael was found walking by the streets in a cold night when Leigh Anne and her family were driving home from a play that her son was in. Leigh Anne was being a very compassionate person because she stopped the car and got out to confront Michael and offered him a stay at their warm house for the night, Michael had no other place to go so he took it. She set up a bed for him and made him comfortable. The next morning Michael was on his way to leave but Leigh Anne stopped him in his tracks and brought him back in. This showed Leigh Anne’s caring for other people, since she adopted him and didn’t ask for anything.

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.In conclusion, Leigh showed in the entire movie to be a very respectful, moral, trustful and compassionate woman, as well as being an excellent American citizen, by helping others. It’s so hard to find nowadays a woman like this, since many people wouldn’t help others if they aren’t going to be paid. Moreover, it’s incredible how this woman could transform Michael’s life, he became a good boy with good grades