The fault in our stars Name: Hilal Caliskan Class: 3f Mentor: Mrs. Van Bergenhenegouw  Part 1 – Facts Title: The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) Author: John Michael Green Short information: The author of the book is John  Michael Green , he is 40 years old and  he was born on August 24 in 1977. He’s an American author, vlogger , producer and editor. He has two children one girl and one boy. The  fault in our stars is his sixth novel .In January 2012 was the fault in our stars released.  Characters Hazel Grace Lancaster  Hazel is the main character of the book. She is a seventeen years old and has short brown hair and brown eyes. Hazel is not like everyone else, she has cancer and has always her bag with her because there in is her oxygen tank. She is very depressed and does not have any friends. She spends most of the time alone in her room. Because of her illness her parents are very protective and are always prepared is anything happened. At a Cancer Kid Support Group she meets Augustus and they become friends. Augustus (Gus) Augustus is a boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He only has one leg because of his cancer, but luckily he survived it. He is a boy with humour, for instance he puts a cigarette in his mouth but doesn’t light it up because it is a metaphor: ‘You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”  Augustus becomes friends with Hazel at the Cancer Kid Support Group. Peter van Houten Peter van Houten is a Dutch writer which  Hazel is fan of. Her favourite book ‘An imperial affliction’ is written by him. August uses his Wish for sick children to go to Amsterdam with Hazel to meet him. Unfortunately this doesn’t turn out as hoped. Peter van Houten is an arrogant man who is drunk at daytime and doesn’t give Hazel and August the attention they wanted. Augustus left him a letter . Peter gave the letter to Hazel at a funeral. It starts with : ”Van Houten, I’m a good person but a shitty writer. You’re a shitty person but a good writer. We’d make a good team. I don’t want to ask you any favours, but if you have time – and from what I saw , you have plenty- I was wondering if you could write a eulogy for Hazel.(..) Setting Most of the time the story takes places in the US. In Indianapolis, Indiana actually. But because Hazel and Augustus went to visit Van Houten, a short part took place in Amsterdam. The time of the story is taken place in the present. There are smartphones and a lot of use of cars and airplanes.  Genre  The genre is Young adult, because it is written for teenagers and the main characters are also teenagers. Part 2- Story The beginning of the book The story is about Hazel a girl with cancer. Her mom want her to make friends, so she sends her to a support group for children with cancer. There she meets Augustus. Augustus and Hazel become friends, they spend a lot of time together and Hazel likes Augustus. When Augustus invites Hazel over his house, Hazel sees a quote hanging on the wall: ‘If you want the rainbow you have to deal with the rain’. That is basically a description of her life. She tells Augustus that she want to meet an author in Amsterdam to ask him question about her favourite book. But she can’t afford to go the Amsterdam because of her expensive treatments. August uses his Wish for sick children and they go together to Amsterdam to meet Peter. Sadly this doesn’t turn out as Hazel hoped for. Van Houten is an arrogant man who doesn’t answer the questions of Hazel and he doesn’t give them the attention they wanted. They tell themselves that Van Houten won’t ruin their trip. After a short time they turn back to the US… The ending of the book Back in the US Gus tells Hazel that he is diagnosed with cancer again. After a short time Gus died and it for Hazel a hard moment to deal with. At his funeral Peter van Houten shows up and gives Hazel a letter which Gus gave him after they left Amsterdam. Hazel cries over the letter.    Part 3- Review I give this book a 9 because it is one of the best books I have ever read. It’s full of quotes and some plot twists, which I really enjoyed. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was quite long and some parts were very boring. But overall I think TFIOS is good book and I would recommend it to everyone.