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The Chicken Essay, Research Paper

The Chicken

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by DaPimp

Sarah lived on a little farm in Ohio in 1959. She was nine old ages old, had brown hair and green eyes. Her female parent raised poulets to eat and would sell the eggs. One twenty-four hours Sarah & # 8217 ; s female parent gave Sarah her really ain poulet to raise. Sarah named the poulet Maryanne.

Sarah couldn & # 8217 ; t delay for Maryanne to get down puting eggs because Sarah wanted to sell the eggs and purchase a necklace that she had been desiring for merely about a twelvemonth now.

She found some wood, some poulet wire, a cock, and nails puting around the farm and she built Maryanne a little poulet putsch. Maryanne could eat in her female parent & # 8217 ; s chicken pen but Sarah wanted her to put her eggs in the putsch that she had built. Sarah would allow Maryanne out in her female parent & # 8217 ; s chicken pen during the twenty-four hours and lock her in the putsch at dark. Maryanne wouldn & # 8217 ; t be excessively lonely because Sarah had built her putsch right following to her female parent & # 8217 ; s chicken putsch.

There was a garden on the farm that Sarah & # 8217 ; s household used for tining their ain nutrient and Sarah & # 8217 ; s occupation was to pick the bugs off of the beans, tomatoes, and chou. She would take the bugs and set them into an old Mason jar. When the jar was full of bugs, she took them to Maryanne & # 8217 ; s putsch and fed the bugs to her as a particular dainty. She besides fed Maryanne puting mash which was supposed to assist her ballad eggs and maintain her healthy.

One forenoon Sarah went to her female parents chicken putsch to feed and H2O the poulets and she saw some biddies sitting on their nests and they wouldn & # 8217 ; t acquire up to eat or imbibe. She went into the house and told her female parent that some of her biddies were ill because they wouldn & # 8217 ; t acquire off the nests. Her female parent merely smiled and went with Sarah to be given to the ill biddies.

When they got to the poulet putsch, Sarah & # 8217 ; s female parent told her that the biddies weren & # 8217 ; t sick. She told Sarah that the biddies were puting eggs now and that they wouldn & # 8217 ; t leave the nests really much until the eggs had hatched. Sarah went back to the house and got a basket to set her female parents eggs in. After they had pushed the biddies over and removed their eggs, Sarah looked in Maryanne & # 8217 ; s putsch and she wasn & # 8217 ; t there. She looked all over the topographic point but Maryanne wasn & # 8217 ; t anyplace.

Sarah & # 8217 ; s female parent told her that possibly her poulet was eaten by a Fox during the near

t. Sarah looked all around the poulet pen country for Fox paths but couldn’t find any. After breakfast, Sarah looked once more but still Maryanne was nowhere to be found.

When Sarah and her female parent went to lock the poulets up for the dark, she saw Maryanne with the remainder of the poulets eating her mash. Sarah and her female parent merely scratched their caputs in admiration. Where could Maryanne hold been concealing all twenty-four hours?

Three months had passed since Sarah & # 8217 ; s female parent had given her Maryanne and Sarah was get downing to inquire why her female parents poulets were puting eggs and hers wasn & # 8217 ; t. Maryanne hadn & # 8217 ; t laid one egg and Sarah wanted that egg money truly bad.

Maryanne kept concealing for a twosome of more hebdomads, and Sarah would happen her at different times in the poulet pen eating with the other biddies. Maryanne ne’er sat on any nests and she didn & # 8217 ; t put any eggs. Sarah heard her pa state her female parent that they might every bit good cook Maryanne because she wasn & # 8217 ; t puting any eggs and she was bing them money by eating the poulet mash. This truly disquieted Sarah because she knew how much that her pa liked & # 8220 ; Chicken and Dumplings & # 8221 ; .

Sarah got up really early the following twenty-four hours. She had to happen Maryanne before her pa did. Her program was to conceal Maryanne and mouse her some mash to eat. Sarah looked all over but Maryanne was one time once more, nowhere to be found. Sarah started to shout now. All that work to construct the putsch and all the particular attending that she gave

Maryanne and this was all she got in return. I hope a Fox did acquire her, thought Sarah, so she started shouting even more & # 8230 ;

Sarah eventually gave up the hunt and was acquiring really hungry. She started back to the house to eat breakfast when she noticed something traveling over by the barn. It was Maryanne and walking behind Maryanne was nine small babe biddies. She ran to the house to state her female parent and male parent. They all went out to the barn and her pa found Maryanne & # 8217 ; s nest near the nosebag.

Sarah & # 8217 ; s dad bought the babe biddies from her and Sarah rushed down to the shop and bought the necklace that she had been desiring for over a twelvemonth. Maryanne was allowed to raise her biddies and she didn & # 8217 ; t acquire cooked. Sarah & # 8217 ; s male parent found the hole in the fencing that Maryanne had been get awaying through and patched it up. Maryanne ended up being the best egg bed on the farm.