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Any adult and the child don’t imagine the life without the computer. Gradually real space is forced out virtual and it is inevitable process of a modern society. The new generation of children any more doesn’t know life without computers that postpones a certain print for their mentality. It is possible to tell many words about advantage of information technology and the computer in particular: it is the help in study, both entertainment and a hobby. However, for a long time already the west scientists have sounded the alarm concerning harm of virtual space.

The given problem is widely studied by foreign psychologists. In our country business is a little differently. Frequently parents serenely concern to that their child sits a lot of hours at the monitor. The child is busy and doesn’t disturb to parents. The first and most important threat for children’s mentality is represented by commercial popular computer games. Not all games are harmful to the child but harm or advantage of a product is defined by the purpose of its creation.

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Very few people know that the first computer game has been created in the beginning of 1962 at the Massachusetts technological university and intended for imitation of operations in space. And from this key date the basic subjects of the majority of games – war began to develop. Approximately 80 % of all existing games, anyhow, are connected with military operations. For the child in the course of formation of his consciousness by an important component of development search is imitation. The strong personality capable to cause respect of associates and first of all the child should become this example, in an ideal.

As a rule, as such example serves the father or the certain ideal hero designed in imagination of the child. In a case to game there is a distortion of this ideal which should serve further as the sample for behavior of the child. Game imposes the hero to which should kill, battle, to win a victory. And the child adopts this cruel sample of behavior. Therefore it is not surprising that in the street children behave aggressively without the reason. Other danger is made by the virtual world of game which tightens the child in itself.

The world of a computer game is much more attractive, more colourful and more interesting than the gray validity surrounding. Especially if parents pay minimum of attention to the child. There is so-called a syndrome when the child accepts his imagined world for real and arrives according to virtual rules. And it is strange that then all are surprised: why is the teenager has shot the schoolmates. These cases though also are individual, also they are an indicator of a pathology attacking, however similar cases weren’t observed concerning the computer games.