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The Chosen

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Reading Journal

Chapter One

1. ? Remember why and for whom we play. ? ( p. 16 )

This transition shows the rabbi of Reuven? s rival squad stating his participants to concentrate

and concentrate on the importance of the baseball game they are about to play.

They are playing for the glorification of their God and non to merely hold merriment. To these

immature teenage boys their faith has importance in all facets of their life

even their after school recreational activities.

2. The first pitch was low, and Danny Saunders ignored it. The 2nd 1

started to come in shoulder-high, and before it was two tierces of the manner to the

home base, I was standing on 2nd base. ( p. 30 )

This apparently irrelevant scene in the book is really really of import because it

shows how Reuven controls his ain fate. Expecting what is traveling to

go on based on old experience is important, non merely in baseball but besides in

life. Reuven was the lone 1 on his squad that reacted like this and it shows

his leading abilities in cardinal state of affairss.

Chapter Two

3. ? Enjoy your repast, ? she said smiling.

? Thank you really much, ? I said. I had been concerned about feeding. ( p. 44 )

Equally shortly as Reuven regained consciousness in the infirmary his chief concern was

staying kosher harmonizing to his faith. His natural inherent aptitude of hungriness was

put after the desire to obey his Judaic beliefs. This shows what a cardinal factor

Reuven? s faith is to him in all facets of life.

4. ? It? s non all right, ? I said? I want you to state me. ?

? There is nil to state you. They told me it was all right. ?

? Abba, please state me what? s the matter. ? ( p. 48 )

This transition explains the close connexion between Reuven and his male parent. The

male child can state when his male parent is non being wholly honest with him and

Reuven longs to cognize what is traveling to go on to his oculus. In his clip of hurting

and concern Reuven knows that he can confide in his? Abba? for aid and


Chapter Three

5. Besides, yesterday I had hated him ; now we were naming each other by our first

names. ( p. 68 )

Reuven explains in this transition the alteration in emotions he felt towards Danny. The old twenty-four hours Reuven profoundly hated Danny but now they began to pass clip together and turn as friends. It is besides dry that these two male childs would likely ne’er acquire to cognize each other if it was non for Reuven? s hurt.

6. ? What would hold happened if you had lost? ?

? I don? Ts like to believe about that. You wear? T know my male parent. ?

? So you practically had to crush us. ? ( p. 71 )

Here Danny Tells Reuven that to the Hasidic playground ball squad it was more than a

game ; it was an look of Hasidic laterality. Danny? s male parent, the Hasidic

rabbi in the country formed the squad for the exclusive intent of lauding his faith

and failure was non an option for Danny and his squad.

Chapter Four

7. ? I read a batch, ? he said. ? I read about seven or eight books a hebdomad outside of my

school work. ? ( p. 79 )

Danny is stating Reuven about himself and his analyzing wonts. Danny is an

highly intelligent individual who reads on his ain for the exclusive intent of

possessing that excess cognition. This impresses Reuven who is besides on a pursuit

for cognition and he merely reads three or four books a hebdomad.

8. I all of a sudden realized it was my male parent who all along had been proposing books

for Danny to read. My male parent was the adult male Danny had been run intoing in the


Reuven is surprised to happen out that his? enemy? was really a friend of his

male parent for about two months before the two male childs met on the baseball field. In

this complicated friendship the two male childs are merely acquiring to cognize each other

while the male parent has been steering each of them separately for rather some

clip. Merely through a baseball hurt are these people all brought together.

Chapter Five

9. I had lived init all my life, but I ne’er truly saw it until I went through it that

Friday afternoon. ( p.94 )

Reuven now values the things he one time took for granted ; even an insignificant

works outside his house is exciting to him. It is non until something is taken off

from Reuven that he notices the importance of it.

10. I felt I had crossed into another universe, that pieces of my old ego had been left

behind on the black asphalt floor of the school pace alongside the tattered lens

of my spectacless. ( p. 96 )

Along with the physical alteration of the impermanent loss of eyesight Reuven has besides

gone through a mental transmutation while in the infirmary. His old passive

life styles changed one time he realized that at any minute it could wholly be over. Bing

injured was a enormous turning experience and without being in this accident

Reuven would non hold matured every bit much as he did.

Chapter Six

11. There was colour now in my male parent? s face and his cough had disappeared. ( p. 97 )

Reuven? s hurt was a traumatic experience for both male parent and boy. Mr. Malter

was pale and ill during Reuven? s battle in the infirmary and this shows how

much he cared for his boy. With Mrs. Malter gone Reuven is the lone true friend

he has and both male parent and boy need each other.

12 Reb Saunders? boy is a awfully lacerate and alone male child. There is literally no 1 in

the World he can speak to. He needs a friend. The accident with the baseball has

edge Him to you. ? ( p. 106 )

Mr. Malter makes it clear to Reuven merely how of import it is to be friends with

Danny Saunders. Although really talented and educated Danny battles daily with

the solitariness of holding no 1 to confide in. what seemed like a awful event at

the baseball field was a approval in camouflage that will convey these two male childs who

need each other, together.

Chapter Seven

13. Danny was likely traveling to hold every bit much problem with his friends over our

relationship as I would hold with mine. ( p. 118 )

Reuven and Danny are from two different societal groups with dissimilar

qualities that make it hard for the two male childs to be friends. It is a authoritative

job in literature ; for illustration: Romeo and Juliet. The chief difference in

Danny and Reuven? s friendly relationship from Romeo and Juliet? s relationship is that the

two male childs do non seek to conceal their friendly relationship.

14. He glanced at me, his face a mixture of surprise and alleviation, and I realized

that I, excessively, had passed some sort of test. ? ( p. 134 )

Reuven has merely been quizzed by Reb Saunders and he answered the inquiry

right. This is a large measure in Reuven and Danny? s friendly relationship because it shows

Mr. Saunders that Reuven is an acceptable friend. Both parents now approve of

the friendly relationship between their boies even though the male parents do non ever hold and

this besides shows the adulthood and apprehension of the work forces.

Chapter Eight

15. I decided after a piece to reexamine by bosom some of the symbolic logic I had been

analyzing. ( p.144 )

This transition shows how the two friends, Danny and Reuven, push each other to

farther their cognition. When Reuven sees Danny reading a book it makes him

privation to make something for himself that will do him smarter. It is an undeclared

competition between the male childs to see who is more dedicated to their instruction.

16. Reb Saunders was far happier when he lost to Danny than when he won.

( p. 155/156 )

In the spiritual quizzing that took topographic point between Reb Saunders and his boy the

male parent took pride in seeing his boy win even if it meant that Mr. Saunders was

proved incorrect lost. Mr. Saunders taught Danny most of what he knows and

seeing this cognition Transportation from coevals to coevals makes Reb happy.

He knows that through these friendly games between male parent and boy Danny will

larn what his male parent knows and finally take his topographic point.

Chapter Nine

17. My male parent? s eyes were brumous when we left the office. ( p. 162 )

Reuven was merely told that his oculus was all right and that he could make all the things

he used to make including reading. This was highly alleviating to his male parent ; Mr.

Malter continually worried about Reuven while he was in the infirmary and even

when he got out because of his oculus. Everything was physically back to normal

with Reuven and this brought his male parent to cryings.

18. I dead set and blew hard against the web. It swayed, but remained integral. I

Blew once more, harder now, and the strands seemed to all of a sudden run. ( p. 165 )

Reuven was sitting on his porch minutes after hearing the bad intelligence of Billy? s

unsuccessful surgery and he felt incapacitated, merely like the horse tick stuck in the

spider? s web. Reuven wanted to make something good so he destroyed the web

that the fly was stuck in and this allowed it to get away. What Reuven did non

realize was the fact that by let go ofing the fly and rupturing down the web he might

hold killed the spider that needed the fly to last. It is dry that Reuven? s

effort at a good title might hold been hurtful.

Chapter Ten

19. I joined him at that place every afternoon, and often my male parent came with me.

( p. 166 )

Danny and Reuven? s friendly relationship has grown and they both rely on each other for

aid and company. Now that it is summer they meet every twenty-four hours in the

library to make their reading together. Reuven? s male parent besides acts as a wise man to

Danny who has no male parent figure who he can turn to for aid with his perusal.

20. Miserable, he said. Had I of all time sat in a coach with my male parent for

hours and non

exchanged a individual word of conversation, except for a short treatment about

a transition of Talmud? No.

Danny has no 1 he can speak to for advice and his male parent is more of a school

teacher than a loving wise man that the 15 twelvemonth old male child demands. Mr.

Saunders? method of learning Danny what he needs to cognize subsequently in life

is doing him a smart individual but Danny does non desire to inherit his male parent? s

Hassidic leading because he does non desire to be like his male parent. With no 1

to larn from Danny turns to books by Freud and this may act upon his manner

of thought and farther upset his male parent.

Chapter Eleven

21.I saw merely emptiness and fright and a sort of sudden, entire terminal to the things that

I had ne’er experienced before. ( p. 179 )

Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States, has merely died and it has filled

Reuven with huge heartache. He does non to the full understand why he is sad but lone knows that a great adult male has died. Along with Judaism Reuven? s place state is really of import to him and Roosevelt? s decease is really disconcerting to Reuven. The president was likely a function theoretical account to Reuven particularly now that he is going interested in political relations and other leading functions.

22. ? How the universe drinks our blood, ? Reb Saunders said. ? How the universe makes

makes us endure. It is the will of God. We must accept the will of God. ? ( p. 181 )

Reb Saunders is personally hurt by the atrocious slaughter of six million Jews in the Nazi? s concentration cantonments. These people were Reb? s followings, and some even his friends. The race murder of this many people has affected the full universe and the staying Jews including Reuven and Danny? s male parent are really disturbed by these events.

Chapter Twelve

23. ? I was truly concerned about his wellness because all along I? ve wanted him to be able to take my male parent? s place. ? ( p.190 )

Through reading Freud Danny has figured out that he does non desire to take his male parent? s topographic point as a tzaddik. Danny feels that deep in his subconscious he wants his small brother to take his topographic point and that is why he has ever been concerned with his wellness ; non because he cares for him, but for selfish grounds. Danny has found his manner out of being a rabbi and this gives him hope for his hereafter.

24. ? I? ll want you around on that twenty-four hours, friend. I? ll demand you around on that twenty-four hours. ?

( p. 191 )

Danny knows that he does non desire to take his male parent? s topographic point and go a rabbi but the hardest portion will be stating his male parent this. Danny seeks comfort in Reuven and asks for his aid in facing his male parent ; both male childs are greatly intimidated by the powerful Reb Saunders. During a clip when both boys male parents are non at that place to assist them they confide in each other for strength.

Chapter Thirteen

25. ? I learned a long clip ago, Reuven, that a wink of an oculus in itself is nil. But the oculus that blinks, that is something. A span of life is nil. But the adult male that lives that span, he is something. ? ( p. 204 )

Mr. Malter is learning Reuven an of import lesson about commanding his ain fate. Not merely should Reuven non stand idle and make something with the gift of life that was given to him but he should besides seek to affect this thought on others. This is the cardinal factor in Mr. Malter? s manner of thought and the chief ground why he puts himself through the anguish of instruction and assisting others before he even takes attention of himself.

26.Danny was non to see me, talk to me, listen to me, be found within four pess of

me. My male parent and I had been excommunicated from the Saunder? s household.

( p. 217 )

Reuven and Danny? s friendly relationship seems to hold come to an terminal. Reb Saunders will non let his boy to be with Reuven because of their Zionists positions. Mr. Saunder? s thinks that Reuven will act upon Danny in a negative manner and as penalty for staying friends Danny has been threatened with being sent to an out of town yeshiva where he will merely be able to analyze to be a rabbi. What the two male childs struggled through, non caring what others thought of them, seems impossible now with Mr. Saunder? s unyielding positions toward the Zionist beliefs of the Malter household.

Chapter Fourteen

27.And now it was besides I and non merely Reb Saunders who was able to listen to

Danny? s voice merely through a Talmudic debate. ( p. 225 )

Now that Reuven is non allowed to speak with Danny it is merely during the

Talmudic Sessionss in category that Reuven gets to hear his voice. Reuven

points out that this is the same relationship between Mr. Saunders and his

boy and that they merely talk to each other while discoursing Talmud. A sad

fact because now Danny has no 1 to speak to and he goes through his yearss

in silence.

28.I worked carefully and methodically, utilizing everything my male parent taught me

And a batch of things I was now able to learn myself. ( p. 229 )

Danny? s male parent has done an exceeding occupation in raising his boy and this is most

evident when the male parent can non be at that place. The chief occupation of a parent is to work

themselves out of a occupation and now that Mr. Malter has had a bosom onslaught Reuven

must take attention and learn himself and he does a fantastic occupation of it, affecting

his instructor and schoolmates. Reuven truly misses his male parent but it is a testament

to the difficult work of Mr. Malter that his boy can now win on his ain.

Chapter Fifteen

29.He had worked so difficult for a Judaic province, and that really work now kept him from

seeing it. ( p. 240 )

Ever since intelligence came of the slaughter of six million Jews during WWII it has been Mr. Malter? s personal mission to do it possible for his people to hold a state of their ain, a Judaic province. He seldom slept and this greatly worsened his wellness and likely was the ground for his 2nd bosom onslaught. Now with the battle of recovering from the bosom onslaught he is non strong plenty to do a trip to Palestine and see the topographic point for which he worked so difficult to do a world.

30.Reb Saunders? anti-Zionist conference died that twenty-four hours every bit far as the pupils in Hirsch

Collage were concerned. It remained alive outside of school, but I ne’er once more

saw an anti-Zionist cusp inside the school edifice. ( p. 241 )

With the decease of a alumnus from Hirsch Collage as a consequence of the combat in Palestine the pupils and module of that school now have a close connexion with the combat for a Judaic fatherland. Anti-Zionists who one time had a fastness on some pupils are now nowhere to be seen in the school for fright of revenge from people who knew the pupil good. It took the decease of another Jew to give the Zionists and the anti-Zionists of the school a ground to halt the struggles between people of the same faith.

Chapter Sixteen

31.I felt a small tremble hearing his voice?

? The prohibition has been lifted. ? He said merely. ( p. 243 )

Mr. Saunders will now let his boy to see Reuven. The two friends

ne’er wanted to be apart and it was a seeking clip for their friendly relationship. This

was the first clip the two had spoken to each other in months and the meeting

was filled with alleviation and joy.

32.He had expected it, he said. The Judaic province was non an issue any longer but a

fact. How long would Reb Saunders have continued his set over a dead issue? ( p. 244 )

Mr. Malter is speaking to Reuven about the two male childs now being allowed to be friends once more. He is happy but non surprised because the differences in spiritual beliefs that foremost separated the households is a non-existent struggle any longer. Mr. Malter? s desire to hold a Judaic province has now become a world and there is nil Reb Saunders can make about it so he maturely admits his? licking? and allows the two male childs to be friends once more.

Chapter Seventeen

33.Danny called me during supper every bit shortly as the ambulance pulled off from in

forepart of his house, and I could state from his voice that he was in terror. ( p. 251 )

Levi Saunders, Danny? s small brother, is really sick and must be rushed to the infirmary. This is highly of import to Danny because he is numbering on his brother to take over the function of inheritor to the tzaddik throne one time Danny tells his male parent that he is non traveling to be a rabbi. To Danny this is much more of import than even losing a household member and Reuven understands this when Danny calls.

34. ? You will travel on Passover. He has a ground if he asked you to come particularly

on Passover. And listen following clip when person speaks to you, Reuven. ?

( p. 258 )

Mr. Malter is call on the carpeting Reuven for non paying attending to Mr. Saunders indirect invitation to speak about Danny. Reuven is still angry with Reb Saunders and he did non desire to pass his Shabbat speaking to him about Talmud but he failed to recognize that Mr. Saunders wanted to speak to Reuven about his boy. What Mr. Malter is really stating Reuven is that when person says something he should non ever take it every bit literally as it sounds. He besides wants Reuven to bury about the yesteryear with Mr. Saunders and give him another opportunity.

Chapter Eighteen

35. ? My male parent himself ne’er talked to me, except when we studied together. He

taught me with silence. ? ( p. 265 )

Danny Saunders? gramps besides taught Reb Saunders with silence. This tradition was passed down from coevals to coevals but Danny Rebels against it and decides that this type of hereafter is non for him. In a really emotional treatment male parent and boy discuss Danny? s hereafter as a psychologist and non a tzaddik.

36. ? But he learned to happen the replies for himself. He suffered and learned to

listen to the agony of others. In the silence between us he began to hear

the universe crying. ? ( p. 267 )

Reb Saunders eventually tells Danny the ground why they do non speak to

each other ; he wanted Danny to hear the agony of the universe through

the silence between male parent and boy. This is the Saunders? household manner of learning a male child to turn up and go a tzaddik, silence. It is dry how Reb Saunders stressed the importance of silence for Danny? s personal growing toward going a leader but it is partially because of the silence between him and his male parent that he does non desire to go a tzaddik at all.