I am a Deputy Chief Executive of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Mae Hong Son Province. The organisation is making with direction resources, develop and better the quality of life and coordination with the populace for accomplishing the ends. The policies of the organisation are to accomplish the undermentioned aims ;Develop the quality of environment and natural resources and local traditionalThe proposal will concentrate on Pai territory.

My duty is to develop and conserve the natural resources and sustainable environment.Mass touristry in many finishs has led to uncontrolled growing and exhaust natural, societal and cultural resources. In this recent twelvemonth, Pai is one of the celebrated finish that tourer come for loosen uping with a good ambiance as they can see from the films and some beautiful image.

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Pai is a little metropolis in vale and fog located between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son Province. Furthermore, it is one of the most beautiful natures in the North of Thailand. Due to the fact that Pai is about to the boundary line of Myanmar so, there are several different hill folks live here and still keep their traditional manner of life. Tourism in Pai has both natural attractive forces like hotspring, waterfall or Pai canon and cultural such as temple, traditional dressing, house manner, nutrient and amusement. Pai is well-known among both domestic and international tourers particularly backpackers, harmonizing to the geographic that Pai lies at the pes of the mountains which make Pai has a good conditions and atmosphere, so they came for relaxing, trekking and sing hill folks like Karen, Hmong, etc. Even though, Pai is a little town but it has a full option of installations for illustration, the airdrome with several day-to-day flights, infirmary, 7-Elevens, good and inexpensive adjustments, etc.The figure of tourers that visit Pai is continually increased in each twelvemonth, 60 % are Thai visitants and 40 % are foreigner tourers which came from America, England, France and Israel.

Harmonizing to the immense figure of tourers, there was the impact on environment, natural resources or altering the economic system and business to the populace which cause many jobs to the community.Problems in PaiThere are many causes of environmental jobs for illustration figure of tourers, the more people, the more demand they need. Farmland has been changed to the location of adjustment, the manner of life as they use like a merchandise to advance the touristry, etc. the other factors that cause environmental job is Economic Growth & A ; Technological Progress.

Since the acceptance of high engineerings that used for the production and support of people were increasing, consequence in environmental jobs in rural countries which are more earnestly in each twelvemonth. The beginning of H2O in Pai are somewhat decrease, Charanrak et Al, 2008 found that the beginning of H2O in Pai were from the nature for illustration, rain, Pai and Khong rivers and belowground H2O. In order to supply a good service to the client most of hotels, resorts and guesthouse are taping the H2O from the hotspring to their concern. It is demoing that if the community does non conserve nor has a good H2O direction, in the hereafter there will be adequate H2O for usage.

Disposable waste such as lavatory paper, rubbish, etc. is one of the jobs that can be found on the river Bankss and sometimes in the river.The other job that consequence environmental and natural resource is trekking tour. As trekking Tourss are the chief activities in the North of Thailand.

Treking industry may assist the economic in the community growing and generates income among the local people who live about the country of trekking activities but still have the influence to the environment. The figure of bamboos is decreased because local people cut the bamboo for doing raft to offer a good service to the client. Furthermore, the farms and wild banana trees have been destroyed by elephants which have brought into the country for entertaining foreign tourers.The ground I raise this issues because I found that environment and natural resources in Pai are the selling point of touristry which straight related to the local people and tourers. So, they need be aftering or policy to conserve and prolong their nature for the hereafter.

A Statement of demand 1000Harmonizing to the proposal, we will see that Pai face many jobs of environmental and natural resources. To be successful work outing this emerging issue, I need some supports from the organisation as followed:Royal Forest Department of ThailandHelp PAO establish the policy to forestall the deforestationBetter the direction of National Forests in conformity with the measure and quality for apply to the changing of local resources and environmentDepartment of Environmental Quality Promotion ( DEQP )Help the community and enterpriser apprehension and grasp of the importance of environmental issues in touristryEncourage consciousness of environmental quality in touristry to the communityDue to the H2O resources and H2O quality, co-ordinate with authorities bureaus, local authorities, commission or other commissions that related to the execution of the anti-disaster will assist for set uping guidelines for catastrophe bar program. The cooperation from the local people is the of import portion for work outing the job in the long term. In add-on, budget in the public activities is besides needed to be supported.Beside, touristry is one of many activities in a community or part that requires be aftering and coordination. The sustainable development direction will be use as the long term planning to work out the environment jobs and conserve the natural resources in Pai. Sustainable development describes an entree to planning and decision-making that aims at accomplishing a existent and permanent decrease of societal and economic disparities, every bit good as protecting the environment ( ) .

The Non-Government Organizations ( NGOs ) , portion sustainability, as a policy model for environmental direction foremost arose in the 1980s, which become a common baseline system for many organisations. Sustainable development is an incorporate construct affecting all human actions downto the local degree, and:Local populations besides must be considered in touristry planning. As they compete with tourers for resources, they can be significantly affected by touristry activity, and they are an of import beginning of support in acquiring touristry programs implemented.Scope of the proposed program 500Proposed procedure 200a?‚a?±a?‰a?™a?•a?­a?™a??a??a??a?-a??a?‡a??a?™a?-a??a?­a??a??a??a?‡a?„a?? a?-a?µa??a?„a?«a?™ a??a?Sa?‰a?­a?°a?„a??a?sa?‰a??a?‡RefereeReport of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future