, Research PaperThe Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexandre DumasType of Literary Work: Historical NovelThis book is an illustration of a historical Novel. It is historically accurate, and consists of characters that could hold existed in the 19th century.Subject: Judgment Day comes to us all necessarily.

We all pay for all evil and unfairnesss of our life, yet sometimes there will be person so brutally wronged, that he will return like a wrath of nature, with and quenchless thirst for retribution. Such a blood feud is the edifice block for the subject of this novel. The Count of Monte Cristo is that wrath of retribution that crushes those who plotted his death.

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Fernand Mondego and Danglars both wronged Dantes, and both were motivated by enviousness. Both work forces were filled with green-eyed monster and ne’er thought of the effects of their actions. Villefort disposes of Dantes because of aspiration. He would halt at nil to mount the blue ladder.

Finally, Caderousse, a adult male that is merely sick natured, helped in the devastation of Dantes & gt ; None of these work forces could penetrate how dearly-won the monetary value of these unfairnesss would be.The actions and painful effects exemplify the novel s subject. Injustice toward the inexperienced person for ignoble motivations such as enviousness and green-eyed monster will finally be avenged badly. Populate a life of virtuousness, non of frailty, sot that one will non thrive in vain as did the scoundrels of this novel.Puting: France in the 19th century is a state pullulating with convulsion. Those loyal to Napoleon feud with those loyal to the Gallic monarchy and Kink Louis. We are moved across this state in this novel, and get down in a little port metropolis in southern France, Marseilles.

Marseilles is where the characters are introduced, and where the struggle foremost. We rapidly proceed to an island that harbors a prison ill-famed for about impossible flight, and sheer ferociousness, the Chateau vitamin D If. The fresh topographic points the characters in the keep, giving a sense of hopeless desperation, yet from there we move on.After a short stay in Rome at the clip of the Carnival, we are settled in Paris. Here most of the secret plan is developed.

The fresh eventually concludes in the Isle of Monte Cristo.Basic Plot: The Pharon, a three masted ship is docked by a immature, adept, promising immature crewman by the name of Edmond Dantes. When the ships proprietor, Monsieur Morrel, learns that the ship s admired captain passed off, he promoted Edmond to the place of captain. This immature adult male, in love with his fianc vitamin E, Mercedes, and with a promising calling as captain, has everything traveling for him. His good luck, nevertheless, brings about green-eyed monster. Danglars is green with enviousness over Dantes publicity. Fernand Mondego is covetous of the love Mercedes and Dante alighieris have for each other. Caderousse is merely a covetous, ill-natured adult male.

Finally, we have the public prosecuting officer, Villefort. He ; learns that Dantes is transporting a missive to Villefort s male parent who is a Bonapartist. In fright that this missive might ache his place, he throws Dantes into the weary deepnesss of the Chateau vitamin D If.

Justification for this action comes by the agencies of Fernand, Danglars, and Caderousse. They lie, claiming Dantes was a Bonapartist. For old ages Dantes is brought to lonely depth of desperation in prison. He barely keeps his saneness, and becomes self-destructive.

His droping bosom is resurrected with the sound of a fellow captive burrowing. He excessively digs, and meets the wise old Abbe Faria. Through the wise Abbe, Dantes learns a broad assortment of topics and becomes a exhaustively learned person.The two program an flight, but shortly before the completion of their program, the old Abbe dies, but non before uncovering the whereabouts of a concealed luck.The decease of the Abbe became Dantes ticket to freedom.

He hide in the burial poke meant for the Abbe, and is thrown into the shady deepnesss of the ocean. After about drowning, Dantes breaks free, and is rescued by a ship of runners.Dante alighieris plants for the runners until he finds the chance to be let behind in the Isle of Monte Cristo.

There he finds the legendary luck. Dantes wonders at the extent of wealth found on this Island. This wealth allows him to go the Count of Monte Cristo.Dante alighieris emerges one time once more into society as the Count of Monte Cristo in Rome, merely in clip for the Carnival. He is motivated by two aspirations: to honor those who were kindhearted and loyal to him and his aged male parent, and to penalize those accountable for the torment in the Chateau vitamin D If. From so on the Count is be aftering a slow harsh, and painful retribution on those who crossed him.

He foremost needs to be introduced into he cr me de la cr me of Gallic nobility, and society. He achieves this by salvaging Albert de Morcerf, the boy of a esteemed general, from brigands in Rome. Once made familiar with the elite of society, the Count recognizes many familiar faces of work forces who he yearns retaliation from. The count is cagey, and is non recognized y anyone, with the exclusion of Mercedes, who ne’er vocalized this cognition.Fernand, has gained celebrity in the ground forces and is known as the Count de Morcerf. He is married to Mercedes and currishly earns all his celebrity, wealth and prestigiousness.

The Count is cognizant of these dishonourable and illicit actions, so he releases this cognition to the imperativeness. This grounds depicts Fernand as the treasonist he truly is, and is ruined. This causes the household he adores so much to banish him, finally taking to his desperation and self-destruction.Danglars, and covetous immature adult male, with an obvious infirmity, his love and worship of wealth. The Count is a adult male of such fiscal power and humor, that he strikes Danglarswhere it hurts most, his pocket. Danglars is hurled into fiscal ruin.

Caderousse is a adult male of quenchless greed. The Count of Monte Cristo merely sets him up and watches one of his associates, Bendetto, slaying him. Caderousse s greed led him to suicide.Villefort was a adult male with a corrupt yesteryear. Merely to uncover a fraction of his history would end his celebrated place.

The Count knew of an matter between him and Madame Danglars. The consequence of this matter was an illicit boy, which coincidently brings Villefort s death. His terminal comes in his ain courtroom, with the public entree of the matter and bastard boy, who ironically was engaged to Danglars & # 8217 ; girl, his half sister.The blood feud against Villefort didn T arrest at that place. His married woman was more corrupt and perverse than he was. Because of her desire for her boy to have the greatest possible heritage, she poisons Villefort s male parent, ex female parent in jurisprudence, retainer, male parent, and girl, Valentine. Her hubby unveils her secret plan, and pushes her to the point of taking her life, and that of her boy.With the realisation of the decease of Edouard, Madame Villefort s boy, the Count of Monte Cristo is concerned that his wroth blood feud may hold gone excessively far.

His bosom is consoled, thought, when he reunites a immature twosome, Maximilien Morrel and Valentine Villefort on the Isle of Monte Cristo.The Count s mission has been accomplished and hence sails away with his new found love, Haydee.Main Fictional characters: Due to the extended length of this novel, the chief characters are those that appeared throughout the novel and were indispensable in the development of the secret plan.Edmond Dantes ( assumed names: Count of Monte Cristo, Lord Whilmore, Sinbad the Sailor, and Abbe Busoni ) Dantes is the supporter and hero of the novel, he experiences a significant metabolism after imprisonment. Before he was unjustly jailed, he was a handsome, vibrant, and romantic immature adult male.

He is siting a moving ridge of good luck, when he is betrayed and incarcerated.While in gaol he learns from a erudite Abbe. Prison gave him an undying lecherousness for retribution. Once free from captivity, Dantes is now the Count of Monte Cristo, dedicated his life to the solace of his friends, and the ruin of his enemies. He is now possessed with a thirst for retribution, and uses his extended cognition to revenge himself.Monsieur Villefort: This adult male can be summed up in one statement, would give anything to his aspiration, even his ain male parent. He would halt at nil to progress economically, socially, and politically.

This is apparent when he imprisons Dantes to protect his ain involvement. Because of this, he is the focal point of Dantes rage. He climes the ranks, and becomes the most powerful jurisprudence hatchet man in France. He bears an illicit kid with Madame Danglars, which leads to his ruin. He is brought down by acknowledging to his matter, and suffers extensively with the toxic condition of his male parent, female parent in jurisprudence, girl, and boy.

Monsieur Danglars: Described as an covetous, covetous, and about hateful immature adult male, Danglars works his manner to go a affluent banker, but in his climate, conspires against Dantes. His ruin came approximately financially, where it hurt the most.Fernand Mondego ( assumed name: Count de Morcerf ) : Fernand began in Marseilles as a simple fisherman who envied Mercedes love for Dantes. This green-eyed monster led him to help in the secret plan against Dantes.

He currishly earned great wealth in the ground forces through perfidy and other illicit agencies. His death came approximately when the Count of Monte Cristo revealed his treachery of Ali Pahsa, a high functionary in Greece. He was guilty of lese majesty and lost his household, which led him to take his life.Mercedes She may non hold been a major character, but she was indispensable to the development of the secret plan.

She was Dantes bride-to-be at one point, and the beginning of Dantes pain during captivity due to their separation. She, upon the reaching of the Count of Monte Cristo, recognizes him, but says nil. She leaves unharmed from Dantes blood feud.Monsieur Morrel ( the senior ) : He was non every bit major as other characters mentioned, but helped in the secret plan s development. It was because of him that Dantes held Maximilien in such high respect.

Monsieur Morrel was a good, sort, and hones adult male. He promoted Dantes, and attempted to convert Villefort to let go of him from the Chateau vitamin D If. Leting him to pay off his debts, and recover his good name and luck wagess his good will.Character most liked: In the novel, I grew particularly affectionate of Monsieur Morrel. His bosom was free from hatred of thirst for retribution.

He was honorable and thrived by assisting others. He and his boy were the lone genuinely charitable work forces in the novel. He ran a house with honorable patterns and persistently helped Dantes. When the Count repaid him for his kindness, the wages was genuinely deserved.Personal Evaluation: After reading this book, I can see why it has such and digesting popularity. The secret plan is exciting, and absorbs the reader into a romantic escapade.

The characters are clearly described, and are put into state of affairss doing the reader to turn emotions toward the characters.I would surely urge this novel for the sheer fact of how involved you become in the novel. I kept desiring to go on reading to see what writhe would come up following.

If I could alter one thing in the novel, it would be the Count of Monte Cristo in one regard. He claimed to be God s angle of retribution, connoting his actions were God s will. I believe God is merciful, and penalty come about as effect of our ain iniquitous workss, and non because God wishes to penalize us.