The Crucible Essay, Research PaperFilm and theaters are different media ; each has alone effects, in movie the location can be merely approximately anyplace in the universe and have different ambiances, the infinite sum of camera angles possible could be used for different accent, and the sound could be played in any portion of the movie and could be any length and of class bring forthing different effects.

But this is non the instance for theatrical dramas. Theatre merely has limited resources and ocular effects. Theatre dramas are non every bit sophisticated as movie dramas. They can non utilize the latest engineering to hike the public presentation. If you watch the crucible, you can see that most of the movie advantages ( characteristics ) are used in the crucible to do it as emotional, passionate, and dramatic as it can acquire.A theater production nevertheless would non hold the advantages of music, high tech equipment and retakes. Alternatively it would hold to trust on dry runs and hope that everything goes good at the unrecorded public presentation.

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The movie version of the melting pot is a batch different to the phase drama version. Hytner, the manager uses assorted techniques to foreground a characters emotion like a stopping point up camera shooting, but in a phase drama Hytner would hold to trust on the histrions ability to demo this.The movie uses different locations such as the ocean, in the houses, the small town etc & # 8230 ; for its coveted consequence. The narrative is so immense and huge it seems to stretch on and travel on everlastingly, it represented the fact that beyond Salem there was an full universe waiting to be explored.

Some parts of the movie included excess scenes that were non on the original phase drama. For illustration, there was a portion where Abigail Williams goes to see John Proctor to inquire him if he wanted to acquire on a boat for Barbados, but Proctor reluctantly said, & # 8220 ; the following clip we shall run into, is in snake pit. This excess scene could be at that place because Hytner wanted to demo the caring side of Abigail Williams or possibly because he wanted to demo that Abigail was genuinely regretful for what she caused and truly loved John, and she wanted to run off with him.At the beginning, the movie starts off unagitated music and bit by bit gets faster and more panicked so goes to eerie music. This music is bit by bit playing while the first shooting is of Abigail thrusting her caput up from bed as if she has woken up from a bad dream. Her caput is in contrast with a black background ; this makes the whole scene even creepier.

This besides establishes her as a chief character. The camera so goes underneath the bed and has a low shooting where you can merely visualize Abigail seting on her places ( that seem uncomfortable ) against the wooden bed and wooden floor boards. The wall seems like rock and has a few clefts in it. Hytner emphasises the coldness in those yearss by puting up these props. Abigail puts on a frock and makes the bed by chucking it. Abigail makes her manner down the stepss along with Betty ; the camera is now demoing this in between the wooden bannisters from the stepss. We can see Abigail & # 180 ; s pess make manner down the stepss and the camera angle is consecutive but easy traveling off.

We so see both of their faces.The manner the camera angles are shown, we could clearly see that the small town the houses were really little and dark. This gives us a sense of the houses being claustrophobic and dark. This in someway could be called the ocular metaphor for the inhibitory nature of the Salem society.

As Abigail and Betty easy make their manner out to the wood, the camera goes onto the other misss acquiring out of their & # 8220 ; wooden & # 8221 ; houses and hotfooting to the wood. This activity of the misss running into the forest seems really organized and sophisticated. Besides all of the misss seem to convey an object each with them. Could this be because they wish to raise up a enchantment?The pacing of the music is now get downing to lift in clip with the misss running and sounds really endangering like the misss.Now the camera is sky high and has a shooting of the whole small town. The small town is really little and behind it is a monolithic lake.

There could besides be connexion with the timing of the conjuration with the full Moon in the sky. This suggests that they could believe in witchcraft. This peculiar shooting is really bird’s-eye.All of the misss seem really excited when they finally reach the wood and get down to titter. The camera is in a mid changeable place traveling at the same gait as the misss running. This effectual technique is called trailing, which makes the audience more involved with the action by giving an feeling of motion. It has some facets of a position through the trees and subdivisions as if they are being in secret monitored.

They all gather up in the center of a pre made fire perchance by Tituba because she was at that place foremost. The camera is now in an over caput shoot and pictures them running towards the fire with Betty acquiring at that place foremost to give Tituba a clinch to recognize her. Tituba raises her weaponries in the air and slowly lowers them to mean that she is in control and the misss follow her instructions by acquiring down on a crouching place.

Tituba so has an evil laughter which some of the misss replicate. An over shoulder shooting behind Tituba is now confronting Abigail which shows unlike all the other misss, her being nervous and tense. They all answer to Tituba when she says, & # 8220 ; What do you convey me? & # 8221 ; by puting their weaponries out and keeping the point that they brought with them earlier on. Abigail stands out from the circle of misss because she is non so aroused and does non put her weaponries out merely like the remainder. The camera moves around the misss as they say a name of what seems to be a male child they fancy and drops the point ( flowers ) into the boiling and steaming caldron. As they go circular Abigail & # 180 ; s eyes are fixed and she seems as if she is in another universe. When they have all placed their point into the caldron, Betty and another miss are the uneven one out because Betty does non name out a name and the other younger miss throws a toad into the caldron. This could be due to their age and perchance adulthood, because of the male childs that they fancy.

The Camera is in a birds-eye position when Abigail gets up to interchange the poulet in the bag with Tituba. Now the audience can see some white rocks arranged, likely in the signifier of letters that surround the caldron. These add to the creepy and shade like feeling. The music & # 180 ; s velocity has dropped really low with a flute playing while it pictures Mary out of the crowd, and experiencing lonely and cold at the same clip.

The camera is so focused on the poulet & # 180 ; s caput in a birds-eye point of view position with Tituba catapulting it unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition. While this is go oning, the camera has merely all of a sudden popped out of a shrub confronting straight on at Mr Parris. Mr Parris seems confused and looks at the floor, so looks up once more and carries on walking. Now we can see Tituba express joying and the camera moves back onto Mr Parris at another portion of the forest doing his manner towards the misss.

The camera is now tracking Mr Parris, so this has created tenseness and flood tide for the audience. Whenever the camera faces Parris, you hear loud dance and music. This enhances the feelings of suspense, danger and exhilaration. The closer Mr Parris gets to the misss the louder and more intense the music gets, and the more enraptured the spectator becomes.The Camera goes back to the misss and Tituba in the wood as they are listening to Tituba intoning a vocal that seems to be in her native linguistic communication while the misss are easy rocking. Again, Abigail is the uneven one out by sitting in the in-between feeling intense and gazing at Tituba. A miss so lashes out with, & # 8220 ; Make a enchantment on Joseph Baker, Tituba! & # 8221 ; and another follows by stating & # 8220 ; Make Daniel Pool my hubby! & # 8221 ; while another says, & # 8220 ; Bring me Adam Town & # 8221 ; .

They all start to state their wants and when the camera zooms in on and focal points on Abigail, the other miss says, & # 8220 ; Get her John Proctor. This shows that all of the misss know about her and John Proctor & # 180 ; s matter. They so scatter off with Abigail whispering a word to Tituba possibly due to Abigail & # 180 ; s concerns. They both look at each other face to face and Abigail instigates the poulet.

All the other misss start to panic and run. The music heightens the emotions of the misss and ranges strength with the rite.During the depriving off of Abigail, this gives an energetic, playful image interrupting free from all of the tabu, regulations and repression of the community in which they live. If you were on phase you would hold been told via the duologue that the events of the old dark were the cause of Betty & # 180 ; s afflictions. Another scene that I found peculiarly interesting was the portion when Abigail accuses Tituba of witchcraft.

This scene starts with Hale oppugning Mr Parris about what he saw when Abigail and her friends were dancing in the wood. Hale so turns to Abigail and Abigail denies it. During this, the camera is in a changeless headshot to see their reactions. Hale asks Parris was there anything traveling in the pool so Abigail with an outburst says, & # 8220 ; it jumped in & # 8221 ; . This meant that there was something in the pool. Hale so asks for the names of the other misss. The music in the background is now making tensenessAll of the misss are in what seems to be a courtroom and they are all sitting down. The music has stopped in this following shooting as Hale is speaking.

This technique of non-music makes Hale & # 180 ; s voice stand out when he is speaking to the misss, there is besides a obscure reverberation that makes the courtroom seem large.There is a mid-shot in the whole room. All of the misss are looking really submissive/afraid as the camera easy moves from Abigail to Mary Warren at the terminal of the row. The ground the camera moves from Abigail to Mary Warren is because at the terminal of this scene, Mary points the finger at Abigail after they get a stating off from Hale. Abigail looks angry and gives Mary a soiled expression, possibly inquiring how could she fault it on her after she threatened them when Betty could non wake. The camera is now back onto Abigail looking down as Hale walks down.

When she blurts out & # 8220 ; Tituba! & # 8221 ; the camera angle is on Hale & # 180 ; s left shoulder looking down on her. From this angle we can see the nervous and distressing expression and look on Abigail & # 180 ; s face. Then the camera zooms in on Mrs Putnam as she screams out & # 8220 ; I knew it! & # 8221 ;The music in the following scene where Tituba gets called out of her hut/kennel is a slow rub-a-dub with a symbol in the background. This is changeless throughout the scene. The camera starts out low looking up on Parris when they call for Tituba.

When Parris, Putnam and Abigail call for Tituba, the camera goes on an overhead shooting. This suggests the looking down and feeling of low position and the power of the curate. It so switches to Tituba & # 180 ; s viewpoint looking back up on Parris, Putnam and Abigail through two pieces of fabric that is her door. This suggests the low quality of life if you were a slave in those yearss.When she is whipped ferociousness is shown as the camera angle is low, looking up on Tituba with Parris catching a cane from the background. The music has now gone from low and close to muffle, to loud and easy heard.

The camera angle is merely right because you can see the hurting and agony from Tituba & # 180 ; s facial look and shriek. The camera switches to the misss and you can see their understanding as Tituba is being whipped. Mary Warren is the uneven one out of the crowd because she seems to give Mrs Putnam a stare believing that nil has happened.

Mary feels guilty. Abigail goes on to feign and makes narratives up approximately Tituba. Tituba eventually gives in and calls, & # 8220 ; I don & # 180 ; T desire to work for him & # 8221 ; .

She admits because of the hurting she is being given.Hytner wants to demo the lifting craze, so the cameras move rather quickly. Now Abigail has control, and the music has risen. The manus of Hale up to the room so drags Tituba and she confesses, stating she saw Sarah Good and Goody Osborne with the Satan.

Abigail so sees a opportunity for power and says that she has danced with the Satan. The camera was in a headshot looking straight at Tituba to demo that she, for a minute had power and that the attending was on her. There was besides a window with light reflecting through it to demo marks of sanctity.

The tribunal scene where Elizabeth Proctor is called upon to turn out that John Proctor is a satyr is really thought upon by Hytner because when he places Abigail, Elizabeth and Proctor, Abigail is on the left, Elizabeth is in the center and John Proctor is on the right. This is fundamentally symbolic representation that Elizabeth is in between because Abigail wants her to state no, but John wants her to state yes. Basically this suggests that she is in the center. Hytner has added a batch of tenseness and gripping moving for the audience because the audience expects Elizabeth non to lie but in fact she does lie. And about 3 seconds before she eventually says the incorrect thing, which is to lie for Proctor there are two beams of visible radiation that shine onto the floor in the background. This suggests truth and goodness sent down from God. After the word & # 8220 ; no & # 8221 ; come out, the two beams vanish and a big membranophone round sounds.

Suddenly the tenseness roar! Hytner directs the cameras to travel all the clip so that tenseness is ever present.One scene where I found that the location was used really good in order to show feelings and feelings was when Proctor runs out of the tribunal along with Abigail and Mary when Abigail sees a & # 8220 ; large bird & # 8221 ; . He so runs into the lake and is in hip degree with the H2O. The music stops, and the shooting is rather distant looking down on him like God. Proctor is isolated from the remainder and shouts out & # 8220 ; God is dead! & # 8221 ; at the same clip as he raises his weaponries. Ironically, John is baptised in the H2O.

For me, Hytner and the movie crew really good made this movie, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked the parts when it had a batch of tenseness so it made you think, & # 8220 ; What & # 180 ; s traveling to go on next? & # 8221 ; because it makes you more interested in the movie. The parts that I liked best were when Abigail cries out that there & # 180 ; s a bird in the air and the portion where Elizabeth acquire called to the tribunal and she lies. This is because in these scenes, there were tonss of good camera angles to show the characters emotions and feelings. The location had a immense impact on it every bit good.The thing about the movie that doesn & # 180 ; Ts make it perfect is that it puts excessively much focal point on unfaithfulness of the cardinal character, when it should underscore conflict for John & # 180 ; s scruples.