Last updated: June 11, 2019
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The current issue affecting the American society and the Korean American Christian community:

I could talk about the various issues such as drug abuse, premarital sex, gambling and crime that trouble the Korean American Christian community but that would be moving away from the current topic which is the massacre that was committed by Cho Seung-hui, he was a 23-year-old from South Korea, living legally in the United States of America, he killed over 30 people in a chaotic rampage across the Virginia Tech University in Southwest Virginia, which is about 200 miles from Washington, DC. before he shot and killed himself.

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This is described as the deadliest school shooting incident in American history and also most horrifying incident in the 104 years Korean American of immigration history has occurred.

Cho Seung-hui was described as a loner, but we must question ourselves could he really be a loner and have committed this terrible act if he was close to Jesus.
Thus the parents must take care of the children’s studies and materialistic things however they must also reflect about how much concern they have taken towards their soul and life. The children’s spiritual panic should also be taken care by their family. The parents must know that their children need their sincere affection and love. Also the parents must live honestly to become a model for their children.

I emphasize that we must make this to a turning point for repentance and union towards building a better America.

Also, we must make this horrifying incident, that was caused by Cho Seung-hui, a Korean American in America, and turn it into healing and harmony that comes from Christ. This is what we must do so that we the Korean American Christian community and our children and can continue to live in America.

We must pray for the souls of all those people who lost their lives in the massacre and may Jesus bless every one of them.

America has provided a lot of opportunities to the Korean American community, now it’s our turn to give back what we have taken and do our part as children of Jesus in building a brighter, better, safer America.


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