The College of Business Administration is one of the oldest and largest colleges in the University holding started in 1997 with 160 pupils.

Presently we have about 900 pupils in the college with approximately 60 % of the pupils in the Women ‘s College. Located in one of the most impressive campuses of any University in the World, the college has over the old ages played its portion in supplying the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE with skilled directors to take the astronomical developments in the part.The College purposes to fix the directors of tomorrow to take the development of the part and besides be effectual leaders of local, regional and planetary organisations. The College besides aims to lend to the local economic development by supplying research and developing effectual links with local and regional communities and organisations.The college presently offers five Bachelor Degrees – BSc in Accounting, BSc in Finance, BSc in Business Administration, BSc in Public Administration and BSc in Management Information Systems, and one Postgraduate Degree, the Executive Master in Business Administration. In the hereafter we intend to develop new undergraduate classs in human resource and besides broaden our graduate student offerings by presenting new classs that are relevant to the development of the part.

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The College is committed to quality confidence in instruction and acquisition and intends to be advanced in our instruction and assessment pattern. An of import characteristic of our docket is to maximise the sweetening of larning through the usage of new engineerings. Research is built-in in the College and to the quality of our taking border instruction. The College positions research as a characteristic of the work of all its academic members and it should underpin the instruction.The College maintains a strong pupil focal point and the educational experience of our pupils is of extreme precedence. An built-in portion of that will be a committedness to being brooding practicians with high sensitiveness to our pupil ‘s demands and aspirations. We intend to larn from the best international pattern and implement and surpass it.

College Vision

Our vision is to be the college of pick in the part for aspiring pupils, professionals, and bookmans for its committedness to acquisition and scholarship.

College Mission

Our mission is to make and prolong an environment where responsive concern bookmans educate responsible scholars to progress their aspirations in service of their society.

Core Valuess

Our nucleus values are unity, aspiration, duty, reactivity, and mutuality.

College Goals

The College is committed to:Planing academic plans as platformsAttracting, developing & A ; retaining antiphonal scholars/educatorsAttracting aspiring pupilsSupportive rational, professional & A ; larning environmentProsecuting rational & A ; larning experiencesDeveloping college-society enterprises by working closely with cardinal stakeholdersCrafting a typical college individuality

Literature Review

After reexamining the different web sites of other colleges it has been learned that their mission statements stress on calling development, carry throughing market demand for certain type of alumnuss, pupil acquisition and battle in community development.

Abu Dhabi University besides emphasizes on same ends in their mission statements as learned from “ Vision & A ; Beyond ” , ( “ n.d. ” ) .

Al Ain University nevertheless emphasizes on different ends in their mission statement such as quality instruction and research, but they besides have similar ends like reacting to market demands, calling development and community development as explained in “ Vision & A ; Mission ” , ( “ n.d. ” ) .

University of Dubai has a alone manner of puting themselves in the market, stressing on acquiring enfranchisements and accreditations to vouch that the module available and the criterions of instruction are up to the international criterions, accordingly the university is successful in doing an image in the market that the instruction provided by the university is better than the rivals. Some of these accreditations are ABET and AACSB Accreditations as learned from “ International Accreditations ” , ( “ n.d. ” ) .Canadian University of Dubai has its ain alone manner where they highlight Canadian positions in acquisition, sovereignty of the university as an establishment of higher instruction and ambiance of self-respect and common regard, remainder they besides have similar ends like calling development, community development and quality instruction as learned from “ Mission and Vision ” , ( “ n.

d. ” ) .Therefore we have learned that about all our rivals are concentrating on same ends but besides they have a alone manner of distinguishing themselves from the rivals in the market.

Social Media runs play a critical function in directing the right signals in the market and about all our rivals are utilizing societal media runs on instagram, facebook, chirrup, pinterest, foursquare, google+ , youtube and tumblr. Jue, A.L.

, Marr, J.A. and Kassotakis, E. ( 2010 ) explained the importance of societal media webs in accomplishing organisational ends and farther provinces that the usage of societal media is ever a cardinal factor in bring forthing the energy and mobilising a big community to accomplish a common end.

Measuring Current Visions, Missions and Goals of the College:

The nucleus of our vision is to go the prima college for its committedness to acquisition and scholarship and the end in our mission statement is to go the prima college in bring forthing responsible scholars.

Committedness to acquisition and scholarship and bring forthing responsible scholars are the two schemes which could do us the market leaders. We can direct this message in the signifier of a powerful societal media run that our college is alone from others as we devote all our energies in bring forthing responsible scholars.

Understanding and Measuring the Current Scheme:

The module is the nucleus component in the success of any educational establishment, we will hold to pull best available module internationally to derive competitory advantage over the rivals. The scheme of pulling best module members will besides assist us in making a supportive rational, professional & A ; learning environment and prosecuting rational & A ; larning experiences.An active selling research squad will ever be engaged in gather critical rival informations and accessing market demands. This scheme will assist us in planing academic plans which will pull pupils from all over the universe.

Our current visions, missions and ends lack certain cardinal countries which are being offered by our rivals therefore there is a demand to integrate all the information gathered during literature reappraisal. Our college has a really impressive campus which is should be highlighted to pull more pupils.

SWOT Analysis of Internal and External Environment:

Helpful for our AimsGovernmental supported universities are a major menaceUse of Social Media Networking by the rivalsInternational Colleges and Universities come ining UAEHarmful for our AimsDedication in bring forthing responsible scholarsCommittedness to acquisition and scholarship and bring forthing responsible scholarsCrafting a typical college individualityPlaning academic plans as platformsInternalCredit Crunch/Financial Recession in the USA, UK and European Economies.Sky Rocketing Tuition Fees in the USA, Uk and European Economies.Less rivals in the market as the instruction industry in UAE is still developing.International pupils looking to go abroad for surveies.

ExternalThe following Swat Matrix as explained by Kazmi, A. ( 2008 ) presents the SWOT for our college with current mission, vision and ends:Colleges and Universities with International AccreditationsOther universities aiming calling development and community developmentRivals supplying quality instruction and researchRivals maintaining gait with Market Needs, market research.

Five-force Analysis:

Harmonizing to Porter ‘s Five Forces Model once the boundaries of an industry have been identified, following measure is to analyse the rival forces in the industry environment to place chances and menaces as explained by Hill, C.W.L. & A ; Jones, G.

R. ( 2008 ) , farther explains the theoretical account with the aid of following Figure-1.Hazard of entry by possible rivalsDickering power of purchasersIntensity of competition among established housesDickering power of providersMenace of replacements

Figure 1 – Porter ‘s Five Forces Model

After analysing the instruction industry locally and internationally with the current mission, vision and ends our college has to confront following five forces while come ining the instruction industry:

Hazard of entry by possible clients:

World has become a planetary small town after the recognition crunch and the fiscal depression the instruction markets in West are already saturated and due to rising prices pupils have to pay sky rocketing tuition fees in states like USA, UK and other developed economic systems of Europe. In such a changing and variable external environment Dubai becomes the safe house for all the investors looking to put in instruction industry.Since Dubai does non hold a history in instruction market accordingly leaves a room for more rivals to come in the instruction industry.

As more and more exiles move to UAE looking for better employment opportunities the demand for instruction additions therefore supplying chances for new entries.Our current mission statement, vision and ends wholly lack the scheme to undertake new entries in the market and to confront the ferocious competition in UAE instruction industry.UAE Education Industry besides offers easy authorities ordinances for new entries which allows easy entry for possible clients.

The authorities supported universities and concern colleges have an ability to run on economic systems of graduated table presenting a menace to our concern college.

Menace of Substitutes

UAE Education market presents a greater menace of replacements to our college hence we need to integrate this into our scheme, mission, vision and ends. The international colleges and universities present a greater menace of replacements, some of the international universities are constructing over sees admission and information offices to capture greater portion of the international pupils market.Some of these states are Australia, Canada, Uk, USA and European Countries, universities in these states take portion in international instruction seminars and festivals and attract pupils from all over the universe.

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Hill, C.

W.L. & A ; Jones, G.R. ( 2008 ) , noted that the bargaining power of providers are the organisations that provide inputs into the industry, such as stuffs, services, and labour ( which may be persons, organisations such as labour brotherhoods, or companies that supply contract labour ) .

The dickering power of providers refers to the ability of providers to raise input monetary values or to raise the costs of the industry. Therefore powerful providers are a menace.In the instance of our concern college our providers would be the module, the edifice and equipment and employees the bargaining power of our providers multiplies in the flourishing instruction industry of UAE. Hence presenting greater menace to our Business College the current mission, vision and ends does non integrate the bargaining power of providers.

Dickering power of Buyers

Hill, C.W.L.

& A ; Jones, G.R. ( 2008 ) stated that the an industry ‘s purchasers may be the single clients who finally consume its merchandises ( its terminal users ) or the companies that distribute an industry ‘s merchandises to stop users, such as retail merchants and jobbers. The dickering power of purchasers refers to the ability of purchasers to dicker down monetary values charged by companies in the industry or to raise the costs of companies in the industry by demanding better merchandise quality and service.Therefore our concern college faces a menace by pupils who have all these options to take between different concern colleges.Students besides demand for international accreditations guaranting they have better quality instruction which besides poses a menace to our concern college.

Intensity of competition among established houses

Competition occurs because one or more rivals either feels the force per unit area or sees an chance to better place.

Some actions that may be taken are cut downing monetary value, increasing promotional attempt, increasing merchandise line and establishing new merchandises as noted by Phadtare, M.T. ( 2011 ) .Other Business colleges in UAE pose a competition menace to our concern college, specially the authorities supported rivals as they can cut down tuition fee, and some of the rivals in the industry have acquired accreditations.

New Mission Statement:

After a elaborate analysis of the current mission statement, the rivals, SWOT analysis and Porter ‘s Five Forces analysis and integrating the findings, the new mission statement is as follows:“ Our mission is to supply calling development, community development and at the same clip satisfy market demands by offering new survey plans. Besides geting international accreditations for all the classs offered in the concern college to guarantee proviso of quality instruction, learning and research ” .

New Strategy integrating Strategic Management:

The new scheme incorporates the usage of Social Media Networking, and will guarantee that a continuously developing societal media run is launched advancing our impressive campus and presenting the classs offered by our concern college internationally and locally, besides crafting a typical college individuality utilizing all modern-day agencies.Geting International Accreditations is besides a critical portion of the new scheme, guaranting the quality of learning and research will assist pull more pupils globally. The new scheme will concentrate to get international accreditations for all the courses/programs offered by our concern college.An active selling research squad engaged in garnering rival informations and garnering market information to fulfill market demands, will be at the nucleus of the new selling scheme. The research squad wil bench-mark the rivals and will come up with advanced thoughts to confront market completion as explained above in Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis.


After carry oning SWOT Analysis, asking external and internal environments and Port ‘s Five Forces analysis and elaborate literature reappraisal. The new mission statement and the scheme integrate all the findings of the analysis, and the new scheme will guarantee that our concern college becomes the market leader in UAE Education Industry.This merchandise has gained cognition about the usage of Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Internal and External Environment Analysis, importance of mission statement, vision and ends in going a successful organisation.