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After a few delays, the December 2012 issue of The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies is finally available to order. You can now order an e-version of the zine in addition to the hard copy version, as editor Mark Hall recently explained on the REH Inner Circle group:

Okay, TDM enters the 21st century today. If you want an edition that can be read on most e-Readers, you can now buy TDM Vol. 7, No.

1 (the new issue) at [this] link.It is in the ePub format which a heck of a lot of devices can use (not the Kindle I am told, but others; you may need to download an app from Adobe).The ePub edition sells for $4.50. The print copy will sell for $7.50 (and will probably be on sale the end of next week after the proof comes in and is reviewed).

Also, we are starting to put sold-out issues on line for free. The first one being made available is TDM Vol. 3, No.

2. You can download it from [here]

Contents of the new issue include:

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  • Prefatory Remarks by Mark E. Hall
  • “The Writer’s Style: Sound and Syntax in Howard’s Sentences” by David C. Smith
  • “I and I Liberate Zimbabwe: Motifs of Africa and Freedom in Howard’s ‘The Grisly Horror’” by Patrick R.


  • “Robert E. Howard and the Lone Scouts” by Rob Roehm
  • Plus severals reviews by Charles Hoffman and Charles Gramich.

UPDATE 02/08/2013: The print edition is now available.