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The Daughters Of The Cross Essay, Research Paper

The Founder Of the adult female & # 8217 ; s fold was Jeanne Haze in 1833.

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Religious grounds such as the cross inspired their lives ( 160 old ages ago ) to function all those in demand, following in the stairss of Jesus.

In their work they try to assist the hapless, the disableds and the needy they can besides interpret linguistic communications.

Their work ranges from learning, caring and societal work including many other of import things.

It was 1863 in which the first girls of the cross arrived in England in the Saint Elizabeth & # 8217 ; s place and school in much hadam.

Marie Therese Haze wanted them to populate a life of supplication and service to those in demand of aid, believing that in making this they would be copying Christ who reveals God & # 8217 ; s love most supremely in his passion and decease on the cross. They ever followed one simple supplication & # 8220 ; Love others as you have love yourself & # 8221 ; and by making this they carried out Marie Therese & # 8217 ; s take to turn out their love for God, Marie Therese died in 1876. The people the sisters worked with were helped a great trade, the girls of the cross ventured to different 3rd universe states and tended on the hapless, ill and the hungry.

In Much Hadam the mentally and physically handicapped are looked after and are supplied twenty-four hours Centres in which they feel comfy working and making mundane activities.

The sisters are really sort, and work highly difficult to assist the destitute kids, and those who they have helped I & # 8217 ; m certain these people must be really thankful to see the sisters giving their clip on them, it must hold rather an impact on them because they would derive a better quality of life because of the trials and the activities the sisters organise.

The Sisters have proved a really of import portion in society and community.

With all the clip and energy they spend on the needy, and the sum of love they put into it, They display an overpowering love of God by assisting those who need their aid.

& # 8220 ; We have an unreserved committedness to run intoing the educational, cultural, emotional and religious demands of kids and pupils with epilepsy and larning troubles & # 8221 ;

They have dedicated and promised to give up themselves for the aid of others.

Their purpose is to show their love of God and to demo they are populating as Jesus would desire them to, and by making this they look after all of Gods animals particularly the venerable, and give their ain lives to better others. Merely by looking after one individual the gratitude of that individual ever has a large impact to do a difference in their life. It changes their whole position on life, for the better.

All that exists to them through life will hold differed through you for them.

I think that the Sisters work is highly of import because it gives people back their ego self-respect ; what they had before when they were possibly helpless has shown them how independent they can be now giving them a encouragement and position of cognizing they will be able to make something with their lives.

They are so in the place so that they can thank God and give him congratulations, which gives them some ego regard.

The support the Sisters have brought to the vaunerable, and how they have improved their lives is really imp

ortant, and to those people that are helped I’m sure their thanks will be rewarded.

The Work Of The Order Around The World Today. In general the sisters look after the handicapped in the St Elizabeth & # 8217 ; s place and school, they tend to the needy, whether it be physically or mentally disabled people from the ages of 5 and 19 in the schooling, and the aged in the place.

They do this because they believe everyone deserves a opportunity in life, and these kids and the aged deserve their attention, they do it in order to populate lives like Jesus wants us to, to follow In his ways of sermon and handling others like we would wish to be treated.

Other than the sisters in St Elizabeth & # 8217 ; s, there are many girls of the cross across the universe, there are sisters who specialise in wellness attention in infirmaries, hospices and dispensaries, there are many who take attention of the aged and specializing in instruction of those who suffer from epilepsy.

In general it makes a batch of difference to the life of the people amongst whom the sisters work, they aid to 3rd universe states, where their aid is needed particularly. Some of the topographic points the sisters go is really unsafe and a hazard to them, because they have to work with the terminally sick, drug nuts, alkies, sometimes even psychiatric patients. The sisters have been to topographic points like Afghanistan to give their clip to people in topographic points such as The Prison In Liege, and infirmaries where they associate with adult females enduring genital disease.

Because the sisters are so devoted to their work, they give out a strong mark of trust with these people, and the sisters make them experience particular which I think is fantastic because they become more comfy with themselves and wear & # 8217 ; t need to fear that they are being discriminated against.

The sisters put them into a happy safe environment so that they feel comfy and welcome and do non experience the demand to be embarrassed.

I think the sisters work is as of import today as it was when the order was started because people who are handicapped now will necessitate the same sum of love and attention as those who were handicapped 200 old ages ago. And because there has been a rise in population there of class will be a more frequent sum of stateless people, and of class with the immense mass of people who turn to drugs and intoxicant as a manner out of life.

So possibly now there work may if non be more of import than the work the sisters did when they foremost started.

And now there are 93 girls of the cross folds set up around the universe today where the sisters cope and devote their aid where they can give informant to god & # 8217 ; s love and care Marie Terese Haze wanted to demo Gods love to everyone, and to assist everyone in demand. This has been carried out until this twenty-four hours, and it has expanded across the word with all of her purposes

The difference the sisters have made to our community is fantastic, no affair how cruelly these people have been treated or how delicate and weak some people are the sisters have made themselves a dedicated squad to back up and benefit of the people with whom they work with and assist.

And near us is the St Elizabeth & # 8217 ; s school and place in which every individual individual has been loved and cared for, and I & # 8217 ; m certain Marie terese & # 8217 ; s purposes have made a large impact on their lives.