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The book. The Death of Ivan Ilyich. shows the influence of Realism and Romantic thought through its writer. Leo Tolstoy. The semblance of world and the functions matrimonies play in society at this clip were the chief subjects of the book. Ivan Ilyich uses the facet of pragmatism and romantic idea efficaciously in this book.

The writer Leo Tolstoy uses the character Ivan Ilyich to show how social force per unit areas frequently lead people to get married for the incorrect grounds and how loveless or nonmeaningful matrimonies frequently occur for different grounds. Ivan Ilyich belonged in the upper category of society and he acted based on how a individual in this category would move. Ivan Ilyich acted based on how society wanted him to move. Ivan planned to happen fulfillment by geting belongings and wealth and acquiring married. Ivan adopted the beliefs of society at this clip. Ivan Ilyich marries merely because society expects him to take a married woman.

When Praskovya tells Ivan about her gestation. Ivan retreats from his married woman and absorbs himself in his official work. Subsequently on in the book when the matrimony becomes progressively hard. Ivan adopts a formal. contractual attitude toward his household. He shows a character where he does non hold any personal relationship with his married woman and kids.

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Ivan Ilyich portrays the semblance of world in his act. Many of the minor characters. particularly the doctors. depicted the subject. As Ivan Ilyich was going ill. many of the physicians came to look into on him. Ivan had a job with these physicians because they dodged the fact that Ivan was traveling to decease. Ivan saw right through these doctors cognizing that they were overcasting their diagnosing. Ivan’s friends. excessively. became Tolstoy’s mark for semblance of world. When they went to Ivan’s funeral. they thought that they “should” or “have to” go and comfort the widow.

Their existent logical thinking behind everything was to see who would take Ivan’s place at work. Another illustration of semblance of world occurs when Ivan is lying down in tormenting hurting and his married woman. girl. and son-in-law enters the room. Ivan sits and tickers as they ignore the hurting he is digesting to reason approximately something every bit junior-grade as opera spectacless. Ivan noticed that the household did non desire to turn to a state of affairs every bit large as decease. so they talk around it

The contemplation of realist and romantic idea done by Ivan Ilyich made the narrative appealing and it made readers feel like if they were sitting in the narrative. An illustration that would hold the reader feeling this manner is when Ivan was shouting for three yearss. You felt sorry for him because of his hurting. Another clip the reader felt that they were really in the narrative was when Ivan asked to speak to Gerasim because you knew it made him experience better. Sometimes even reading what Ivan’s married woman did to him do the reader feel as if she were a bad individual. This was true because Ivan did non truly get married her for love. but he did it because that was what a individual like of his category was supposed to make.