The American Revolution. I believe that the American Revolution was the most significant event in the history of the United States, was indeed radical enough to be considered a true revolution.

 It has the enormous impact that the revolutionaries had on contemporary American society. These questions and format however do not only apply to America’s political system and ideals; they also changed American social standards and practices at full length the years straight leading and following the revolution. The Constitution settled a great deal of power back into the hands of a capable, central government much like that of a monarchy.

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  The American revolution is also known as the American Revolutionary War and the U.S. War of Independence. The conflict arose from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government, which represented the British crown ( history 1) the Union of the thirteen colonies is now known as the United States of America. It started a movement that would menace the very the colonialism over the globe.

 We  can see that the United States encouraged other  place like Latin America to fight for their rights. The American revolution oppressed nations across the world gained hope of liberation from of colonial rule.  As we all know the American Revolution occurred because British canonists did not want to be British citizens any longer. One of the reasons that the colonists wanted to separate from Britain was that people in the colonies had begun to see themselves as small separate nations such as North Carolinians, Virginians, Pennsylvanians etc..

 We can see that, started to give them an identify separate of Britain. Another factor that contributed to the American Revolution would be tax collectors. Many people fled to the colonies because of debt, and tax collectors followed to collect on debts that people owed them.  British and the American colonists contributed to creation of the American the American Revolution.

 French was engaged in the American Revolution. The American and the French revolutions had many resemblances and differences. One resemblance being is that they both wanted to withdrawal the rule of their monarch. In addition, they both commenced by an revolt of people against unfair taxation by the monarchy. The French peasants were not represented by the Parliament. It was primarily composed of middle and upper-class people. Forthwith, the American colonists were not served in England because of their shortage of presence.

 The pair wanted to set up a Republic, which contributed liberty and justice to the entire classes of citizens. The surprising American victory at Saratoga was a strategic turning point because it convinced the French, who had lost four wars to the British in the previous eighty years, to sign two crucial treaties in early 1778 that created an American alliance with France. Under the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, France officially recognized the new United States and offered trade concessions, including important privileges to American shipping. Next, under the Treaty of Alliance, both parties agreed, first, that if France entered the war, both countries would fight until American independence was won; second, that neither would conclude a “truce or peace” without “the formal consent of the other”; and third, that each would guarantee the other’s possessions in America “from the present time and forever against all other powers.” (159) The American revolution also created civil war dividing families and communities.

 The Revolution was as much a brutal civil war among Americans (including the Native American peoples allied with both sides) as it was a prolonged struggle against Great Britain. The necessity of choosing sides divided families and friends, towns and cities. Benjamin Franklin’s illegitimate son, William, for example, was the royal governor of New Jersey. An ardent Loyalist, he sided with Great Britain during the Revolution, and his Patriot father later removed him from his will. The colonists were divided into three groups: Patriots, who formed the Continental army and fought in state militias; Loyalists, or Tories, as the Patriots mockingly called them; and a less committed middle group swayed mostly by the better organized and more energetic Patriots.

(170) Like all major wars, the Revolution had unexpected effects on political, economic, and social life. It not only secured American independence and created a unique system of self-governance, but it also began a process of societal change that has remained a defining element in the American experiment in representative democracy.(172) question2