The Declaration of Independence maintained that the intent of authorities is to protect their “unalienable rights. ” head among them being “life.

autonomy and the chase of felicity. ” As such. authorities is simply an establishment crafted by the people. whose being is wholly contingent upon the people it is designed to function towards these terminals. Therefore it is the duty of citizens to be of all time vigilant of this authorities because the Declaration explicitly states that its authorization comes from “the consent of the governed.” Should this authorities turn out to be dysfunctional with respects to the maps it was created for.

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it becomes the right of these ‘governed’ to get rid of the authorities and establish a new one in its topographic point that fulfills the abovementioned authorization of protecting those rights. It is this cardinal construct of the map of authorities that maintains relevancy in the twenty-first century moreso. as has been said ad infinitum ad nauseum.

in the aftermath of 9/11.In an effort to turn to the security of the nation-space. the authorities has taken steps that have efficaciously diminished personal autonomies if non curtailed them wholly. As such.

the maps of the authorities have progressively turned towards protection of the province for its ain interest. at the disbursal of the unalienable rights of citizens. In consequence. the authorities leans towards self-preservation.

towards a stiff but abstract impression of nationalism and patriotism and off from authorising those establishments under its legal power whose primary purpose is the self-realization of its citizens.More of the budget is geared off from citizen public assistance and more towards the armed forces and province controls. This is non to propose that the authorities must be abolished with the sheer force of disruptive rebellion. but instead that citizens recognize this put offing tendency and take action to reorient it back towards the intents it was designed for in the first topographic point.

It is through re-awakening interactions that make for a healthy democracy. including the ballot box and beyond it in critical discourse.