The article represents about the coordination between competitiveadvantages and corporate social responsibility. Porter and Kramercome up with a persuasive argument that two companies have two alternatives eitherto develop the CSR program to be integrated in the later business operations orwatch just like the other competitors do. They suggest a basically new method to focus on therelationship between society and business that the social welfare and growth ofthe corporation has been treated as non-zero-sum game. The framework they presented is about the privatecompanies are able to specify the social consequences of their actions; to seekfor the opportunities that benefits themselves as well as society byinvigorating the competitive context in which they operate; to identify the CSRinitiative that they should address; and to discover the most effective approach of doing so.

To sense the socialresponsibility as an opportunity rather than as a public relation campaign ordamage control requires considerably multiple thinking- warning of theauthors, a mind-set which will become crucial in the competitive success that permit thecompany to claim that it meets the measure of social responsibilities.                  Thefour predominating justifications for CSR describing about the four argumentsto make the case comprise moral obligation; focus on the dutythat companies have to be good citizens and do the right things,sustainability; concentrate on community and environmental governance byachieving the current needs without understanding the future generation’sability to meet their needs, license to operate; companies ask for permissionfrom the government, stakeholders, and the communities to do business in orderto satisfy the external public, and reputations; many companies used tovindicate the CSR initiatives in terms of enhancing the image of company, boostup morale, increase value of stock, and reinforce its brand. The effects of theseshattered produce immense missed opportunity and the corporation’s power tomake social benefits is dissolved, so the company should present the potentialto perform and encourage their communities along with their business goals.                  Integratingsociety and business can create healthy society that extending the demand forbusiness complying with the shared value principle that uses to conductbusiness strategy and understand competition.

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Also, incorporatingthe inside-out and outside-in practices concern on the value chain activities can bedone in terms of support improvements in the context of social dimensions and investmentsthat are in competitive context has the possibility to minimize the limitationson value chain activities of a company.                 Finally,to emphasis the moral purposes on business. As the organizationhas the proficiency and resources to change the predicaments, they should bothdeveloping the world and helping sparingly underprivileged communities inadvanced economies. Besides, manage the social issues by establishing shared value andadjust its abundant resources, management talents, expertise, in which itunderstands and has a share, as a result, can heighten the company’s influenceon social good than the other organizations.