The 15-minute routine anthony trollope used to write 40+ books anthony trollope was a famous and successful english writer of the victorian era. He has written 47 novels and 16 other books. In autobiography trollope describes his working day as he was in waltham-cross england for 12 years lived there. for most of this time he served in the postal department enrolled in the service in 1834 and retired only 33 years later having already published more than two dozen books.

He used to wake up at 5.30 every morning and an old servant was instructed to wake him. The old servant received five extra pounds a year for the task of waking trollope in the morning no matter what. Every day trollope worked for three hours. and as he himself writes any person involved in literature will agree that in three hours you can write everything you need. He demanded himself 250 words every quarter of an hour.

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He used to place the watch in front of him all the time. He trained himself that 250 words fall on paper as rigorously as his watch goes. For the starting half an hour he devotes to re-read what he has written the last day and then he starts his stopwatch and starts writing. If he completes his first volume of three- volume book before 3 hours then he takes a blank sheet and starts writing for next book.

This division of time he used to write ten pages of the ordinary novel a day. He finishes his work before dressing up and breakfast. It was a successful routine for him and helped him to write so many books in a short period of time. How can we also use this strategy in our day like to be more productive start your day early in the morning- get up early and make plans for your day. Do yoga meditation early in the morning. It keeps your mind fresh and you will be in good mood for the rest of the day. Be grateful to the god that he gave you another wonderful day.

Do exercise and eat healthy breakfast. Follow your morning routine in any situation; make it a part of your life. Set small goals- writing a book not a one day task same as other works. You should set goals according to time like trollope. After completing writing in 15 minutes he must have felt satisfaction happy and motivated. You can also use it in your routine for example decide that you will complete this particular task in 15 or 30 minutes and you will start next work if you finish early. It helps to keep you motivated and complete your task in less time.