The Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is a placid oasis in the bosom of Penang. This is a hotel with old colonial appeal and the finest traditions of comfort and service. Right at its door measure, it is an astonishing heritage of art and architecture, festivals and nutrient. The Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is merely a few minute walk off from a assortment of stores, eating houses, coffeehouse, bars and nines. Besides that, each brilliant suite is abundantly broad and thoughtfully furnished with modern twenty-four hours comfortss and entree to the radio world.

A The Eastern & A ; Oriental ‘s modern installations within its enrapturing atmosphere enable invitees to prosecute their concern involvements every bit good as to web, to socialize or merely to loosen up. A HeritageA Eastern & A ; OrientalA Hotel ( listed as one of the must-visit finishs in the New York Times bestseller 1,000 Topographic points to Visit before Your DieA by Patricia Schultz )2.0 The market sections being targeted by the houseEastern & A ; Oriental Hotel was established in 1885 by the Armenian Sarkies Brothers in Penang. It is a colonial-style hotel. The market segments that being targeted by E & A ; O Hotel are the foreign people, old and rich people, twosomes and households.The first market sections being targeted are the foreign people. They are chiefly from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Middle East, Europe and America. Almost 70 per centum of invitee ‘s reachings derive from abroad markets such as the UK, Japan, Australia, Singapore and USA, with the staying coming from within Malaysia.

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Some immature grownups from foreign states will besides remain in E & A ; O Hotel because they can afford it and anticipate to acquire an first-class service. They feel more convenience staying at E & A ; O Hotel because there are nines or bars around the hotel.The 2nd market sections being targeted are the senior citizen which is age 55 above and rich people. E & A ; O Hotel is a luxury hotel and it is already 126 twelvemonth in Penang. The old people like to come to E & A ; O Hotel because they come to go, bask their life with the beautiful scenery and willing to pass their money after they had retired. Therefore, E & A ; O Hotel located at the Heritage of Penang, there are many Pre-war places and historic site such as Fort Cornwallis.

This can pull the old people who like about history semen to travel and remain at E & A ; O Hotel.The 3rd market sections being targeted are the twosomes. E & A ; O Hotel will offer the bundle of marrying which is the hotel will offer a room to the twosomes who holding their nuptials map at E & A ; O Hotel Ballroom. Almost all the hotel will offer this sort bundle to the twosomes who are holding their nuptials map at their hotel. Therefore, the twosomes choose to hold their nuptials map at E & A ; O Hotel is because E & A ; O Hotel is a luxury and celebrated hotel in Penang. Besides that, E & A ; O Hotel is near to the sea and the twosomes can hold their nuptials exposure hiting at the seaboard.

The 4th market sections being targeted are the households. A household member largely will include 2-3 childs. They will take to remain at E & A ; O Hotel whenever they travel to Penang. When there is an activity organized near to E & A ; O Hotel, there will be more households come to remain at E & A ; O Hotel, the activity such as, Bon Odori, one-year wind festival, natural park and so on. So the childs will non acquire bored because in the hotel, there is a liquid pool for the childs and the grownups to swim.

Therefore, the parents and the childs will decidedly bask remaining in E & A ; O Hotel.3.0 The assorted schemes used by the house in marketing-mixMerchandiseIn hotel, their chief merchandises are suites followed by nutrient & A ; drink and so installations.SuitesAll room and suites are excellently furnished and broad. Each invitee who stays in the E & A ; O will have the warrant that their personal demands and comfort are a changeless focal point from the minute they arrive.

There are 7 types of suites:

Deluxe Suite

Suite size: 58 sqm.

Georgetown Suite

Suite size: 79 sqm.

Premier Suite

Suite size: 58 sqm.

Passs Suite

Suite size: 87sqm.

Writers Suite

Suite size: 135 sqm.

Pinang Suite

Suite size: 241 sqm.

Eastern & A ; Oriental Suite

Suite size: 522 sqm.RestaurantsA teasing potpourri of spirits and aromas await invitees in the hotel ‘s eating houses, coffeehouse and bars, each with its ain alone aura. To hold a midnight bite, the Eastern & A ; Oriental provides 24-hour Room Service.

Sarkies Corner

Operating hours are from 6.30 am – 11.00 autopsy ( Daily )

The 1885

Operating hours are from 2.

30 autopsies – 10.30 autopsy ( Open Daily )

The Bakery

Operating hours are from 10.00 am – 10.00 autopsy ( Daily )

Farquhar ‘s Bar

Operating hours are from 11.00 am to 11.00 autopsy.


Operating hours are from 6.

30 am – 11.00 autopsy ( Daily )

The Deck

Operating hours are from 11.00am to 7.00pm ( Daily )FacilitiesSaunaA Fitness FacilityMeeting SuitesBabysitting or kid attentionBanquet installationsSwiming pool ( outdoor )Monetary valueMonetary values for suites:Types of roomLow seasonPeak seasonDeluxeRM 730RM 830GeorgetownRM 730RM 830Prime ministerRM 860.

00RM 960.01PasssUnavailableUnavailableWritersUnavailableUnavailablePinangUnavailableUnavailableEastern & A ; Oriental SuiteUnavailableUnavailable** The monetary values are subjected to alter harmonizing to the extremum season or off season.Topographic pointEastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is situated in Georgetown at the intersection of Farquhar Street and Penang Road. It is located at Heritage country.

The Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is merely 20 kilometers off from the Penang International Airport and within walking distance to the nutrient oasiss, shopping composites and amusement mercantile establishments of downtown Georgetown. Guests can besides take a walk to Fort Cornwallis, the City Hall and the Penang State Museum. The invitees will besides loves to shop the stores, bazars and eating houses for great deals and delightful dainties, while detecting temples, mosques and churches in quiet small corners. Eastern & A ; Oriental hotel is the lone 1 in Penang. It does non hold any subdivisions. This makes the hotel particular.

PromotionThere are few ways to advance the E & A ; O hotel. The first manner is promote through cinematography. Filming with famous persons is a good manner to advance the hotel. For illustration, on the August 2011, Asiatic Food Channel ( AFC ) came to Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel to movie.

This will really assist to advance it out to those who are watching AFC channel. A Chinese local histrion “ Ah Niu “ had came to movie at the hotel excessively. This will really allow world-wide people know about this hotel.The 2nd ways to advance the hotel is through word of oral cavity. The hotel can besides depend on the invitees to assist to advance the hotel ‘s name. For illustrations, during the nuptials ‘s dark, if the services are highly good while everything went swimmingly and the feast hall is all nicely decorated, all those who attended the dinner, will goes out to advance to his / her friends or relations.

This will really assist to distribute the good intelligence about. This is besides a manner to advance the hotel.The 3rd ways to advance the hotel is by publicizing through societal web.

The hotel can make a page at the societal web to allow the world-wide people knows about the hotel and besides the approaching events of the hotel. Any publicities of the hotel can besides include at that place. Peoples will acquire update intelligence through societal webs. Examples of societal webs are Facebook.4.0 The different environment that have an impact on the house ‘s operationThe market environment consists of the assorted external factors that direct or indirect affect the selling direction. The selling environment is made up of microenvironment and marcoenvironment.Microenvironment is the elements near to the organisation that ability to impact a company ‘s planning and public presentation.

The microenvironment consists of five constituents which are company, providers, clients, rivals, and mediators.The first constituent is the company. E & A ; O hotel has several sections and direction degrees that can impact the selling direction ‘s determination devising.

The top direction of E & A ; O hotel is the 1 who responsible to put the company mission, vision, aims, policies and wide schemes. Besides that, all sections must work closely with one another. Departments such as buying, accounting, research and development finance and etc.

The 2nd constituent is the providers of the hotel. Suppliers provide the resources needed by the hotel to bring forth goods and services. For illustration, E & A ; O hotel rely on the providers who provide the ingredients or natural stuffs to the kitchen every twenty-four hours. Fresh ingredients needed every twenty-four hours to bring forth quality nutrients. Increase in ingredients or natural stuff monetary values will impact on the selling mix scheme of the hotel.

The close relationship with the provider is one manner of guaranting competitory and quality merchandises for the hotel.AThe 3rd constituent is the clients of the hotel. Western people and the age group above 50 old ages old are the invitees of the hotel. Although the room rates of the hotel are somewhat higher comparison to other hotels but these two groups of people willing to pay and remain at this hotel. One of the chief ground they visited E & A ; O hotel is because of E & A ; O hotel is the lone five star heritage hotel at the bosom of the metropolis. Besides that, the feast of E & A ; O hotel is to the full book during weekend and peak seasons.

E & A ; O hotel besides provide interesting nuptials bundle to the clients. A batch of people like to hold their nuptials ceremonial, tiffin and dinner at E & A ; O hotel.The 4th constituent is the rivals. The rivals of E & A ; O hotel are other heritage hotels in Penang and the hotels nearby. Other heritage hotel in Penang such as Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa is the rival of E & A ; O hotel. Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa is a five star heritage hotel allocated at Batu Ferrighi. Their room rate and E & A ; O room rate are similar but their mark market little different. E & A ; O hotel mark is to pull tourers that visited the heritage metropolis of Penang and Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa is to pull tourers that traveling for relaxation and enjoying H2O athleticss.

The hotel nearby E & A ; O hotel such as Bayview hotel. Bayview hotel is opposite E & A ; O hotel. The clients of Bayview hotel are the tourer travel through travel bureaus and man of affairs.

The 5th constituent is the mediators. Selling mediators are houses or bureaus that help the hotel to advance. There is several authorities web sites help to advance the heritage side of Penang. Some German and Chinese film and telecasting plan had their shot at the hotel.

The German film entitled A Love and Death on Java and the telecasting plan entitled Discovery Travel and Populating hiting at E & A ; O hotel in twelvemonth 2010. Positive media attending on the hotel makes the hotel to advance good. Audience can watch the coders through Television. It is more direct to pass on to the audience. So this is a really powerful and positive impact.Marcoenvironment is the elements which can impact how a company is operate but which are beyond its control. The marcoenvironment consists of four constituents such as political and legal environment, economic, societal and engineering.The first constituent is the political and legal environment.

The alterations in the political and legal environments at both the domestic and international degrees can impact the hotel. To many hotels, domestic political considerations are likely to be of premier concern. However, hotel involved in international operations are faced with the extra dimension of international political developments. For illustration, the alterations political in western states will impact the concern of the hotel because the hotel concern depends on the western tourers.

Other than that, the political of our state will besides impact the concern of the hotel. The tourers from other states will less visit our stateThe 2nd constituent is the economic. Political and economic forces are frequently strongly related.

Economic factors are of concern to selling hotel because they are likely to act upon, among other things, demand, costs, monetary values and net incomes. The alterations in universe economic forces are extremely important to hotel, peculiarly those engaged in international selling. However, an apprehension of economic alterations and forces in the domestic economic system is besides importance as such forces have the most immediate impact.

The alterations in economic system cause the clients to pass less. Besides that, unemployment rate go higher because the economic system become worst. These will do the lessenings the demand of many luxury goods and services.The 3rd constituent is the societal. Customers have differences in attitudes, beliefs, motive, morality, superstitious notion, and perceptual experience and other features when demand of goods and services. The type of goods and services demanded by consumers is a map of their societal conditioning and their consequent attitudes and beliefs. The people who willing to pass more and basking their vacation such as people who had retired will take to remain at E & A ; O hotel. Largely the invitees will non see the hotel entirely.

They will convey their partners along with them. They will bask while remaining in the hotel and willing to pass more for their tiffin or dinner in the eating house.The 4th constituent is the engineering. The altering in engineering may impact the demand for a hotel goods and services. Technological alterations may make new chances for the hotel. Technological invention continues to travel at an progressively rapid rate. The altering in engineering will assist the hotel to advance on the web site.

Website such as the hotel web site, Penang Tourism authorities web site, Penang heritage web site and etc. Besides that, the invitees of the hotel will give their feedbacks of the hotel through their personal web log, feedback, forum and etc. Through these, a batch of people will understand more about of the hotel.

If there had negative remarks about the hotel, this will do the hotel had bad images.5.0 The current tendencies that the organisation could confront5.1 Current tendenciesTendencies means the general way in which something tends to travel while current means the latest belonging to the present clip. Therefore, current tendencies means is the latest tendencies in the hotel itself.The current tendency of the Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel ( E & A ; O ) is the Heritage sites and is located at the centre of the metropolis.

E & A ; O hotel has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, George Town, was cited as “ A singular illustration of historic colonial towns on the Straits of Malacca that demonstrate a sequence of historical and cultural influences originating from their former map as trading ports associating East and West ” . The E & A ; O hotel is a colonial hotel design that mix old-world appeal with modern extravagancies.Besides that holding heritage sides, the different type of nutrient besides is the current tendencies for the E & A ; O.hotel. Penang celebrated of many different type of peddler nutrient.

Instead of room, E & A ; O hotel can more concentrate on their eating house, promote more of their eating house to the foreigner, so that can better the gross revenues of the hotel5.2 OpportunitiesOpportunities mean externalA opportunities to do greater gross revenues or net incomes in the environment.Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is a colonial design that mixes old-world appeal with modern extravagancies so many people would wish to hold their nuptials exposure hiting session at the hotel due to its alone milieus. This is a good opportunity to advance the environment of the hotel to the populace. There will besides come with a bundle that guest who is holding marrying in their feast ; the bundle will come with the honeymoon suite and the installations.Besides that, some nutrient channel or film company besides do shooting at Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel. Example for the nutrient channel is Asiatic Food Channel ( AFC ) , for the film is German film entitled “ A Love and Death on Java ” at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel.

For the local Chinese film that directed by local creative person ‘Ah Niu ‘ . For the shot exposure or film, besides will do the greater gross revenues or net incomes and besides will increase the repute of the hotel and besides will pull others people to come.E & A ; O hotel besides can advance the eating house in their hotel, because the current tendencies is the nutrient in Penang. E & A ; O hotel can make more publicity for their eating house such as: 1885 Restaurant, The choice of imaginative merger dishes from E & A ; O hotel accomplished chefs, accompanied by a brilliant choice of vinos, Markss 1885 as the perfect pick for an gratifying dining experience, can advance to outsider alternatively of merely advance the hotel room, possibly they will come and dining in.The E & A ; O trade name is now synonymous with prime developments, and we have been complimented that E & A ; O adds the distinguishable manner ‘ ingredient into lifestyle ‘ . Again, we came to procure this repute by no accident it was a witting scheme that we worked difficult towards.E & A ; O hotel could besides spread out internationally, either together or through strategic confederations with other planetary belongings companies to increase their trade name value and presence.

E & A ; O hotel can besides develop new growing engines from bing and new markets.Beyond belongings development, E & A ; O hotel could besides research the possibility of leveraging on each other ‘s cordial reception capablenesss.5.3 StrengthsStrengths average features of the concern or squad that give it an advantage over others in the industry.Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is build in a good location because it is at the centre of the metropolis. Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is near to the seaboard so that invitees can bask the sea position from the hotel.

The attractive force that near to Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel are such as: Garrison Cornwallis, The City Hall and besides the Penang State Museum.There are besides nines, saloons, eating houses and cafes all around the topographic point which is nearby to the hotel. Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is a luxury and old European manner hotel, so the hotel provides good quality service, nicely designed and good quality of nutrient and drink. Penang current tendencies is different type of nutrient, so E & A ; O hotel will be a topographic point that the tourer non merely can bask the Penang seaview and the heritage edifice of E & A ; O hotel, around E & A ; O hotel still can bask the civilization of Penang.E & A ; O has successfully built a strong portfolio and seeable Prime Minister niche trade name in the belongings development, cordial reception and lifestyle section in Malaysia.

Having established their ego locally, E & A ; O hotel intend to force the boundary farther by doing E & A ; O an inspirational trade name that is recognised locally, regionally and finally internationally.E & A ; O hotel is a heritage hotel that has 126 old ages old, over its century-and-a-quarter history. Attended to by the E & A ; O ‘s legendary pantryman service, each suite offers the perfect invitation to step back into the refined elegance and colonial magnificence of a aureate age. So that the invitee can bask to remain at the old colonial appeal edifice.5.4 FailingsFailings mean the features that place the house at a disadvantage relation to others.The common failing is the parking batch for the Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is excessively expensive.

Normal twenty-four hours for the parking fees is from forenoon until eventide is RM 5, for dark clip is RM 10. For extremum season will increase until RM 20, sometime during public vacations, the parking fees will increase to RM 40. This is excessively high disbursals for a driver merely to park their auto at the parking batch. But sometimes clients drive along the manner to the bosom of the metropolis and can non happen parking, so they will take to park at the parking batch although it is excessively expensive.Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is a luxury hotel, so the room rate or the nutrient and drink will be more expensive compared to others topographic point and so because of this, Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel is non attracted by the budget traveler, because it is excessively expensive for them merely to remain one dark.5.5 MenacesMenaces mean the externalA elements in the environment that could do problem for the concern.

E & A ; O hotel is a five stars hotel and Penang has a batch of different classs of 5 stars hotel such as Rasa Sayang Beach and Spa Resort, G- hotel, Equatorial and so on.So they become the rival with E & A ; O hotel. They have different manner of the hotel and construct of hotel such as:a ) Rasa Sayang Beach and Spa resortIs a expansive luxury retreat in traditional Malayan manner, nestled along Penang ‘s popular Batu Feringgi Beach. This iconic beach resort offers its invitees a epicurean adjustment option replete with an array of comfortss whilst situated amidst impressive and olympian scenery. Attract client that more like to dispute or hold fun in the H2O athletics activity, such as powerboat, banana boat, parachute and many more. Besides that, Rasa sayang beach and watering place resort besides provide watering place for invitee.

B ) G- hotelIs a bold, beautiful creative activity in court to modern, G-hotel fuses cool modernness with fashionable comfort. Is located at the Penang most boulevard topographic point. Shoping promenade, Penang local peddler Centre, is besides a advantages that near to the seaboard. The room design with construct of modern, infinite and comfort manner. It is a concern classs of hotel, so more focal point on concern invitee and besides household Celsius ) Equatorial HotelThe 5-star luxury hotel embraces a luster of modern-day design.

A It houses 662 guestrooms and suites, each classily furnished and facilitated with province of the art in-room comfortss. The lone hotel on the island which has a 9-hole international golf class, it is the top pick for executive retreats and inducement group gatherings.A It houses two Grand Ballrooms which have been intelligently built with no obstructor of columns in between – reputed to be the largest on the island that can house up to 2,000 people.

AThere are so many different classs of hotel, so the invitee willDepend on personal like to take which hotel. So things that the invitee wants or needs that E & A ; O hotel ca n’t supply, they will take the others hotel. That is the Threats for the hotels.DecisionAs a decision, selling is really of import to any hotels or concerns.

Every hotel or concern besides need strategic and publicity to maintain their gross revenues in the safe degree, so that the hotel or concern wo n’t loss of money for the others public-service corporations, staff wage and so on. Know good about the SWOP analysis ( Strength, failing, chances, menaces ) of the hotel or concern is of import, because it can clearly cognize that what the hotel or concern lack out of that demand to better more or things that need to keep and be more better.Know well about which market section of people that visit most to the hotel, is to keep the group of people that visit and so seek to pull new group of people to see the hotel or concern, wo n’t merely chief on one classs.Besides that, cognize good about the different environment will Impact the hotel or concern so that will hold solution or can moo down the hazard.Marketing is of import to every company or house, no affair is large company or little, service sector or any sector, is of import to cognize it.