The Emirate castle is the most epicurean hotel in Abu Dhabi being the 2nd seven leading hotel of the universe. Construction of the hotel is done with the maximal possible criterions of comfort and luxury. It is built in 1000 hectares of beautiful landscapes. Infrastructure of the hotel is extremely applaudable with all the installations.

It has 20 different topographic points for culinary delectations, huge parking topographic point, 2 helipads, 300 suites, 90 suits, 48 conference suites, and a immense conference Centre. The degree of assorted services provided by the hotel is of really high quality. ( Minghetti. , 2003 )Some of the major services in the hotel industry are the client services, room services, layout services, quality services etc. These services hold a great importance in the cordial reception industry and even more for a hotel like Emirate Palace. Supplying good client services in the hotel industry is the most critical aim to stay competitory and profitable in the long tally of the concern. Customer service is a really important aspect of the cordial reception industry.

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Customers of hotels need the employees to carry through their assorted demands and therefore maintain on interacting with them all the clip during their stay in the hotel. ( Fitzsimmons. , 1999 )Tourism is an of import sector of the UAE and therefore the cordial reception and touristry industry is booming and competitory at that place. There are a big figure of hotels in Abu Dhabi which fulfils all the demands of location, adjustment and budget of the clients.

To derive a competitory border in the market it is advisable for a hotel to work strictly for the betterment of the client services. Supplying exceeding client service is a really critical issue for the cordial reception industry. Customers of hotels expect a good degree of service from the hotel employees and if non provided than they may frequently experience disgruntled but if they are given better service than the outlooks they can be made experience particular and of import for the hotel and can do certain that during the following visit in the metropolis they will remain in the same hotel. The chief aim of good client service is conveying the clients back. This can be done if the degree of service provided to the client is good plenty to fulfill him so that he should a spread a positive feedback about the hotel that will pull more clients to the hotel. The chief focal point of client services is the client satisfaction to derive keeping by doing strong and long term dealingss. ( Dominici.

, 2010 )Following figure show the service design of a luxury hotel:

Mission and Vision of Emirate Palace

The mission of the hotel is to supply clients the most sole and alone experiences.The strategic vision of the Emirate Palace is to function as a universe ‘s most epicurean hotel and leisure finish and to take the industry. Another vision of the hotel is to lend in doing Abu Dhabi the Centre of cultural activities of the Middle East and Emirate Palace a milepost in the state which can host any esteemed sporting event in Abu Dhabi.

Customer Services in Emirate Palace

Following are the chief client services offered in the Emirate Palace:Hotel Reservations – Emirate Palace has a really nice installation to do reserves in the hotel. It has an on-line reserve portal where client can do progress engagements for their stay in the hotel. Customer can besides look into the position of handiness of suites on the hereafter dates when he wants to see the hotel. Many on-line payment options are available on the web site for the convenience of the client to take payment option which suits them the most.

Reservation portal besides gives many offers on the progress engagement of suites. ( Dhabi. )Meetings and Conferences – The Emirate Palace has 48 conference suites, a big conference Centre, a dance hall with a capacity of 2400 invitees, a immense auditorium able to suit 1100 seats. These meeting and conference halls are best suited for a assemblage of 1000 people or a private confidential meeting of 10 people. The conference suites have projectors, LCD screens, mikes, Wi-Fi information system and sound and picture conference system preinstalled. ( Dhabi.

)Guest Relations – Emirate Palace used to supply high degree of client service to the invitees of the hotels. It is one of the most superior hotels in the universe so the list of the hotel invitees is besides really sole. After acquiring pampered with the universe category client service the clients are welcomed to supply an honest feedback about their stay in the hotel. This feedback is helpful in keeping long term relationship with the clients.

( Dhabi. )Membership – The hotel provides the installation of rank with the group. This rank installation is really utile in instance of pressing engagements in the hotel. Members of the hotel are the clients who used to see the hotel more frequently. This installation is the benefit of the long term relationship between the hotel and its clients. The members of the hotel are given precedence in instance of inaccessibility of adequate vacancies in the hotel.

Comments/Suggestions – Roll uping feedback from the clients is a critical issue for supplying the best client services in the industry. Wordss from the clients are really of import for the hotel. These feedbacks are used to better the quality of service if needed.

Transit Visas for UAE – UAE is the chief topographic point of attractive force for the tourers all around the Earth. Tourism is an of import industry in the UAE and people used to see UAE both for work and merriment. The hotel helps its clients to supply theodolite visas for the UAE during their stay in the state. Geting visas is the most clip devouring undertaking for a visit in a foreign state. This powerful undertaking is made easy for the clients by the Emirate Palace by supplying them the theodolite visas for the UAE. The Emirate Palace acquire transit visas of 14 yearss issued for the clients within 7 on the job yearss. ( Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates )Events Calendar – Agenda of the coming events in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Emirate Palace is available on the web site of the hotel. This information can be really helpful for the clients of the hotel to do reserve consequently if they want to go to a certain event in the hotel.

The event calendar is used for acquiring information about the latest events traveling to be held at the hotel. ( Dhabi. )IT Butler Service – Till now the Emirate Palace used to supply a personal pantryman for every room and suite but now the pantryman service has taken a measure in front and the hotel is supplying an IT pantryman for private audience. This IT pantryman service is 24×7 installations for IT aid and support of the client. Emirate Palace is used to host many conferences and workshops for many IT companies.Online Printing – In instance a client needs printed transcript of some of his papers so he does non hold to travel to a pressman to acquire his papers printed.

The Emirate Palace provides the service of on-line printing. The client has to upload the electronic transcript of the papers on the web portal of the hotel and order it for publishing. Nominal charges are applicable on printing of paperss. This service adds value to the client services provided by the hotel. ( Dhabi. )Leisure & A ; Healthcare – The hotel has unlimited leisure and recreational installations available.

The hotel has wellness watering place, fittingness suites, energy zone, tennis and paddle plans for wellness and fittingness of the clients. Many H2O athleticss activities are facilitated by the hotel where the clients can bask the bang of the unfastened sea. Sarab Land is a kids playground good equipped with slides and swings and many kid activities organized by the beach nine.

( Dhabi. )

Analysis of Customer Service Operations in Emirate Palace

Service operation direction is all bout the procedure by which organisation green goods services which are utile for the client. Operation direction takes attention of pull offing the procedure of production of services. The procedure of transmutation of input resources in the end product of services is called an operation. ( JPC Media LLC )The operation procedure of transforming inputs into end products surely adds some value ( apart from the cost of input ) to the concluding merchandise or service which is called the value added to the service.The Emirate Palace provides a really high degree of service to its client.

This degree of service can be produced merely if the organisation incorporates a service operation direction which keeps a ticker on the procedure of production of services. Assorted client services in the Emirate Palace are discussed above and here these services are being analyzed on the model of service operation direction. ( JPC Media LLC )Hotel Reservation – In the Emirate Palace the hotel reserve system is a client service.

In the operation of this service the inputs given are the web portal for the reserve system where the questions for the handiness of suites on are asked, and information ( like figure of suites, figure of invitees, grownups or kids, day of the month of reserve ) from the client is besides required. Another input is the payment options for the progress engagement.The transmutation procedure of this service includes the alterations in the database of the hotel reserve system. The database provides the consequences of the questions made by client sing the vacancy of room on the given day of the month. The procedure of reserve besides includes the dealing of sum for the reserve made in the hotel.End product from the transmutation procedure is the client service for doing beforehand reserves in the hotel.

The procedure provides information about the handiness of suites or suites on the peculiar day of the month when client wants it. The procedure besides provides the information about all the types of suites and suites in the hotel, their specifications, installations in the suites, and charges of the suites. Using this information client can take the type of room and services they need. After doing the payments for the reserve client can acquire his room booked in the hotel on the coveted day of the month. ( JPC Media LLC )Meetings & A ; Conferences – The Emirate Palace is one of the best locales for authorities conference and acmes. Meetings and conferences of many transnational companies are arranged at the conference suites and auditorium of the hotel. The input in the operation of this installation are the infinite of the meeting suites, appliances like the LCDs, mikes, projectors, other services like, Wi-Fi cyberspace, sound or picture conferencing systems. These extra services act as input of this client service.

Another input is the piece of information provided by the client about his demands of the meeting or conference suites.Transformation procedure of the above input appliances and services into the coveted end product of the service include a few stairss. Conference suites or auditorium are booked for assorted intents. So first of all the demands of the client are studied and an appraisal of the budget is given to the client. If the client needs any alterations so the budget is revised otherwise following measure that is installing of the excess installations like Wi-Fi, projectors, Liquid crystal displaies are done in conference suites and the suites are ready and good furnished for the meetings traveling to keep at that place.Successful concern meetings and authorities conferences and acmes without any perturbation or disrupt due to some losing equipment or service are the end product of this service operation. Satisfied client is the intangible and most of import result from the operation.

( JPC Media LLC )Guest Relations – Emirate Palace is one of the few hotels which provide seven star installations to its clients. So the list of invitees of the hotel becomes really sole as many authorities functionary, Hollywood stars, and athleticss star used to see the hotel. The input in the service operation is the invitees and the employees of the hotel.The procedure of the operation involves the interaction between the clients and the employees of the hotel. Guests used to maintain on pass oning with the hotel staff during all the hours of the twenty-four hours and the response of the staff plays a important function in the procedure of transforming inputs in the coveted end product. The hotel staff is good trained in the field of cordial reception and fulfills all the demands of the invitees of the hotel.The end product of this service operation is the long term relationship with the clients.

A happy invitee with the installations of the hotel will give a positive feedback of the client services of the hotel. Apart from the positive feedback another of import end product will be the following stay of the invitee in the hotel. Pull offing healthy and long term dealingss with the invitees is of import in the keeping of the clients. ( JPC Media LLC )Transit Visas for UAE – Emirate Palace helps its clients in acquiring the impermanent tourer visas of the UAE. Input for the service operation is the client ‘s paperss, and charges of the visa. These are the demands for acquiring the theodolite visa for UAE for the clients of Emirate Palace.

The procedure of the service operation involves many stairss as it has to travel through a authorities protocol which is a spot clip devouring but less than what it takes to acquire a theodolite visa straight from UAE embassy. Processing of the visa application takes at least 7 on the job yearss. The issue of visas is under control of the Immigration section of Abu Dhabi.Transit visa valid for 14 yearss from the twenty-four hours of reaching in UAE is the end product of the transmutation procedure. A scanned transcript on the mail of the client is sent every bit shortly as the visa is approved. The client can have the original transcript of the visa from the Immigration office at the UAE airdrome.

( Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates )IT Butler Service – Personal pantryman service for each room is being provided by many hotels and is non plenty for the Emirate Palace so has decided supplying a perfect cordial reception service harmonizing to twenty-four hours today ‘s demands of the clients. Input in this service is the employee of the hotel who is good trained in the cordial reception concern and in IT skills every bit good.The procedure of service operation is the preparation of the staff for the function of IT pantryman. They are trained to work out IT related jobs of the clients.Solution of the IT issues of the clients is the end product of the operation. The IT pantryman helps the clients in puting up their office web, company ‘s VPN, or any ready to hand issue with some proficient tool or application.

The IT pantryman is available 24×7 for the service of the clients.

Analysis of Supply Chain Management

Precisely talking Supply Chain Management is “ a set of attacks utilized to expeditiously incorporate providers, makers, warehouses, and shops, so that ware is produced at the right measure, to the right location and at the right clip, minimising the cost and bettering the service quality. ” This definition of Supply Chain Management depicts that each and every installation plays an of import function in doing the merchandise harmonizing to clients ‘ demand. The supply concatenation in the hotel industry is used to supply the best service in the industry to the clients. The Supply concatenation of the Emirate Palace is designed with a certain aim of each nexus in the concatenation. Planing the right service for the client with flexibleness should be delivered to the client in appropriate measure, at the right clip when he client truly needs it should be provided at the minimum cost. ( Supply Chain Management )In the Emirate Palace assorted determinations are made at times at different degrees of direction for the promotion in the client services.

Long term determinations are made at the strategic degree. Issues like atmosphere of the suites and suites, type of client services etc are decided at the strategic degree. Decisions sing the client services like what services to supply, how to supply, what should be cost of a peculiar service etc are taken at this degree.Average term determinations like the bill of fare of the hebdomad, subject of a peculiar party, other offer on services, responsibility of the hotel staff etc are taken at this degree of the concatenation.

The operational degree is to take twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours determinations like the garb of the staff, famous person invitee of the twenty-four hours etc. There is a really thin line between the maps of tactical and operational degree.Inventory direction and Customer service hold a trade off with each other. If the hotel staff start being really stiff with their stock list direction system so they will non be able to supply the degree of client service they are supplying presently. The Emirate Palace provides a really high degree of client services which will non be possible if the hotel direction is more concerned about the stocks in the stock list instead than the client satisfaction.

( Supply Chain Management )

Electronic Operationss at Emirate Palace

The Emirate Palace provides many services to the client. These services are the step of client satisfaction with the hotel. The hotel Management usage to pull off most of their undertakings utilizing technologically advanced resources these operations are besides called electronic operations. The major electronic operations of the hotel are the undermentioned: ( Minghetti. , 2003 )

Reservation System

The Reservation System of the hotel is wholly web based. A web portal is provided for the clients to look into the handiness of suites on peculiar day of the months and do reserves if available.

There the clients can besides look at the images of the different types of suites and suites of the hotel and take one of them for their stay in the hotel. Payments are besides done online via recognition card and many other payment options. The payment nexus is provided excess web security for security grounds of the clients. Overall the reserve system of the Emirate Palace is a value added service operation of the hotel.

Online Printing

There is another installation of on-line printing provided for the clients of the hotel. This installation can be availed by a client if he has a meeting early in the forenoon and he needs difficult transcripts of some of his paperss of which he has electronic transcript. Customer can travel to the web site of the hotel and chink on the nexus of on-line printing. Now he can upload the soft transcript of his papers and order it for publishing. The print outs cost nominal printing charges.

( Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates )

Standard atmosphere

The electronic operations of the Emirate Palace include all the electronic services provided by the hotel. There are three ATM machines in the hotel from where clients can do minutess in instance if they need hard currency sum.

Internet Facility

The Emirate Palace besides provides cyberspace installations to the clients. All the suites and suites have a Wi-Fi cyberspace connexion of 20 mbps. This complementary line is spread in all parts of the hotel. On particular demand of the clients a wide line of 80 mbps Wi-Fi cyberspace connexion is provided which has extra charges.

SWOT Analysis of the Emirate Palace

StrengthsExclusive service and characteristics and high trade name value.Backing of the high profile clients therefore maintained net incomes.

FailingsHighly heavy cost of suites so 50 % suites vacant every twelvemonth.Exclusive and the quality service cost really high.OpportunitiesDecrease in monetary values may pull more invitees.

MenacesAnother 5 star hotel Burj-Al-Arab is a major rival.Net incomes might acquire reduced because of the planetary economic thaw down.

Business Process Map of the Emirate Palace

Business procedure function is a methodological analysis to better the public presentation and efficiency of the organisation by bettering the procedure stairss in the bringing of merchandise or service. The concern procedure of the bringing of client services in the Emirate Palace is depicted in the figure below: ( Business Process Modeling )CustomerOrder for ServiceApologize for hold and inquire for clip.Deliver Service to clientUpdate Service & A ; client Database DatabaseService booked for the clientYesForward order to Inventory ManagementNoCheck clip to do availableAvailable?Processing orderCheck AvailabilityThe notations of the assorted figures are different in the above flow chart of the concern procedure of the.Decision pointActivitiesActionsEvents

Service Quality Management

Quality of the service is the ability of fulfilling client demands and meets his outlooks systematically. It is the responsibility of the hotel staff and employees to supply the degree of service which is up to the grade or even better than their outlooks. The Emirate Palace is a seven star hotel so the measure of client service will be evidently big.

But the quality of service they provide should be tested on assorted dimensions. ( Dominici. , 2010 )

Dimensions of Quality

The dimensions of quality are:Performance: The services provided by the hotel are really sole.

The invention tem of the hotel has worked hard to supply the clients with the alone client services.Aestheticss: Customer services provided by the Emirate Palace are really moneymaking and good designed. The reserve system of the hotel is really user friendly i.

e. any newcomer can utilize the portal and book a room for him.Particular Features: Each and every client service of the Emirate Palace has certain alone and particular characteristic in it. Like most seven star hotels provide a private pantryman for every room and suites.

But the Emirate Palace is supplying a private IT pantryman for every room and suite. The occupation of this pantryman will be to assist the clients with the IT related jobs.Conformity: All the client services of the Emirate Palace are up to the grade of the outlooks of the client.Dependability: The consistent public presentation of certain client services in the Emirate Palace is dubious. Like the IT pantryman service.

( Dominici. , 2010 )Lastingness: The services offered by the hotel seem to hold a long utile life. All the services provided to the clients today will be besides are needed by the hereafter clients of the hotel.The undermentioned figure shows the Gap Model of the Service Quality

Entire Cost of Quality

Failure Cost: This cost of quality is the cost of faulty and defective parts of service. The failure cost of quality of the client services will be high for the hotel. This cost is farther classified in two types:Internal Failure Cost: This is he cost when the mistake in the service is detected before the launch of the service. Some employees of the hotel must hold gone under preparation of IT skills for making the occupation of IT pantryman.

External Failure Cost: All the cost incurred to find and mend the mistake of the service which is detected after it is offered to the client.Appraisal Cost: This is the cost paid to guarantee that the quality of service is maintained during the usage of it. Like the cost of care of the database of the hotel reserve system because if the database or the system clangs so one of the most of import client service of the hotel will be finished.

Prevention Cost: This cost is paid for the preparation & A ; planning of entire quality, client satisfaction, and quality betterment costs so that defect can be prevented. A separate squad of invention and client service is ever working for the betterment in the current services and take the mistakes if any.The Emirate Palace has received the Environment Management System ISO 14001: 2004 Certification of Hospitality Services.

Recommendations & A ; Suggestions

The Emirate Palace provides a broad scope of client services to its invitees. Most of these services are value added and costs reasonably high for the hotel. The reserve system of the hotel is a fantastic client services but there are some betterments required in the system so that it can be more valuable for the clients. Reservations made on the web portal can non be withdrawn subsequently if the client has any instance of urgency. Full sum of the payment is forfeited by the hotel.

If a client has booked a room progress in 1 month but on the twenty-four hours of reserve he got stuck with some of import work than the alternatively of give uping the whole sum a peculiar per centum of the payment should be deducted and the remainder should be transferred back. The procedure of supplying transit visas of the UAE is a spot clip devouring so the hotel direction must seek to cut down the clip taken in the procedure.


The Emirate Palace is one of the universe ‘s few seven star hotels supplying first-class degree of client services. These client services are produced by go throughing through assorted procedures of service development. Operation direction, procedure design, service supply concatenation schemes, and service quality direction.

All these models and tools are helpful for the betterment of services. Developing a service involves 3 stage of giving input, procedure transmutation, and obtaining end product. Each service is the end product if this procedure. This nonsubjective behind these high degrees of services is client satisfaction. In the cordial reception industry the invitees should be treated to do hem experience particular.

Every client has a certain degree of outlooks from the service supplier and if the service provided does non populate up to the outlooks of the client so the client will ne’er come back to purchase the service once more. But a satisfied client is ever necessary for distributing the word of oral cavity about the quality of service of the concern. So an organisation must ever smartly strive to supply client services to the invitees so that they get satisfied and give a positive feedback of the organisation.