One of the most powerful Fieldss of new concern sphere is the Strategic Human Resource Management. Business developers and policy shapers are going more concerned about the quality of the work life and workplace as a portion of the human capital direction and hold stretched this construct up to the strategic degree. Strategic HRM links the strategic aims and ends with that to human resource and focuses the organisation towards developing civilization for invention and competitory advantage. Its maps are non much different from HR except to take each HR map as a strategic spouse.

It focuses on HRM plans with long term position. Its primary focal point is to happen and work out such jobs that can impact the people in the long tally and hence addition employee productiveness by stressing such issues that occurs outside human resource instead than the traditional HR issues through invention in engineering, new direction constructs, pull offing diversenesss in transverse cultural organisations and looking for uninterrupted betterment to derive a competitory advantage. Along with its ain maps, strategic human resource direction besides do some of the strong challenges that are faced by the traditional human resource direction i.e. alining human resource with organisational scheme, labour market issues, integrating of accomplishments in human resource development and cognition direction.To reexamine a house ‘s human resource patterns strategically, I have selected “ Ittehad Chemicals Limited ” .

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It is a Pakistani based chemical company and is market follower and with immense net incomes as Pakistan have merely three large guns in chemical industry and Ittehad Chemicals is one of them.Ittehad Chemicals Limited, one of Pakistan ‘s front-line makers of basic inorganic chemicals has come a long manner. The Factory, commissioned in 1964 started off production.A Wide scope of merchandises, touching every industry sphere Ittehad Chemicals merchandises find application in about every industry of Pakistan runing from fabrics, rugs, fertilisers to soaps and detergents, from vegetable oil, paper and board to power coevals, gas, crude oil to saccharify and drinks.

The present merchandise line includes Acerb Soda ( Solid, Liquid and Flakes ) , Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite ( Liquid Bleach, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Bleaching Earth, Sulphuric Acid and Lime, for industrial usage.The company ‘s vision is:“ To be the first pick of penchant by clients looking for premium quality chemical merchandises. We aspire to be a tendency compositor in our industry and ever look to the hereafter with bravery and a committedness to excellence in all our patterns.

[ I ]To stand out in all patterns, Ittehad Chemicals Limited must stand out in the human resource ‘s efficiency excessively. The company ‘s Human Resource vision is:“ We believe in true human resource use. Ittehad Chemicals Limited must be the true 20 first century organisation by re-inventing the organisational competences ”For a strategic human resource oriented organisation, the vision and scheme of its human resource must be aligned with the organisational scheme and vision. Strategic human resource direction is the multilevel attack to sing the function and map of human resource direction in the larger organisation. First, it links the strategic direction procedure with that of human resource patterns. Then it reveals the similarities among different human resource direction maps through a series of planned actions. There are six theoretical theoretical accounts to term an organisation as ‘strategic ‘ , ( behavioural position, institutional theory, power/resource dependance theoretical accounts, resource-based position of the house, agency/transaction cost theory, and cybernetic theoretical accounts ) .

[ two ]These theoretical accounts would be really utile for understanding Ittehad Chemical ‘s strategic positions.Under strategic theoretical accounts of human resource direction, I would wish to discourse Ittehad Chemicals limited in the context of the behavioural position theoretical account and resource dependance theoretical account. The behavioural position theoretical account assumes that the basic ground behind different employment patterns is to pull off and command your employee ‘s attitudes and behaviours. And this control can take to better consequences if it is decently aligned with the scheme of the organisation because the most effectual behaviours and attitudes differs for every company and they chiefly depends upon the scheme that the specific company pursue. Therefore in strategic human resource context, in order to reenforce behaviours, different human resource patterns and policies are required and supported by the organisational scheme.

Ittehad Chemicals Limited utilizations this behavioural position theoretical account for steering its scheme with the aid of its human resource ‘s behaviours. Its behavioural attack is used specifically at managerial degree. Behavior attack maintains that behaviour is the merchandise of single ‘s interaction with his or her environment. Now yearss this attack is non giving maximal consequences but is aligned exact harmonizing to the organisational scheme.

The ground why it is still non giving hundred per centum is current economic conditions as the natural stuffs ( gas, electricity etc ) are excessively expensive, a peculiar section might non be able to accomplish the best of consequences or net incomes as it can non accomplish its mark in the most desirable manner. So, due to external factors, a section has to endure as they are non in control of that section. That ‘s why Ittehad Chemicals Limited ‘s HR section is chiefly concerned with the behaviours maintaining these exclusions into head and concentrate chiefly on declaratory cognition, procedural cognition and the motive behind his behaviour and attitude.One of the outstanding facets of Ittehad Chemical Limited ‘s behavioural attack is the motive for invention and self enterprises. Directors are allowed to introduce chemical expression and to show the possible results to the research lab direction and the higher governments who readily move on the proposals. In instance of success, the attempts of the instigator are appreciated and compensated while in instance of failure, direction encourages the attempt for the positive behaviour and attitude towards invention. This shows organisation ‘s focal point is towards function behaviours more than cognition and potency of the employees.

Broadly there are three chief countries in which Ittehad Chemical Limited is linked up with the behavioural position theoretical account. First, it is holding focus on those human resource patterns which helps in elicit the positive attitude and behaviour. Second, these patterns are straight linked with the company ‘s vision and scheme. Third, these patterns guide the human resource towards accomplishing their marks and therefore lending to the organisation success.Ittehad Chemicals uses behavioural attack for the managerial degree. But for the non-managerial stations, consequences based attack is used which focuses on the results and the consequences produced instead than what kind of behavior employee ‘s show in the workplace as it requires less clip and besides it is cost effectual. Although Ittehad Chemicals limited is utilizing different attacks for different degree of workers, the ultimate subject behind it is to maintain all the attempts aligned with the organisational scheme.

The resource dependance theoretical account ( Pfeffer & A ; Salancik, 1978 ) focuses preponderantly on power relationships within and among organisations. It assumes that all organisations depend on a flow of valuable resources ( e.g. , money, engineering, accomplishments ) into the organisation in order to go on working. The ability to exert control over any of these valued resources provides an person or group with an of import beginning of power ( Pfeffer, 1981 ) .

A Ittehad Chemicals Limited ‘s human resource is slightly following this theoretical account. They focus on acquiring power relationships through engineering and accomplishments. Highly machine-controlled production workss are imported from China and Germany and extremely skilled workers are at that place to keep these workss. These expertness has lead Ittehad Chemicals to vie with the industrial leader i.e. Sitara Chemicals Limited. Pfeffer and Cohen ( 1984 ) studied the determiners of the development of internal labour markets ( i.

e. , internal publicity systems instead than engaging from exterior ) . Ittehad Chemicals Limited is holding same doctrine of managerial sequence. They ever prefer to turn the direction internally instead than engaging from outside.

That ‘s why the mean experience of an Ittehad Chemical Limited ‘s director is around 20-22 old ages. These all features sum up to the accomplishment of the overall mission maintaining the organisational scheme aligned with it and ensue in the ‘strategic ‘ nature of the organisation.One of the cardinal factors to react in the today ‘s dynamic environment is to pull off the alteration which is “ the procedure of pull offing transformational alterations, which affect the civilization, construction and public presentation of an organisation.

“ Neil Crawfor. An organisation must be flexible plenty to provide the alteration so that they can manage the force per unit areas of the dynamic environment e.g. world-wide competition, altering demand of the client, promotion in the engineering and alterations in the statute law. Such factors force organisation to alter their ways of operations which can ensue in re-allocation of squad and single ends, riddance of promenade functioned policies and procedures and searching/adding new ways of making things.

It is non an easy undertaking to make because interrupting the position quo is something ever hard to make. This requires alterations in the organisational scheme by transforming the organisational civilization, altering procedures and implement extremist alterations. There was a study in 2007 with several HR directors that revealed the grounds for doing alterations in the organisations were chiefly due to new public presentation direction procedure, alterations in civilization, alterations in information engineering, alterations in scheme, altering in accounting systems, downsizing or layoffs, alterations in statute laws, rebranding, amalgamations or acquisitions, alteration in the ownership and outsourcing.Ittehad Chemicals Limited believes change direction as a nucleus accomplishment and is required by the most directors and that must be implemented in such a manner that meets the organisational ends. They have kept gait with the altering environment of a state like Pakistan where the degree of uncertainness is so high. During recession when most of the organisations were puting the people off, Ittehad Chemicals was non among them.

Its flexible selling and human resource construction enabled it to manage the altering environment by keeping the same figure of employees. The authorities reduced the revenue enhancement rates on imports of Ittehad Chemical Limited ‘s frontline merchandise i.e acerb sodium carbonate which resulted in the strength of planetary competition. Under such force per unit area, Ittehad Chemicals Limited had to do sudden determinations which came through an invention of its research and development section who invented the usage of bi-products ( which were antecedently being wasted ) in doing new merchandises.

For case, immense sum of Cl was wasted but with the new techniques, Ittehad Chemicals Limited was able to utilize it in fabricating paraffin wax which was a discovery at that clip.Not merely were the wastes used in new merchandise development, the experts besides worked on the natural stuffs to develop new merchandises. For case HCL was used to do different chemicals, the experts found another usage i.e.

they succeeded to develop Ca chloride by utilizing HCL by utilizing the same natural stuffs. Such competent work force made Ittehad Chemical Limited ‘s place stronger at the clip of recession. The company did non downsize and preferred to run with the same sum of employees.Another response of altering market state of affairss and kineticss, Ittehad Chemicals Limited invested in new engineering.

Some five to six old ages back, all the production workss were manual but Ittehad Chemicals Limited shifted to the mechanization and immense investings were made in this respect. The company besides changed its bing production engineering by puting in replacing few workss so that the productiveness gets enhanced in add-on to the low cost of production.Another critical factor in managing the alteration is Ittehad Chemical Limited ‘s strong public presentation direction systems. The system of measuring the employees is strong plenty to place the development and preparation demands. For case when SAP was installed in the company, the employees had to larn the changed system.

Ittehad Chemicals Limited was one of the innovator companies in Pakistan to put in SAP so every employee was dying to larn the new system and accomplishments. The human resource section identified the preparation demands of every employee and provided them the needed accomplishments. Such system develops an impulse in the employees to larn more which shows human resource and human resource section has a great impact on back uping and easing the alteration in the company.