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Analysis of “The Fender-Bender” Ramon “TIANGUIS” Perez’s “The Fender-Bender” provides some insight on the thought process of being an illegal alien. In this essay Mr. Perez is expressing to the reader that even a small accident could cause huge problems. One such problem could be the possibility of being sent back to his native country.

“Without immigration papers, without a driving permit, and having hit another car. I feel as if I’m one step away from Mexico”. (Pg. 79) Mr. Perez uses “Narration” and Definition” to try and gain the reader’s attention.It appears that the thesis is about an immigrant’s fight to remain in this country with or without the proper paperwork required. Mr.

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Perez takes responsibility for the accident but does not think he should be treated differently than anyone else. Not having the papers necessary to prove who he is, appears to the reader to be of no conscience to Mr. Perez.

“Minor, only a scratch on the paint and a pimple-sized dent” (Pg. 79) is how Mr. Perez describes to the reader how small and insignificant the accident appeared.His tone is somewhat anxious.

Mr. Perez uses his words to change his meaning in the beginning when talking about his driver’s license. He wants to pay for the damage instead of getting the police involved.

This is not an uncommon practice for Illegal aliens. Paying for the damage is a better solution for them than the possibility of being deported. •An alien is defined as a foreigner. The United States has many undocumented immigrants. Illegal aliens are often discussed in the media, but rarely if ever are the feelings and thoughts explained.Many of them find their own self’s in the same predicament that Mr. Perez faces in this essay. This is a problem in the United States and should be taken seriously.

At the same time we have many Mexicans and other cultures that were born in the United States making them citizens but, without the papers to prove who they are it could cause them the same worry as Mr. Perez. Perez, Ramon “The Fender-Bender. ” The Sundance Reader 5th Edition 2009, 2006 Wadsworth Cengage Pages 79-81.