For my part, I am going to talk about one of the most famous and outstanding works of ballet russes, which named “the firebird”. Inl 909, The first ballet shows “The Firebird” was performance in Paris opera, and achieved unprecedented success; also this wonderful ballet made Stravinsky became very famous. In ballet world, there was a legend there is one white and one red bird, “White Bird” refers to Swan Lake, “red bird” is the Firebird. Ballets, the Firebird is by Russia Ballet choreographer of MihayierFujin ccording to an ancient Russia written legend.

Plot: Prince wants to rescue Princess in the devil imprisoned in the Castle, and struggle with the devil, but he caught by devil unfortunately. Critical moment, Prince enlisted the help of a magical Firebird and defeated the devil, and finally rescue the Princess. Russian ballet costumes survive some of the most concrete link these efforts intimate, sophisticated, sensual materials and forms, apparel and hard to bear evidence of continuous use. They are their own designers, their manufacturers experienced hands.

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Diaghilev show, creative cooperation and cultural inclusiveness is the future. From the vantage point of the Russian Ballet “centennial, we can see that it’s tradition and legend continue to challenge and joy. Alekandr Golovin hired designer designing his 1908 opera, Boris Godunov became active participants in the exhibition and miriskusniki project. His clothes are subject to the traditional Slavic festive costumes by en and women, with a white robe belt stencilled in pale colors and patterns to simulate the rich tradition of brocade and braids.

Diaz Ge Lie in 1 926, restored the ballet, debugging Natalia Goncharova to design new sets and costumes, some of which are decorated with decals of different materials in addition to modify the original from 1910. November 1 936 at His Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne Firebird Sudan revival of production for the Monte Carlo Russian Ballet of Golovin’s original background.