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The book we recently finished in class is “The Outsiders” written by S.E Hinton back in the 1960s. The story is talking about two gangs in a city that are against each other. The groups are Socials and Greasers. Both groups impact each other a lot in the story. It is important for both of them to impact each other to let the events flow on smoothly.The story focuses on the group on the East side of city The Greasers. The author wrote the story in the Greasers’ point of view. Ponyboy is our narrator of the story, also the youngest in their gang. The gang’s most violent member is Dally, he has many rap sheets with the police. Johnny Cade is the gang’s pet, he has been jumped badly by Socials on the street before. Many of the gang members think he is vulnerable so they try to protect him like a pet. Other mentioned members of the Greasers group are Steve, Two-Bit, Darry, and Sodapop. Most of the Greasers’ family background and economic conditions are not as well compared to Socials. Greasers mostly date and hang out with Greaser girls, since they have lots of ways in common. Greasers give people an impression of causing havoc around the city and commits crime due to their reputation of doing wild actions and their family conditions. Members of this gang are always there for each other, supporting another on coping difficulties, just like family. The Socials gang is the contrast and almost opposite of the Greasers. They are the rich kids living on the West side of the city. They usually appear in madras and drive in Mustangs. All the members of the Socials gang are in the middle social class or in the high class. Their family backgrounds are well, so is their economic conditions. The story focuses on Cherry, Bob, and Randy, for the Socials gang. Bob is Cherry’s boyfriend and Marcia is Randy’s. Bob is the leader of the Socials, he has lots of friends to social with in life. Most Socs are not that emotional than the Greasers when they interact with each other. For example, they not as close to each other like the Greasers gang. Socials like to fight Greasers who are alone on the street and insult them. The impression of most people on Socials is good, due to their powerful backgrounds and appearance. Other notable members of the Socials gang are David, Marcia, and Paul.    Greaser’s existence is very crucial for the Socials in the story. There are lots of impacts on Socials from the Greasers, the most significant example from the story is when the Greasers (Johnny)  killed Bob. After the major incident, Randy starts to introspect himself and Bob. Randy starts to think about his actions and problems. Later on he decides to go talk to Pony about the situations he is facing. Randy talked about having problems and Bob’s relationship with people. This event made the some of the Socials start to introspect themselves, which can avoid some trouble like Randy not participating in the rumble. Bob’s death also impacted the Socs in two more ways. The Socs starts to attack Greasers who are lonely on the street more often. On the other hand, Cherry helps the Greasers to testify, which is very unusual of what a Soc member would do. This event impacts the Socs to support the truth instead of trying to help someone else in their same group. It is very important for Bob’s death to affect the Social’s new perspective on certain things.    In contrast, the Socials also impact the Greasers in the story. One thing the story mentions in the beginning is one of the significant ways of how Socials impact Greasers. When Ponyboy was walking alone back to home from the theaters, he got jumped by Socs riding in Mustangs. To adapt to condition, many of the Greasers will walk in groups whenever they go to try to avoid being jumped by Socs. Doing this adaptation may be hard for some Greasers and can limit where they go, but it is one of the way of trying to avoid being jumped by Socs. This is a major way of how Socials impact Greasers on the streets. Another way Socials impact Greasers is  on how they think or in certain perspectives. In the beginning, Greasers mostly think Socials have no problems due to their living conditions and family backgrounds. The Socials have all the new cars, money, and cool stuff going around their neighborhood. It impacts the Greasers to think Socials doesn’t have any problems in their life because they are not poor. They have the money to solve their trouble until Ponyboy finds out that everyone has problems after chatting with Cherry, he starts to change his perspective on this matter of subject.The examples from the story can let us see Socials and Greasers impact each other in many different ways that are similar in comparison. Most of the things both groups affect each other is from a certain perspective, on a certain subject, or on their actions in the city. The author uses Ponyboy as a connection of the impacts to another one. For example, right after Pony changes his perspective on some Socials, he tells other Greasers that some Soc is actually like normal people, instead of stereotypes like Bob. It is very good that the author uses Pony as a connection since he is the narrator of the story, it can help the reader understand the story more.Overall, both groups impact each other from their actions to perspective. It is important for a novel to have two different sides in contrast affecting each other, it can help create the structure of the story or an incident. The author’s way of making the Greasers and Socials both impacting each other can help us see the problems on both sides and how they react or adapt to them.