The poor stay poor andthe rich get richer. Here in America a countless number of students still wakeup and say themselves who they will grow up to be. Many parents are still inthe pursuit of happiness and are working hard to accomplish the American dream.Clive Crook, in his article Rags to Rags, and Riches to Riches have stoppedbelieving and are negative about the American opportunities. Today the problemisn’t that the American dream is dead but rather the lack of education. Citizens in this country obliteratedthat knowledge is America’s key to success. We all wish for fancy cars, houses,and safe streets but nothing is given for free. Winning the lottery is not theonly way out of poverty.

The price we need to pay is through education. It is frighteningthat the government has been more concerned in building jails than fundingmoney to our schools. It is very important for the American dream to stayalive, therefore the United States should focus more on educating their citizensthan imprisoning them as well-known villains that are found guilty results inbeing arrested or imprisoned. The government has done an incredible job atbeing cautious and confining criminals behind bars. Confining prisoners aremore suitable for the government to keep the streets safe. They’re all placedin a jails, juvenile rehabilitation centers and detention homes. Correspondingorganizations make sure to control the behavior of prisoners and maintain themin regions where they don’t give us difficulty. Unfortunately, these programsare very expensive and money is being deducted from the educational funds.

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Itis a disappointment that today we are encountering a huge problem in thefinancial system. Clive crook said, “America stands lower in the ranking ofincome mobility than most of the other countries.” Sentenced prisoners pay outtheir misconduct by spending a period of time in county jails. They are lockedup among others criminals making them better prisoners. Jails don’trehabilitate prisoners but makes them better criminals. It is seen as atechnique to have them locked up and punish them for misbehaving. It issenseless that a violent thug is going to transform into a good civilian at thetermination of his punishment. In the article Crook states,”If you deserve to succeed, you will”.

Truth is that the chances for thisaccomplishment are diminishing. Instead of the government allowing prisoners todrag our country down with them, the money that is misused in accommodatingthem should be donated into educational systems. Prisoners don’t learn how tobe better people by getting together with criminals that are in equal orgreater guilt than they are. Individuals that share similar corrupted thoughtsas them surround them.

What this does is reinforces their abilities to breakthe law. Variousamounts of people believe that the American dream is working hard and savingenough money to be rewarded with a prosperous future. Crooks article statesthat, “The idea that America is exceptional is deeply lodged in the culture”.Americans are thought to thrive efficiently and fight their way out of poverty.These villains are locked up, eating for free, interconnecting with others,working out, watching TV and living at no cost. They don’t have to wake up earlyin the morning and worry about getting to work on time, nor do they worry aboutnot making enough money to put food on the table. This is unfair for all thehard working people.

Citizens pay taxes for the better of our country and lookforward to an improved America. Today these villains are waking up expectingnot only breakfast but also lunch and dinner; that it is offered for free. Theyare wasting American dollars.

A part of the taxes paid by American employeesare supposed to go towards education. It’s a fact that education is the key tosuccess. Like Clive Crooks said, “America needs to improve its worst andpoorest schools, which sharply marks the prospects of many poor children” The result of mature people will produce amore prosperous country.

Proposition 13 has decided that it is no problem totake out money from the educational organizations to accommodate prisoners andgive them a better environment while they serve their time. This goes againstour acceptance and it is careless that we are allowing tax money to serve jailsrather than provide better education systems for our country. It’s notnecessary for prisoners to watch television or for prison safeguards to requestmoney to build bigger basketball courts to entertain prisoners. Money doesn’tneed to be removed from educational funds to accommodate the wants of the prisoners.Releasing nonviolent criminals also helps cut jail budgets. At the moment manyare doubtful and do not want to put their safety at risk. They visualizestreets full of prisoners and they reject the idea of letting nonviolentprisoners free. It would be foolish to let dangerous prisoners free or even toallow them for early parole.

For instance, a debate should be made where theprisoner earns good behavior credits towards early release. Registered sexoffenders and inmates with violent and other serious felonies should not beeligible to earn the credits. However, most of prisoners today appear to benonviolent lawbreakers. Many are serving time for forgery, vehicle codeviolations, trespassing or thefts. The offences should be forgiven but theyshould pay out their sentence helping out their towns instead of adding morebills to jail corporations.

It is a complex idea to understand but balancingthe jail and educational budgets can bring significant results. Clive crooks also thinks that in America”Fewer adults today, it seems, expect their children to do better than theydid”. Expectations like this are to blame on society and the income mobilitybecause the American way is to move forward and leave behind the ladders ofpoverty. It is true that the American dream is hard to accomplish but today weare still lucky to have the opportunities to accomplish it. Americans futuredepends on educated people who will have the knowledge and skill to run thiscountry. Education is one of the main keys to success and we need to takeadvantage of it.

Jail supplies should be limited and nonviolent criminalsshould be released because it costs twice as much to confine a person than toeducate them. The American dream is not dead but it will get harder and harderto accomplish. American citizens need to wake up and realize that respectableeducation will provide them with the knowledge and critical thinking that theyneed to succeed.