I can non state you how glad I was to acquire your long and charming missive. I have read it through several times with pleasance. My friend. due to some unanticipated fortunes. I merely could non compose to you earlier. Hope you’ll kindly excuse me.

My friend. as I was saying. things here hasn’t been good since the beginning of the twelvemonth due to political agitation. Honestly. we could hardly travel to school on the first one-fourth of the twelvemonth due to the encirclements and work stoppages by some political parties. Although these yearss such encirclements and work stoppages means small. yet due to the flagitious force that is dispersed. makes people afraid of traveling out-of-doorss unless it’s a must.

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The demonstrators frequently torch coachs and other vehicles and putting to death people through which they believe they will do the authorities accept their demand. I wonder how dense and immoral 1 has to be to move like that.Our state may hold a batch of restrictions in footings of its resources. yet. despite all these. we are one of the fastest emerging economic system of the universe. Our GDP growing norms good above 6 % for several old ages now.

However. the development of our state would hold thrived even better if it wasn’t hindered by our immense population in such a little state which makes us world’s most dumbly populated state. the nutrient deficit.

power deficit. mass unemployment. deficiency of formal instruction. and now the refugees deluging from neighbouring Myanmar.

non to talk of corruptness and most significantly natural catastrophes.You were born and brought up in Canada. A state so peaceable and beautiful. you have no thought what it is like to be in such province. I’m certain my darling state will predominate all these impediment some twenty-four hours and we will be every bit successful as any other developed and peaceable state.Please make convey my respects to your Mummy.

Daddy and all the other members of the household. Hope to hear from you really shortly.