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Honda is the transnational company which operates in different parts around the universe. The overall fiscal public presentation of the company in 2011 as comparison to the old twelvemonth is good. Gross saless, runing income increased and disbursals besides increased but were offset by uninterrupted cost decreases. “ Current ratio ” is chiefly used to give an thought of the company ‘s ability to pay backA its short-run liabilities ( debtA andA payables ) A with its short-run assets ( hard currency, stock list, receivables ) . “ Inventory turnover ratio ” describes how many stock lists are sold during a twelvemonth. “ Operating border ” is a measuring of what proportion of a company ‘s gross is left over after paying for variable costs of production such as rewards, natural stuffs, etc. A ” Return on assets ” gives an ideaA as to how efficientA direction isA at utilizing its assets to bring forth net incomes. “ Debt to capital ratio ” is a measuring of a company ‘s fiscal purchase.

Fiscal Performance of Honda with comparing of Automobile Industry-2011

Fiscal Performance of Honda

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Honda is one of the largest transnational company in car industry. It operates in Asia, Europe, North America, Japan and other parts. In 2011, gross revenues is decreased by 5.3 % in Japan because authorities removed subsidies for eco-cars, production was lower by 39000 units as comparison to the original plan.23.2 % in Europe. Demand was decreased by 5 % because consumer assurance declined due to stringent recognition policies which caused market diminution particularly single retail clients, increased competition and other factors. Overall gross revenues increased because of high demand of trucks in North America, unit gross revenues rose by 12.4 % . In Asia, demand is increased due to robust economic growing and enlargement. Honda started its 2nd works in order to run into the demand in China. In other parts consumer assurance rose because of income and employment which supported the gross revenues of Honda.

Overall gross from external client was increased by 3.6 % because of increase in unit gross revenues in different parts which was partly offset by the unfavourable foreign currency interlingual rendition effects. Honda has estimated that by using Nipponese Yen exchange rates of the old financial twelvemonth to the current financial twelvemonth cyberspace gross revenues would hold increased by about 8.3 %

Operating income increased 108.7 % from the old twelvemonth due chiefly addition in income attributable to the addition in the gross revenues, go oning cost decreases, which were partly offset by increased merchandising, general and administrative disbursals, Research and development disbursals, unfavourable foreign currency effects and the great impact of great East Japan Earthquake.

Operating cost and disbursals increased by 1.8 % . Cost of gross revenues increased by 1.3 % due chiefly to an increased cost attributable to an increased net gross revenues and the consequence the natural stuff fluctuations which may partly countervail by the go oning cost decreases and the positive foreign currency effects. Selling general and administrative disbursals increased by 3.4 % due to chiefly increase in selling disbursals attributable to an addition in net gross revenues. R & A ; D disbursals besides increased due chiefly to bettering safety and environmental engineerings and enhancing of the attraction of the merchandise.

Capital financess were allocated to the debut of new theoretical accounts, every bit good as the betterment, streamlining and modernisation of the merchandise installation and better R & A ; D and gross revenues installations and a new car works which was Honda ‘s subordinate were established.

Honda requires runing capital to buy natural stuff and parts for production every bit good as to keep stock list of finished goods and it meets runing capital demand to utilize operating financess, Bankss loans and issue of corporate bonds. The overall liability was decreased as comparison to old twelvemonth because of cost film editing.

Honda temporarily suspended production because of natural catastrophe atomic power works and temblor catastrophe. Honda ‘s concern sites such as Honda ‘s R & A ; D subordinate located in Tochigi Prefecture were to a great extent damaged. Honda did non accomplish economic systems of graduated table this twelvemonth because of fixed operating expense increased. ( 2011 Annual ReportA -A HondaA -A HondaA Worldwide )

Car Industry

Menace of competition is high in this industry. The most important competitory bases are monetary value, quality, efficiency, supply concatenation integrating, industrial dealingss, types of auto manufactured and merchandise invention, such as development of intercrossed vehicles. The auto and cars fabricating industry has a moderate market portion concentration and Honda has 9.2 % on 4th place in overall industry in 2011 ( Emunds Auto Observer ) . Industry net income borders are low compared to other industries, which leads to a extremely competitory clime and higher fixed costs. Overall, the industry experiences high stuff costs, which have been on the rise due to an addition in the monetary value of steel. Invention is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ; new entrants in market may cut down the market portion.

Modern production methods, such as just-in-time production, require full and efficient coaction across the supply concatenation. Honda besides had to cut its production as they work to obtain stock list it needs from parts made in Japan.

The menace of purchasers in the car industry is high. Keeping up with merchandise demand trends is an of import competitory scheme. When consumers want more fuel-efficient motor vehicles, the car manufacturers that respond to this alteration in demand the quickest will hold a competitory advantage over their rivals. ( Car industry analysis )

Comparison of Honda with Automobile Industry

Current ratio is better and Honda Company can easy pay off its short term liabilities. Inventory turnover is non good as comparison with industry which shows that company gross revenues has been decreased as comparison to giants companies but overall good as comparison to old twelvemonth. Operating net income is low because of assorted factors worse economic conditions, unemployment, intense competition, take subsidies and high revenue enhancement rate natural catastrophe, addition in fixed operating expense that is why return on assets was low as comparison to overall car industry because of halting the production for one or two one-fourth in financial twelvemonth 2011 and assets were non decently utilised because of Earthquake harm. Debt to capital is about half if Honda wants loan from any fiscal establishment, it can borrowed on its goodwill footing.




Current Ratio



Inventory Turnover Ratio



Operating Net income Margin

6.38 %

11.69 %

Tax return on Assetss



Debt to Capital



( Stock analysis on cyberspace )