The novel “Lord of the Flies” starts off with a plane beingshot down from the sky. The plane was carrying a class of schoolboys.

The plane crashes down on atropical island in the middle of the ocean leaving the boys all alone for severaldays with no parental supervision. They need to establish a leader so the quickly take a vote to determine a one.They elect a boy named Ralph. Ralph immediately tries to start a civilization withthe boys by having frequent assemblies and votes that will enforce rules justlike the law. The boys were assigned different jobs that Ralph thought would bekey to the boys’ survival on the island like making fire, shelter, and huntingfor food. As time went on the boys started to lose all civilization which leads to the lossof their innocents. The boys think that they are not alone on the island as they believe there is a beast with them.

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In reality, it is their minds playing games withthem. A boy named Jack who is desperate for the leadership role sees that theboys are frightened by the beast and takes over Ralphs position. Jack startshis own tribe so that he could have fullpower. The tribe starts out small becausemost of the boys are still with Ralph.

However,as the “beast” keeps scaring the boys they quickly join Jacks tribe due to his savagery.Unlike Ralph a very civilized boy, Jackspersonality is savage and barbaric which makes the boys feel safer. Bythe end of the book, two of the boys havebeen murdered, and Ralph is all alone hidingfrom the rest of the boys trying to kill him.

  Conflict #1              One ofthe conflicts in the book is between Piggy and Jack. The boys need to start afire, and Jack has a brilliant idea of usingPiggy’s glasses to start one. The conflict beginswhen Jack snatches Piggy’s glasses off to start the fire. Piggy tells Jack “Give’em back! I can hardly see.” pg.40 Piggy does not like Jack bullying him, buthe can’t see so he can’t do anything. After breaking one of the lenses, Jack gives Piggy’s glasses back. This incidenthelps Piggy realize a few things.

He starts to dislike Jack even more then he already did, and he realizes that Jackis a bully. He understands that Jack does not care about him or his feelings. After the conflict Piggy gains more confidence andstarts to stand up for himself more often rather than be picked on and donothing about it. An example of this is when Piggy gets his glasses takeagain at the end of the book.

Instead of him letting them keep his glasses, hegoes to Jack and confronts him. The conflict also gets Ralph and Piggy closerbecause the have something in commonwhich is both despising Jack.     Conflict #2              The nextconflict is between Ralph and Jack.

The disputeis over power because Ralph is in charge and Jack wants to be. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that an argument over power only happened once in the book because ithappens all throughout between these two boys. Both Ralph and Jack havedifferent reasons for wanting control over theboys. Ralph is non-selfish as he is responsible and likes making smartdecisions that he thinks will better the boys. On the other hand, Jack is veryviolent and tries to take power with his barbaric actions.

Ralph being theleader is trying to make a civilizedcommunity with the boys, but his problem is Jack acting like a savage. As youcan see Ralph and Jack are two completelydifferent people which is why they are getting in each other’s way of power. Boththe boys realize that they don’t like each other, and Ralph cannot trust Jack anymorebecause of what he is trying to do to the boys which is make them savages. Ralph continues to keep his authority bymaking educated decisions. Jack noticesthat by Ralph being civilized he is notcomforting the boys and making them feel safe from the “beast.” Hetakes advantage of the opportunity and is determined to get a hunting killwhich shows power to the boys and makes them feel safer.

After his kill he seesthat the boys feel safe due to his savagery, so he starts to do it more.   Conflict #3               Finally, thisconflict is between Ralph and all the other boys. After Piggy’s death, Ralph is left all alone because all the other boys arein Jacks tribe. The hunters in Jacks tribe are trying to hunt Ralph down. Ralphis forced to run and hide for his life. Luckily, Ralph manages to hide just long enough until an officer finallyreached the island.

As he is looking up at the officer the officer askes him a question”Nobody killed, I hope? Any dead bodies?” pg.223 At this point Ralph is soshocked that he is still alive, he can’t even respond. All he could do was nodhis head up and down. Now that he is safewith the officer being there he has time to realize what just happened. Herealizes that he was almost killed byboys that used to be his friends. He also gets the chance to see how barbaricthat boys have become. It also hits him much harder because he is such acivilized and passive aggressive person. Ralph has finally understood how uncivilized people can be.

     Ralph’s Development               Throughoutthe book, Ralph developed. However, he was already introduced to us as avery mature and developed boy, unlike therest. Ralph is a very responsible person whichwas one of the factors that made him such a great leader. At the beginning ofthe book, Ralph was unaware of how savagepeople could be simply because he was veryinnocent. As the book went along, he gotmore and more experienced due to the barbaric actions he has seen like the death of his friends.

At the end ofthe book, he is left with lots of knowledgeon how evil people can be.  Character Relationships               The one significant character relationship in the novelis between Ralph and Piggy. They don’t startout as good friends, but by the end ofthe book, they are best friends. Initially, Ralph picked on Piggy because of hisphysical appearances just like all the other boys.

As time went on Ralphstarted to stand up for Piggy and teach him valuable life lessons like how tofend for yourself. Piggy never really had someone to trust which meant his friendshipwith Ralph meant a lot to him because hecould trust Ralph. At the end of the book, Piggy stayed with Ralph even wheneveryone else joined Jacks tribe. Thisshows Piggy’s loyalty to Ralph.  Setting               Thesetting played a prominent role in characterdevelopment. The setting is a tropical islandin the middle of the ocean. After a few days on the island, you could instantly tell the strong boys from the weak. Theisle forced everyone to develop into astronger version of themselves because if the boys were weak and didn’t adapt, theywould die.

The boys had to hunt for all their food. The hunters gave us a clearimage of who the stronger boys were i.e. Jack.Due to isolation on the island the boys lost their civilization and became “beasts”themselves.      Beginning– End              At the beginningof the text, all the boys are innocentand like being on a tropical island alone with no adults.

All the boys generally likeeach other and are all civilized. Ralph iselected as the leader of the boys.By the end of the book, the boys have allmatured and become experienced due to the actions they have witnessed. Jack hasoverthrown Ralph and has turned the boys into savages. Ralph is all alone runningand hiding for his life and waiting to be rescued.