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  The Impact of others in the social environment on Malcolm X as an adult  Malcolm X was born, Malcom Little into a life of hardships, disappointments, misadventures and skirmishes with the American legal system. It was while he was serving time for Burglary, when Malcom began to study the teachings of the honorable Elijah Mohammed, the leader of the Nation of Islam. The “Black Muslim” doctrine as espoused by Elijah Mohammed placed a premium on Black unity; Mohammed emphasized how critically important it was for all black people to unite under the nation to improve their position in life. Mohammed foretold of black unity so strong that it would preclude the black man from depending on any sources or anyone outside of the Nation of Islam. Moreover, Elijah Mohammed taught his followers that America was a racist society ruled by the “white devil” and that the source of black discontent was embedded in the white devils superior attitude towards blacks.

To be sure, Elijah Mohammed made a lot of sense to Malcolm Little, consequently when he was released from serving his prison term, Malcom joined the nation of Islam and adopted the nameMalcolm X. The press treated Malcolm X with disdain and labeled him a troublemaker. Due to the media coverage and his unwitting and tenacious will to call them as he saw them, he became persona non grata to some (blacks and whites) hated by others and distrusted by those who had no idea of a black man’s plight in America. Yet, he was heralded by many as a champion of civil rights which went beyond constructive engagement. When he met and married Betty Shabazz, he began to temper his fiery oratory, not because he believed any less in what he had previously espoused, but because he was now acquiring a macro-view of social dynamics. Malcom later made the sojourn to Mecca, where he ostensibly received a spiritual cleansing. He was censored by Elijah Mohammed and because his life and political philosophy had taken on new heights; he disassociated himself with the nation of Islam, and began to organize a nation of brotherhood building. He no longer spoke of the white man as the devil, merely as those who were unaware and fearful.

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Malcolm X personified what becomes of a man who is constantly growing and expanding his horizons; he became sensitive wise and dutiful. He firmly believed that a man who did not believe in something, would fall for anything. He had a purpose and he knew he was a marked man after he parted ways, philosophically and spiritually with the nation of Islam, nonetheless, he was a man of enlightened conviction, who was on a mission to improve relations among his fellow men.                         Works CitedHaley, Alex, The Autobiography of Malcom X, Ballantine Books, Reprint Edition (January  15, 1992)