Last updated: July 28, 2019
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In today’s times we see everyone, be it a person or a company, going digital. ‘Digital’ has most certainly become a way of life for businesses all across the globe for obvious reasons like lowered costs, widened reach, instant customization and most importantly it enables anyone anywhere (even private individuals) to circulate information and further increase reach. Digital media offers various platforms to marketers that can suit their varied needs at a given point in time.

These platforms are namely mobile phones, social networking sites, search engine optimization, in game advertising, article marketing, blogs, pay per click, online brand monitoring, e-mails, RSS, banner advertising, websites etc. If we talk about marketing and branding, these days, social media definitely stands as a clear marketing leader. What started, once upon a time, a mere tool to get in touch with friends and loved ones, has now reached new heights due to its increasing importance for different types of companies (both online and brick and mortar).Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have paved the path for success for various companies and their CRM efforts by bringing them closer to their potential customers.

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An important reason for this shift towards social media is the changing consumer behavior and the increasing knowledge and cautiousness on the part of the individuals. People are not ready to take any risk on a company that might not offer them value for their money. Social networking sites have been a great help in overcoming these fears of individuals by providing companies with word-of-mouth style third party reviews.Let us now talk about how digital medium offers instant customization for marketers in order to help them get a step closer to their customers. Advertisements can now be contextualized on the basis of the viewer’s profile.

Also, marketers can target only those viewers whose profile matches with that of their target customers. The social networking sites also offer various other tools to marketers that can help them increase traffic on their company website and possibility of being picked up by search engines such as Google.Hence, it can be safely said that social networking sites not only provide customers with the needed information and relevant brand choices but are equally useful for companies by providing them with an already captive audience. If you are a marketer looking to increase your sales and customer awareness, then social media marketing is certainly the most viable solution to create a niche for yourself and your product in the market.

As important as it is for marketers to indulge in digital advertising, measuring the same,especially today when there are various others as competition, has become even more important.Google analytics is one such measurement tool that helps marketers keep track of competition and at the same time, of their own brand performance. Google analytics not only helps marketers see who is viewing your website and the trends of viewership but also helps in determining the most popular and unpopular pages. It helps marketers create new campaigns and revise existing campaigns by showing them areas of improvement so that their efforts can become more targeted and useful.

If as a marketer, you do not know what is working for your website and what is not, you definitely cannot make your business more successful. Google analytics does exactly this – it helps marketers see how well their marketing strategy is working and whether they should carry on on the same line or change the style. In a nutshell, unless and until you measure your effectiveness on the digital medium, someone else is bound to modify and capture on your online customer share.