Last updated: July 11, 2019
Topic: ArtDesign
Sample donated:

The Ford Factory stands as a massive
rectangular structure that spans the entire block of Santa Fe Avenue and is
sandwiched between the cross streets of Violet and E. 7th Street.
Having been built in 1914, the structure remains to be 254,000 square feet is
open space and is five stories tall. The site is located in the Arts District
of Los Angeles, just right across from the most popular restaurants and
establishments in Los Angeles such as Bestia Los Angeles and Museum of Ice
Cream. The Arts district is surrounded by the Industrial District, Little
Tokyo, and Civic Center. Currently, the lifestyle in downtown has become upbeat,
cool, and contemporary; the area has attracted many entrepreneurs who both work
and live there. Within the near vicinity of Santa Fe and 7th are
markets such as Urban Radish, trendy coffee shops, top restaurants such as
Bestia Los Angeles, and gourmet bakeries.
Furthermore, The Southern
California Institute of Architecture, along with many entertainment
establishments are located there such as clubs, theaters, studios, and
galleries. These establishments further enhance the artistic presence in the
area and will better position Downtown to have an even more recognized
entertainment presence. In 1914, this Downtown, Los Angeles Ford factory had been completed to further fulfill the production of their Model T vehicles. This brick structure stood as the second Ford factory west of the Mississippi. Its distinctive design instantly made it among the most notable structures in downtown. Afterwards, Ford unveiled the Model A, which kept on being created until 1929. Later on, the factory had been utilized to produce “U.S. Rubber, Lockheed Aircraft, Bullocks and the Imperial Toy Company among other industrial tenants.” The structure’s grand “mushroom” interior pillars remain an unmistakable design component. When they renovate the property, they will heavily utilize reused components from the existing factory; its window casings and natural sunlight windows will not be altered. Although the mini white water tower that sits atop of the structure does not work anymore, will still remain as an iconic site.In an LA Times article, it mentions that the
property had been occupied for a duration of 13 years with a 10-year option
extend while paying nearly $10 million in annual rent. They plan to occupy the
location in 2018. Large companies such as BuzzFeed expressed interest, but
ultimately Warner closed on the deal. This is great for the future of Downtown as
it points to an even brighter future. Furthermore, Hyperloop One, a
groundbreaking new form transportation, has also made plans for developing a
55,000 square foot campus near the Ford building.