THE TOYOTA STUDY  Q:         What are the factors that lead to Toyota’s success achieving high levels of quality? 1.      At Toyota, quality is about catering to customers. Thus, Toyota’s business plan called The Toyota Touch became one of the factors that leads to its success in achieving high levels of quality, where it places the customer first philosophy. Also, for Toyota to achieve high levels of quality, the company pays close attention to the people that brings to the fold, where they made it sure that all their applicants must have to demonstrate communication skills, departmental flexibility, ability to work in teams, the initiative to seek out weakness and improve them, and also because of its unique reduction system that focuses on the continuous improvement and good management that made Toyota achieve its high level quality of success and for the company to gain edge in the highly competitive global car market Q.

         In what other organizations or types of organizations would kaizen work well? Where might it fail? 2.      Kaizen is the Japanese term used to describe continuous improvement. As such, learning organization and team organization because learning and team organization enables the entire workforce for a continuous improvement.

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The types of organization that has the capacity of continuous learning, able to learn to improve the whole process, capacity to adapt and change flexibly. As well as, employees could continually acquire and share knowledge, experiences and learnings which could be possibly a huge help in making decision and doing their work for the advancement of the company towards global competitiveness with a sense of community and customer satisfaction. While kaizen would much likely fail in a heavily bureaucratic organization because of its lack of commitment and grounded with rules, procedures and regulations, making its employees to strictly follow. Such that it is most likely viewed as inflexible and with a narrow span of control over its subordinates which became a non- community friendly.  Q.

     What should Toyota consider doing better? 3.      Toyota should consider doing better is to fully welcome and accept organizational changes in order for it to ensure its efficient management resources along with a continuous high level of quality in production and services grounded with its philosophy of customer care and satisfaction and on giving emphasis not only on how the company treats is customer but also on how its managers treats its employees and its co-workers treating one another while giving it the benefit to consciously innovate its products and services, in order for the company to maintains its quality through continuous learning and improvement.       References:   Robbins, Stephen P. Management / Stephen P. Robbins, Mary Coulter.

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