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The Journey Essay, Research Paper

Sometimes in life, were non promised tomorrow. I found this out 2 old ages ago on January 2, 1998. As I reflect over my girls first twelvemonth of life, I was struck by a life I had ne’er lived. The hospital staff, my household and I shared in the typical semblance that her endurance throughout the dark was all up to her and the power from above. However, the crisis that began in the NICU continued and in some ways intensified. Our lives would stay in convulsion

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While driving to the infirmary, my expectancy of seeing Kiersten for the first clip bordered on apprehension. I did non cognize what to anticipate, but I did non desire to believe the worst. After scouring down and acquiring instructions on what to anticipate, I so entered the baby’s room and saw this large long corridor with these box like machines lined up and down on each side, and honking noises that sent chills up my spinal column. Standing at that place experiencing numb, a nurse walked over to me and took me to this bantam small object they called a babe.

Kiersten, 17 hebdomads early and weighing merely 17 ounces, laid there entirely beneath the ultra-violet visible radiation in a tangle of tubings and wires, and because her developing nervous system was basically natural, the lightest buss or caress merely intensified her uncomfortableness. So we could non even cradle our bantam

Baby miss against our thorax to offer the strength of our love. The Doctors already cognize her opportunities were slender with a 20-per

cent opportunity of endurance, and if by some opportunity she does do it, her hereafter would likely be left with intellectual paralysis, mental deceleration, developmental and wellness jobs.

Kiersten had to undergo two different surgeries, during those first two hebdomads of her delicate life. A PDA Ligation, which is a bosom surgery and Ventricular reservoir, which is puting small tubing inside my scalp to relieve the fluid constructing up around her encephalon.

It was a journey I knew nil approximately and a feeling, of deficiency of control came over me. I merely wanted to be able to assist her and there was nil I could make, except be there and seek and allow her cognize she was loved. In times like this every thing is on clasp and the lone thing that affairs is that small child puting at that place contending for her life. Every battle, hurdle, and conquest, but she began to crush the odds, non being another statistic. Kiersten was ready to come place.

Through all those difficult yearss, and all the hurting, there have been life s lessons of love, committedness emmet the will to populate. I am invariably amazed at my cherished girl s strength and I feel a enormous joy in her smiling. We celebrate each of her mileposts and take nil for granted. We still continue to cover with issues environing her chronic lung disease, but by medical engineering and the grace of God she is a happy and about healthy beautiful miss. Prematurity is a universe you ne’er know exist unless life takes you there