In the documentary The Journey of Man, the intriguing question of weather modern man was descended from a single man in Africa was presented by scientist Spencer Wells. Wells takes the viewer through the extensive and descriptive quest to route the origin of our ancestors. Spencer Wells starts by taking the viewer on the migration route over the millenniums showing how man moved from Africa on a journey to Australia and eventually spread all over the world.

The purpose of this piece was to follow the journey of Spencer Wells and his journey to discover a marker leading to ancient african descendants.Wells discovers hat our genes hold the marker and revel the story of our history. On Spencer Wells journey through the migration route he finds evidence that our ancestors were once in Australia, half way around the world.

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This raises an arguable question if our ancestors originated in Australia or Africa. Spencer Wells quest to find the genetic marker to link ancestors over 60,000 years ago is done by taking blood samples from hundreds of men on the migration route.Women were not sampled because the X chromosome evolves, thus only the Y chromosome could be used. I was astonished by the process used to retrieve DNA from lood that Wells shows the viewers.

In the hundreds of samples of blood taken, Spencer Wells scouts for a certain feature in a DNA strand and finds it linking one man to a descended of a man who lived over 60,000 years ago. The journey of man documentary was a intriguing and well developed film. Spencer Wells proves his theories of the origin of migration of man and branches out into the evolution of man giving the viewer a different perspective eliminating the concept of race and ethnicity. Wells proves that modern man was a descendent of one single man extensively and thoroughly.