One of the interesting things about looking into the lives of Robert E. Howard’s contemporaries is finding out that some of the things a certain biographer described as odd were actually fairly common. Take, for instance, the fact that Howard’s mother stayed with him while he attended high school away from home in Brownwood. De Camp uses this to help paint Howard as a “momma’s boy,” but articles from the Brownwood Bulletin show that this practice wasn’t all that uncommon. For example, the Curtis brothers from Rising Star, both future editors of the Yellow Jacket and going to school in Brownwood, also had to share rooms with their mother. It even appears that Hester spent at least one week back in Cross Plains while Bob was in Brownwood alone. This may have happened more than once.

Another thing that much has been made of is Bob’s bachelorhood. De Camp, at least, thinks it strange that a thirty-year-old was unmarried. If Tevis Clyde Smith, who had been married twice before he turned thirty, is the yardstick, then yes, Howard was strange, but when you look at his other friends, he fits right in. Truett Vinson, a year older than Bob, didn’t get married until 1949. Austin Newton, also a year older than Bob, not until 1940. Austin who? Read on.

Beginning in the spring of 1978, L. Sprague de Camp began a conversation with Austin Newton of Monahans, Texas. Born on August 6, 1905, and raised in Cross Cut, Newton had known Howard during elementary and high school. He told de Camp that he and Bob Howard played cowboys and Indians, went fishing and hiking, etc. Bob had a great imagination, read a lot, and knew plenty about boxing. The boys sparred on occasion. He described Mrs. Howard as “refined and well-read,” and stated that Doctor Howard was considered a fine physician; Newton’s brother was even named after the doctor. Newton also provided a few details about the Howards’ home near the cemetery in Cross Cut, the school the boys attended, and other little details of life in the backwoods of Brown County where his father, Oscar, ran a family farm.

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In 1919, after four years in the vicinity of Cross Cut, the Howards moved to Cross Plains, leaving Newton as the only student in the upper grades at the Cross Cut school. Like Cross Plains High, the Cross Cut school only went as far as the tenth grade, so Newton and Howard were reunited in Brownwood, where they both went to pick up the extra year of schooling required for college admittance; however, according to Newton, the boys were unable to renew their friendship. Newton was interested in athletics, Howard not so much. In the school’s yearbook, Newton is listed in the “Latin and Science Course; D. L. S. ’23; Basket Ball ’23; Base Ball ’23; Heels Club.” He is mentioned in a few articles from the school’s paper, The Tattler, as well (reprinted in School Days in the Post Oaks). We all know what happened with Bob Howard after his graduation from BHS, but what about Austin Newton?

Following his May 1923 graduation from BHS, Newton went to school at the newly opened McMurry College in Abilene. What follows is all the information I’ve found on Newton from various newspapers and yearbooks. The listings are formatted as follows:

Publication – date
“Article title”: “Quote from article” [or summary of relevant portion.]

The War-Whoop [student paper of McMurry College] – Oct. 19, 1923
“The Philomathians Have Good Program”: [Newton takes part in a debate: “Resolved that a chicken can roost on a round pole better than on a square pole.” Newton was on the affirmative side. No winner was declared.]

“Ministerial Council Meets”: [. . .] Scripture reading by Austin Newton. [. . .]

The Totem [McMurry yearbook] – 1924
[Newton is a member of the Philomathian Literary Society and the student council, also on the football, basketball, and baseball teams.]

The War-Whoop – May 3, 1924
“Opera Tues. Night Draws Large Crowd”: [Newton in the chorus.]

“Five Students Given Exam. At Baird Meeting”: “Five ministerial students and members of the Life Service Band here took the examination for license to preach in this conference.” [Including Austin Newton.]

The War-Whoop – May 24, 1924
“Indian Head Club Holds Stag Party”: [. . .] “Austin Newton was the honor guest, being asked to attend because of his efforts to make every team. Newton came out for football, baseball and basketball. Although he did not make letters in either sport, he never missed a practice and did his best when he knew there was no chance for reward.” [. . .]

“Freshmen Lose Close Baseball Contest Here”: [Newton plays centerfield after freshmen challenge sophomore and academy classes; they lost 9 to 8.]

The War-Whoop – Oct. 4, 1924
“Year’s Work Begun by the Philo Men”: [The Boy’s Philomathian Literary Society elected Austin Newton sergeant-at-arms.]

The War-Whoop – Oct. 18, 1924
“College League Extends Invitation to Studes”: [Austin Newton chosen for Fourth Department.]

The War-Whoop – Nov. 8, 1924
“Effulgent Effusions”: “Applications will be made for Carnegie medals for Robert Young, ‘Red’ Barnett, Anthony Hunt, John Bailey, and Austin Newton. These stalwart young men traveled the four hundred miles to Alpine and back in the college ford. To our minds this is the greatest feat of bravery since Washington crossed the Delaware. Also none of the preachers along uttered one word of profanity.”

The Totem – 1925
[Quote with Newton’s photo (at top of this post): “If matters go badly now, it will not always be so.” Listed with Philomathian Society, Volunteer Life Service Band, Indian Head Association, football, basketball, and baseball.]

The War-Whoop – May 16, 1925
“Personals”: “Leo Tucker of Ovalo spent the weekend with Austin Newton.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 14, 1925
“Quartets Are Selected Friday”: On November 6 Austin Newton tried out for the school’s quartet. He didn’t get it.

The War-Whoop – Dec. 19, 1925
“President Hunt Serves as Toastmaster”: [3rd Annual Football Banquet] “President J. W. Hunt, in his superb and inimitable style, was the able toastmaster for the occasion. He introduced first the man who ‘is so fortunate as to be named after two distinguished men,’ Austin Newton, who toasted, with apologies to Kipling, and from an Indian’s viecrovwpoint, the Pep Squad and the Band.” [. . .]“Austin Newton”: “Austin Newton, or Newt, as he is more often called, came to McMurry from Brownwood High School. Newt has been out for every team that McMurry has ever produced, and he has succeeded in winning two football Indian Heads. During the first year that McMurry existed, Newt did not miss a single practice; he was so enthusiastic that he came out for football a month in a house shoe. In that first year he tried out for every position except quarterback. He was the honoree at the first banquet of the football men.
“Newt wore the Maroon and White for the first time in a matched game with the Rotan American Legion last year. He received a pass in this game and made the first McMurry touchdown of the season. Newt always plays head up football, and it is seldom that he fails to keep at least one man out of the play; he takes great pleasure in putting the secondary men out of commission. Newt recovered five fumbles made by the Schreiner team during the game with the Mountaineers this year.
“ ‘I realized the height of my ambition when I got my letter,’ is what Newt said when asked about his football history.”

The War-Whoop – Jan. 23, 1926
“Austin Newton to Lead Philos”: [Austin Newton elected president of the Philomathian Literary Society.]

The War-Whoop – Feb. 6, 1926
“Philos Take Hike Thursday”: [Hiked to Lytle Beach and took pictures. “About this time Arlie Garner and Austin Newton recalled a number of dear scenes of their childhood, and decided that a little water would do them good, even though it was a little bit cold. They promptly removed the coverings of their feet, to the extreme disgust of those who had no gas masks, and went wading in the watery dampness at Lytle.” [. . .]

The War-Whoop – Feb. 27, 1926
“Quint Lettermen Are Announced”: [Austin Newton earned letter in basketball for the first time.]

The War-Whoop – April 3, 1926
“Boys Glee Club Give Program Monday”: [The Mascot a three-act comedy, with “Austin Newton—Newt, a Freshman from Cross-Cut.”]

The War-Whoop – April 17, 1926
[Listed in staff box as “Contributor”]
“ ‘Her Husband’s Wife’ Presented”: “Mr. Austin Newton” plays Richard Bolden.

“Here and There”: [. . .] “Then there’s that Austin Newton. He has been hanging around this institution since September 1923, and so far hasn’t made a brilliant failure at anything. He did get elected Vice President of the Students’ Association, by a few votes, and was the hero of the comedy put on by the Glee Club, but somebody had to give him some money to get him to stay in school and not leave just in time to keep from losing some of his skin in the Thanksgiving football game. After that was over, he finally got up enough nerve to try football. And since thinking it over, it seems that he was one of those boys we see wearing Indian Head sweaters with little white rings around the sleeves.” [. . .]

The Totem – 1926
“Last Will and Testament”: “On Austin Newton, one J. M. Moody bequeaths a generous supply of red ink, for the next edition of ‘The Bloody Cudgel.’” [Newton’s photo has the following: “Football ’24, ’25; Basketball ’26; Vice-President Students Association ’26; President Philo ’26; Wise Man I. H. R. ’26; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Quartet ’24; Vice-President Junior Class; Life Service Band. / We are very proud of the Vice-President of the Students Association. Why? Because he’s a Junior. ‘Newt’ came to McMurry the first year, and has stood by her through thick and thin.”

[Listed in the Students’ Association, Philomathian Society, I. H. R., Indian Head Association, football and basketball.]

The War-Whoop – May 15, 1926
“ ‘Her Husband’s Wife’ Presented Tuesday”: [Austin Newton as Dick Belden.]

Brownwood Bulletin [community newspaper] – Aug. 6, 1926
“Personal Mention”: “Austin Newton of Abilene is visiting friends in the city today.”

The War-Whoop – Sept. 25, 1926
“Reception by Students and Faculty Was Social Feature”: [. . .] “President Hunt welcomed the Indians back to the reservation with a response by Austin Newton.”

Yellow Jacket – Oct. 6, 1926
“Billies Win”: [Daniel Baker beat McMurry, 30 – 0.] “Austin Newton, former Brownwood High School basketball star, played the best game for the Indians. He handled the left end position.”

The War-Whoop – Oct. 16, 1926
“The Pow Wow”: “An article on the Daniel Baker game in the Howard Payne Yellow Jacket said, ‘The outstanding performer on the Indian team was Austin Newton, former Brownwood High basketball forward.’ Newt has clipped the story and is preserving it to show his kids when he begins telling tales of the exploits of their old man.”

“Dramatic Club Organizes Tuesday”: [Austin Newton elected business manager.]

“The Yellow Journal”: “A certain young lady is reported to have said after taking a joy ride with Austin Newton that he might be a ministerial student but he didn’t act like it.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 4, 1926
“The Yellow Journal”: “Such stalwart men as Austin Newton, Ovid Donaldson, Herbert West, Doolie Hale, Earl Bowers, etc., knew where to look for the styles and rapidly fell in line with the new vogue as instituted by their peers in style, as named above.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 11, 1926
“Seniors Have First Social”: [Austin Newton attended.]

“Glimpses of the Seniors of ’27”: [. . .] “Austin Newton is another pioneer of ’23 who has stayed with the Alma Mater through victory and defeat. For three years he has been among the noted McMurry athletes who wear the Indian Head sweaters and gold footballs. He is also a ministerial student, and I. H. R., last year’s vice-president of the Students Association, and a long list of other others.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 25, 1926
“Indian Cage Team Likely Be Composed of Veterans”: [has photo, pic is poor quality.]

The War-Whoop – Dec. 2, 1926
“ ‘Pickles’ to Be Presented Next Monday”: [Austin Newton plays “Captain Kinski, Chief of Detective Bureau of Vienna.”]

“18 Indians to Get Letters”: [Austin Newton receives letter for football.]

The Totem – 1927
[Cap and Gown photo has the following: “Football ’24, ’25, ’26; Basketball ’26; Vice-President Students’ Association ’26; Wise Man I. H. R. ’26, ’27; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Quartet ’24; Vice-President Junior Class ’26; Life Service Band. / ‘Newt’ is the man with the million dollar smile. His pleasing personality, which seems to radiate joy into the very being of every person associated with him, has easily won for him a berth with the human tonic dispensers. / Whether it has been strapping a frosh, fighting the Matadors, or preaching a sermon, Newt always came out with flying colors. / Entering the halls of fame with a watermelon and leaving in due time with a sheep-skin, he ‘shows off the country.’ / Mount Vernon had its Washington, Stratford-on-Avon its Shakespeare, so who knows but that Cross Cut will have its celebrity? Austin has the ability and the initiative necessary for success, and we believe that he is traveling the right road.” – picture with caption: “Why girls stay at home.” – Listed in Life Service Band, I. R. H., football and basketball (JV).]

The War-Whoop – May 5, 1927
“Edith Odom Queen of Fourth Annual May Fete Monday”: [Austin Newton attended.]

The War-Whoop – June 2, 1927
“McMurry Alumni in Meet at the Grace”: [Austin Newton “expected to be in attendance.”]

“Thespian Club Wins Success with Drama”: [The Goose Hangs High with Austin Newton as Elliott Kimberly.]

The War-Whoop – Sept. 15, 1927
“Pow Wow”: [Austin Newton a returning letterman.]

The War-Whoop – Sept. 23, 1927
“Thespians to Have Big Year”: [Austin Newton listed.]

Simmons Brand – Feb. 18, 1928
“Home Economics Club Will Present Pageant”: [Austin Newton on “Court of Nations”]

The Totem – 1928
[Served on executive council of the Students’ Association. Council members “are desirous of progress for the institution, and of upholding correct ideals of character and high standards of scholarship.”]

The War-Whoop – May 26, 1928
“Seniors Are Playing Now”: [Austin Newton attended picnic.]

1930 Census, Walnut Springs City, Bosque Co. – enumerated April 4, 1930
Jones, Jesse H. 60, head of househould
Newton, Austin – Boarder, 24 – teacher, public school

The War Whoop – May 16, 1930
“Alumni Directory”: “Austin Newton, B. A. 1928. ‘Newt’ now lives at Walnut Springs. We do not know much about him, but are sure that he is a bear with the ladies.”

Abilene Morning News – June 6, 1930
“M’Murry ‘Dads and Mothers’ Club Holds Luncheon; Annual Alumni Breakfast Gay Affair”: [. . .] “Mr. Garner presided for the business session, and Austin Newton made the report for the nominating committee [club officers].”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 7, 1931
“Exes Activities”: “Austin Newton is coaching and teaching in Walnut Springs for his third year.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 4, 1933
“McMurry Exes Engaged in Wide Variety of Work”: “In high schools are a large number of boys teaching and coaching. A few outstanding ones are Howard Miller, Abiliene High; Austin Newton, Walnut Springs [. . .]”

The War-Whoop – May 12, 1934
“Alumni Directory”: “Austin Newton taught and coached at Alvorado this year.”

The War-Whoop – May 18, 1935
“Directory of Alumni”: “Austin Newton, teacher, Alvorado, Texas.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Dec. 6, 1939
[Note: “Austin Newton of Rising Star visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”]

Denton Record-Chronicle – July 4, 1940
“Lewisville”: Special to Record-Chronicle
LEWISVILLE, July 4.—Miss Emma Pearl Saunders entertained with a luncheon at her home Friday in honor of Mrs. Howard Stewart, a recent bride. Luncheon was served at the card tables. Each table was decorated with vari-colored flowers. On each plate was an announcement of the engagement of the hostess to Austin Newton, the wedding to take place July 14.
Honoring Miss Emma Pearl Saunders, bride-elect of Austin Newton, Misses Margarete Neal, Willmuth and Latona Huggins entertained with a miscellaneous shower at the First Methodist Church Tuesday. The church was decorated with baskets and vases of zinnias and daisies. Miss Latona Huggins presided at the bride’s register. Mrs. John H. Crawford gave a toast to the bride. Miss Sallie Ann Gentle of Sanger sang “Down by the Old Mill Stream” and “Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.” Mrs. Bob Gentry gave a pianologue, “It Takes a Heap of Living,” accompanied by Mrs. John H. Crawford at the piano. Punch and cake were served by Mrs. Crawford and Miss Penelope Saunders.

Denton Record-Chronicle – July 17, 1940
“Sanger News”: “Miss Sally Ann Gentle attended the wedding of Miss Emma Pearl Saunders to Austin Newton in the Methodist church of Lewisville.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – July 31, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton returned from the Ozark Mountains.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Aug. 6, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton and Miss Penelope Saunders are visiting in Cross Cut and Brownwood.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Aug. 21, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton have gone to Rising Star, where they will teach.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Oct. 1, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Rising Star visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Saunders.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 8, 1940
“Coaching Positions Held by Former Indian Stars”: [Austin Newton coaching at May, in Brown Co.]

Denton Record-Chronicle – Nov. 23, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Rising Star are Thanksgiving guests.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Dec. 3, 1940
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton, Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders, and Mrs. Davis Ballew visited in Dallas.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – March 19, 1941
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Rising Star visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – April 17, 1941
“Personals”: “Messrs. and Mmes. W. C. M. Saunders, Davis Ballew and John Whatley were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton in Rising Star.”

The War-Whoop – May 27, 1941
“About Our Exes”: “Remember Austin Newton of the class of ’28, Chanter, I.H.R., football, etc. etc.? He was here last week getting a transcript to NTSTC so he can do some summer work there. He has been coach and principal of Williams high school for the past five years and will be superintendent next year. He was married to Emma Pearl Saunders, TSCW graduate and Home Economics teacher, last July.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – June 11, 1941
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Davis Ballew of Dallas and Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton, who attend the Teachers College in Denton, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – July 16, 1941
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton, who attended Teachers College in Denton, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders, en route to their home in Williams.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Aug. 5, 1941
“Personals”: “Johnnie and Nacy Ann Whatley returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton in Williams.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Sept. 3, 1941
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Davis Ballew of Dallas were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Jan. 2, 1942
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton returned to May and Mr. and Mrs. Davis Ballew to Crawford after visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – March 3, 1942
“Personals”: “Messrs. and Mmes. Davis Ballew of Crawford and Austin Newton of May visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – June 23, 1942
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Denton visited Mr. and Mrs. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – July 9, 1942
“Personals”: “Mrs. Austin Newton of Denton visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Dec. 3, 1942
“Personals”: “Mmes. W. C. M. Saunders and Davis Ballew and Nancy Ann Whatley returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton in May.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Jan. 2, 1943
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton returned to May after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Saunders.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Sept. 20, 1944
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton of Bangs visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”
[. . .]
“Johnnie Whatley is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton in Bangs.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Sept. 21, 1944
“Personals”: [Johnnie returned.]

Denton Record-Chronicle – Nov. ’44-June ’45
[visiting back and forth in November ’44 and Jan., April, and June ’45 from Bangs]

The War-Whoop – Feb. 16, 1945
“Exes Fight the Axis”: “Clyde Pittman, pastor at Bangs, [. . .] tells us that Austin Newton is the superintendent of schools.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Nov. 24, 1945
“Personals”: “Mr. and Mrs. Austin Newton and daughter, Elaine, of Bangs and Mr. and Mrs. Davis Ballew of Grapevine are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders this week.”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Jan. ’46-April ’46
[Jan 1, 1946; March 19, 1946; April 23, 1946 visit]

Abilene Reporter-News – July 21, 1946
“The Reporter-News joins in welcoming to Abilene, Key City of West Texas”: “the following who are listed as newcomers by the chamber of commerce:
[. . .]
Austin Newton, 133 Sayles.
[. . .]”

Denton Record-Chronicle – Nov. 19, 1946
“Personals”: “Mrs. Austin Newton and daughter of Bangs are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. M. Saunders.”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 11, 1948
“McMurry Exes”: [Listed as one of the “1923 Braves.”]

Brownwood Bulletin – Nov. 11, 1952
“Firman H. Smith Elected Scout Dist. Chairman”: [. . .] “Austin Newton of Bangs was elected vice-chairman, with Game Warden Wood remaining as district commissioner [of the Central District of the Comanche Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America].”

Brownwood Bulletin – Nov. 16, 1952
“Annual Minstrel Show at Bangs Monday Night”: “The Bangs Lions Club will present its annual Minstrel Show Monday night at 7:30 in the Bangs High School auditorium. Heading the cast will, be Joe Lewis Wilson, J. P. Eads, Jr., Oren Bauer, L. P. Alexander, Austin Newton and Lonnie Sikes. Raymond Morgan will serve as interlocutor.”
[. . .]

Brownwood Bulletin – Dec. 7, 1952
“Comanche Boys, Cross Plains Girls Win Bangs Tournament”: [. . .] “Supt. Austin Newton of Bangs presented the trophies to winners at the close of the boys’ finals. Newton coaches the Bangs girls and Jerrel Rice, director of the tournament, coaches the Bangs boys.”

Breckinridge American – Dec. 7, 1952
“Scout Council Plans Meeting on December 11”: [. . .] “Details of the banquet program are being worked out by a program committe composed of . . . Austin Newton of Bangs.”

Brownwood Bulletin – Jan. 26, 1953
“Bangs Lions Sponsor Show”: “Howard Sikes, president of the Bangs Lion Club which sponsored the unique program, extended the welcome and presented Dr. Taylor for further introductions. The invocation was by Austin Newton, superintendent of Bangs schools. [. . .]”

The War-Whoop – Nov. 20, 1953
“Men’s Social Clubs Have Dinners, Coffees for Exes”: “Austin Newton, Bangs” attended I.H.R. lunch.

Brownwood Bulletin – Aug. 26, 1956
[article about Bangs schools with Newton photo.]

Gatesville Messenger and Star Forum – June 21, 1957
[Note: Mr. and Mrs. with Elaine, all of Bangs, attend wedding of Barbara Newton and Robert Davis.]

Brownwood Bulletin – July 1, 1959
“Newton Resigns at Bangs”: [Front page article about resignation, with pic.] “Austin Newton, superintendent of schools at Bangs for the past 15 years, has resigned his position effective Aug. 1.
Mrs. Newton, homemaking teacher at Bangs for 11 years, has also resigned. Both have accepted positions as elementary teachers in the Monahans school system. They will move to Monahans shortly after Aug. 1, Newton said today. The resignations were presented to the Bangs board of trustees at a meeting Tuesday night.
“It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made,” Newton said today.
“We have enjoyed working with the people of Bangs for these years. We have had a very pleasant association with the school board and members of the Bangs faculty throughout the 15 years,” Newton said.
He suggested persons interested in the Bangs superintendent’s job contact V. W. Wallace, board president, or Dr. J. B. Stephens, secretary.
Prior to taking over the superintendent job at Bangs, Newton taught at Williams for eight years. He holds a bachelor degree from McMurry College and a masters degree from North Texas State College.
Mrs. Newton is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University with a masters degree from NTSC.
At Monahans Newton will teach sixth grade and Mrs. Newton third grade.
Newton is past president and secretary of the Bangs Lions Club and past president of Brown County Unit, Texas State Teachers Assn.
He is a charter member of Bangs Lions Club and has been a member of Bangs Masonic Lodge for a number of years. He has also been a member of the committee for Boy Scout Troop 27 of Bangs for 15 years.
The county native is also a member of American Assn. of School Administrators, and the Brown County TSTA unit.

Odessa American – Aug. 25, 1968
[Austin Newton listed as principal of Middleton and Sudderts elementary school.]

Died Feb. 16, 1979 in Andrews County, Texas.