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, Research PaperThe quest for cognition and acquisition has been happening since the creative activity of world. Ever since the snake in the Garden of Eden tempted Eve to eat the out apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, assuring she would wise as the Gods, adult male has been combating with this eternal chase. Some work forces want wisdom so that they may be able to populate a good and righteous life.

Other work forces want merely the power that cognition can convey them, to utilize it for their ain iniquitous intents.Literature tells the history of two really different work forces who had this desire for wisdom ; King Solomon in the Old Testament, remembered for his wisdom and erectness ; and the legendary Doctor Faustus, known for his iniquitous treaty with the Satan. While driven by opposing forces, both work forces wanted to be extremely wise, and each had an brush with a singular adult female because of it.The bible recounts the narrative of the great King Solomon, the boy of the noteworthy King David. By following God and his commandments, David had built his imperium into a bequest, which was so passed on to Solomon. Soon after Solomon & # 8217 ; s reign began, the Lord appeared to him in a dream, offering him anything he desired.

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Solomon & # 8217 ; s petition was wisdom and cognition, so that he may regulate his people reasonably, and know the difference between good and the bad.Therefore, God granted Solomon wisdom, that of which no 1 earlier or since has had in such copiousness. And because Solomon chose wisdom, demoing concern for his people, God decided to honor him with non merely cognition, but with wealths and award to put him apart from all other male monarchs in history.

Solomon so used his wealths to construct an official house for the Godhead, to demo his love and fear for God Almighty.Solomon & # 8217 ; s repute rapidly spread, making the Queen of Sheba. Intrigued, she visited him, conveying rich gifts with her: spices, gold, cherished rocks. The queen was really smart herself, about an equal in money and wealths to Solomon.

Upon run intoing Solomon though, the queen was instantly impressed by his wisdom. She shortly converted to his faith, cursing that his God must so be the greatest.Solomon & # 8217 ; s righteousness and virtuousness are the antithesis of Doctor Faustus, the rubric character of Christopher Marlowe & # 8217 ; s drama, & # 8220 ; The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. & # 8221 ; In this narrative, we see a adult male with no respect for his ain ageless psyche, nor for the public assistance of anyone he encounters.

Rather, he is willing to pass infinity in snake pit merely so that he can carry through his ain selfish desires.Marlowe based his narrative on that of a magician name Doctor John Faustus who was good known in his twenty-four hours for his evil, blasphemy, and for sodomising immature male childs. Protestant leaders used the narrative of Faustus, his flagitious wickednesss, and the atrocious decease he suffered as an illustration to disbelievers during the Reformation.Marlowe took the character and wrote a drama about him, capitalising on the rumours and narratives of his evil. In this version, Doctor Faustus is a adult male of larning who decided to project away his surveies and turn to black thaumaturgy.

He felt that he had come to the terminal of what he could larn under his ain human power, and wanted to travel into the supernatural universe.Faustus wanterectile dysfunction non merely replies to all of the inquiries he had been researching over the old ages, he wanted the power that cognition can give. The power that Faustus gained corrupted him, and instead than a searcher of cognition, he became a searcher of pleasance.As Faustus pondered the thought of turning to black thaumaturgy, a good angel and an evil angel joined the argument. The good angel pleaded with Faustus to turn away from the supernatural, while the evil angel tempted Faustus, merely as the snake did Eve. He told Faustus to & # 8220 ; Be thou on Earth as Jove is in the sky, Lord and commanding officer of these elements & # 8221 ; ( lines 76-77 ) . In a ulterior scene, the immorality angel told Faustus to believe of award and wealth, instead than of Eden, as the good angel had advised.However, there was no vacillation in Faustus, tempted as he was by the promise of cognition, award, and wealth.

Even a visit from the seven lifelessly sins didn & # 8217 ; t maneuver Faustus from his way. Alternatively, he so spoke with the Satan, looking to delight in the evilness of snake pit. Because he didn & # 8217 ; t believe in the ancient Christian thought of snake pit, that of fire and native sulfur, Faustus was non afraid of his treaty with the Satan and the effects of his actions.

In one scene, Faustus and his fellow & # 8216 ; snake pit & # 8217 ; mate, Mephatophilis, journey to see the Pope in Rome and to take portion of St. Peter & # 8217 ; banquet. There, Faustus takes the nutrient and imbibe out from under the Pope, and so hits him in the caput. This is a entire deficiency of regard for God and his earthly representatives. Rather than the fear that Solomon showed God, Faustus used his ain newfound power and cognition to withstand God, practically ptyalizing in God & # 8217 ; s face by addressing the Catholic Pope.

Soon, nevertheless, Faustus became disgruntled with merely holding all of the replies. He stated that due to his lubricious nature, he could non populate without a married woman. Helen of Troy, & # 8220 ; the face that launched a 1000 ships, & # 8221 ; appears. Like the Queen of Sheba, Helen had been a adult female of utmost beauty. Unlike the queen, nevertheless, Helen is non a Christian convert.

Alternatively, she represents the unsafe beauty of immorality, and the all excessively human desire for enjoyable things.Had it non been for the temptation of holding Helen in his bed, Faustus may hold repented, and turned from his trade with the Satan. But because he allow his baser desires rule him, Faustus promised to make whatever necessary for the Satan, merely so that he may hold Helen of Troy as his & # 8220 ; paramour.

& # 8221 ; This animal desire sealed Faustus & # 8217 ; destiny, and in the terminal, he is taken off to hell by monsters.Obviously, the desire for cognition and the power that comes with it can be either a fantastic approval or a damnatory expletive. Solomon is an case of how cognition and power can be used for good. When meeting a beautiful, alien adult female, Solomon kept a flat caput and impressed her with his supreme glare and power. Solomon didn & # 8217 ; t allow his lustful desires govern his life ; he allow God keep the reins.On the other manus, there is Doctor Faustus, whose haughtiness and wickedness led to his ain ruin.

At a point when he was sing turning off from the Satan, Faustus lets the promise of animal pleasances with a beautiful adult female steer him back to the Satan. Although he was granted limitless cognition, Faustus clearly didn & # 8217 ; t larn anything.