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This song defines Ronnie in the book. The lyrics infer that everyone should have someone to go to when they are in trouble, need help, want advice…etc. Basically someone you can trust when you’re in doubt. In the book, Ronnie has two people that she looks up to: her dad and Will.

For example, when Ronnie finds out that her dad has cancer she goes straight to Will for guidance because she doesn’t know what exactly is going on and how this shocking news came to be.Also, the opposite way around, when Ronnie is having rough times with Will in their relationships she goes straight to her dad because she knows that he will comfort her whenever needs it. The line from the song “Everybody needs a song” relates to the book when Ronnie is creating the last part of the song that Steve (her dad) had started but could not finish once he became sicker. The line “When I look at you” is repeated many times to show the importance of the line to the song and how it contributes to the lyrics and the meaning.Whenever Ronnie looks at Will or her father she gets so much joy and inspiration just by exchanging one look…that shows how significant those two men are in her life. When Ronnie finally realizes that the piano is such a big part of her life it helps distract her when her father is sick in the hospital and she is trying to accomplish just one last song before she gets the chance to say goodbye, similar to the meaning of the line “A beautiful melody when the nights so long.

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Why Ronnie respects Will and her father so much is because they have accepted her for who she is. Will rebels against his mother because she repeatedly tells him that Ronnie is no good for him and he can do much better, and words cant even describe how much Steve loves Ronnie even though she was accused of stealing from the music store he still trusted and believed the best in her… also relating to the line “You love me for who I am like the stars hold the moon. Will and Steve are simply Ronnie’s inspiration in life.

From how tough Steve is by battling his cancer just to see has admiring children live, to how affectionate and caring Will is to Ronnie and her family and friends. The lyrics to this song show the love and respect for someone towards one person who holds a special place in their lives. This song and the book are strictly based on the support of others and the attitude that you put out shows what you get in return.