In this piece of work I have discussed the history of the museum and its constitution in London including its unique characterstics.The possible key challenges faced by the attractive force in approaching hereafter and the ways to battle these challenges by giving proposed direction including scope of facets“ Leisure is the chance available to an person after finishing the immediate necessities of life, when he or she has the freedom to take and prosecute in an experience that is expected to be personally fulfilling ”

From Edexcel Leisure and Recreation Course Specification

“ The term leisure is an of all time altering construct that reflects the current societal and economic conditions and aspirations, accommodating in response to consumer demand and outlooks ” A A The thought of leisure being described as a province of head originated with Aristotle. He believed that leisure was a signifier of self-indulgence and self-reformation.’Leisure is seen as a adult male ‘s greatest ownership because it is indispensable for ego development. It forces us to step back from the changeless force per unit areas of day-to-day life in order for us to see what is truly of import ( Aristotle cyberspace web site )

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Each individual has their ain sentiment of what leisure means to them and there is no fit definition of the word as it covers a broad scope of things. leisure clip and how it is spent is an person ‘s pick and the manner in which they spend it whether it be home based, active or inactive.

A Equally long as the single gets satisfaction from this ‘leisure ‘ clip so it has been used to its possible.Leisure is of import because everyone needs a small spot of relaxation in their life. Having leisure helps a individual relieve emphasis, have clip to themselves, and merely to reload their organic structure and head. Leisure is really of import for one ‘s mental and physical wellness. It provides an chance to pass clip as you want off from regular work emphasis with household and friends. It is really of import for an single to take clip out for itself as it conveying about a positive flow of energy in an person.Leisure as a map has changed tremendously over the last 100 old ages.

With the reaching of new engineering some signifiers of leisure have increased their scope of activities enormously. 100 old ages ago art was considered to be play, phase shows, architecture and so on. Now it include many different signifiers. Broadcasting, Film Production and Video were all facets of the Art Council that received support in the last twelvemonth.

These have merely been considered humanistic disciplines in the last century. The Government, private companies and investors have besides discovered the commercial side of leisure. From this information it can be concluded that over the last 100 old ages leisure has evolved from something that is the antonym of work to something that is critical in our mundane lives.Madame tussauds is among the popular leisure attractive force of the present clip, it is standing at its topographic point from last 200 old ages but acquiring more popular with clip for the sort of alone amusement it is supplying to its visitants. Celebrities wax images draw visitants towards itself. IT is a sort of topographic point which has all sort of attractive force in it from past to show both for history lovers and for modern immature youth.It helps to do visitants dreams come true when they want to touch or run into the personality they like, which otherwise my non be possible for them because either it has become history or is really large famous person of modern clip, whom one buzzword meet. Is it existent or is it wax? Sometimes it ‘s difficult to state the difference when you ‘re at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

This alone museum of its ain sort has entertained about 500 million visitants since it foremost opened. The Target Market for Madame Tussaud ‘s is to pull all types of consumers, from all societal categories. Equally good as Domestic and Overseas visitors.A ( Refer to appendix 5 )

London is a widely distributed metropolis holding peple all around the universe with different cultures.The direction of Madame Tussaud when aiming selling has taken advantage of this characteristic of the metropolis and has kept different types of wax sculptures which visitants want to see for illustration to pull Asiatic visitants there are assorted political, athleticss, and amusement figures in the museum.

Harmonizing to the pupil battalion of Madame Tussaud ‘s, it identifies their Current Market as Demographics Segmentation harmonizing to societal category. ( Refer to appendix 6 )Kotler ( 1994 ) believes marketing a product/service, includes possible clients for utilizing this specific product/service. Therefore, administrations will efficaciously market their product/service harmonizing to the Segment of market.

This has been known as Target Market.Additionally to Lancaster & A ; Reynololds ( 1999 ) , indicate that, in order to get mark section, the administrations has to interrupt down the sum of the entire market into different sub-groups / sections, harmonizing to their demands and wants, in-order to do the product/service attract consumers within that market section.Madame Tussaud ‘s utilizations cleavage and aiming market, because it provides many return to their administration, such as:uA A A A A It allows the exhibition to place their client groups with different demands and wantsuA A A A A The exhibition aim can be achieved easy.

For illustration ; net income maximization and long term growinguA A A A A When there are market spreads in a market, it is assessed and so satisfied, this can be done by utilizing alone merchandise / promotional offeringsuA A A A A By managing selling mix, in order for competency recognise the mark needs. This will take to an addition clients satisfaction


The name of Madame Tussaud is a celebrated one known the universe over. Most people have heard of the bittersweet exhibitions that have her name attached to them, but at that place was a existent adult female after whom subsequent exhibitions were named.

Madame Marie Tussaud was born Marie Grosholtz on December 1st 1761, in Strasbourg, France. Marie ‘s male parent, Joseph Grosholtz, had been a soldier during the Seven Year War, but had died two months prior to Marie ‘s birth. After Marie ‘s birth, her female parent, Anne Made, moved both of them to Berne, Switzerland, Marie ‘s female parent obtaining a occupation as a housekeeper with Dr.

Philippe Curtius. In some beginnings Curtius is named as Marie ‘s uncle, though this is likely due to friendship instead than blood ties. Curtius was a skilled doctor, who used wax theoretical accounts he made to show anatomy. Curtius passed on his cognition of wax patterning to Marie.In 1765 Curtius moved to Paris in order to put up a bittersweet show, one of his first dramatis personaes was of Louis XV ‘s kept woman, Marie-Jeanne du Barry. Two old ages subsequently Marie and her female parent joined Curtius in Paris. It took until 1770 for Curtius to be in a place to host his first exhibition, but it instantly became a success pulling big audiences.

By 1776 Curtius ‘ exhibition was such a success that it moved to the Palais Royal. During this period Curtius continued his tuition of Marie, and shortly she was patterning her ain bittersweet. She met a figure of celebrated persons ; her first wax figure was of Francois Voltaire in 1777, and was rapidly followed by Benjamin Franklin and Jean Jacques Rousseau.In add-on to celebrated persons, Curtius ‘ exhibition was besides visited by the Gallic Royal household.

Curtius expanded his bittersweets into a 2nd location, the Caverne des Grands Voleurs on Boulevard du Temple. Marie though had been picked as coach for the artistic instruction of Elizabeth, King Louis XVI ‘s sister. Populating at the Royal tribunal at Versailles caused jobs when the Revolution came. Arrested for allegedly holding monarchist understandings, Marie was imprisoned in La Force prison alongside blue bloods and other sympathizers.It is non clear why Marie was saved from the closure by compartment, her endowment at doing decease masks may hold been one, although her familiarity with Robespierre and Napoleon may hold helped. What of all time the ground, Marie ne’er faced the closure by compartment, although she was forced to do decease masks from the victims of it, these included friends like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. In prison she shared a cell with Josephinede Beauharais, the hereafter Empress Josephine, and together the two friends were finally released.Upon the decease of Curtius in 1794, the whole bittersweet aggregation was left to Marie.

In the undermentioned twelvemonth, Marie married an applied scientist, Francois Tussaud, and before 1800 Marie had given birth to two boies, Joseph and Francois. The booming concern of pre-revolution yearss though struggled in the comparative corruption of the New France. To better their chances Marie made the determination to take her bittersweets on circuit.In 1802, Marie along with Joseph travelled to London, with her aggregation of decease masks and wax figures. Resumption though in Revolutionary/Napoleonic War between Britain and France, meant that Marie was stranded, separated from her hubby and 2nd boy. Widening her circuit, Marie took her bittersweets on a circuit of Britain and Ireland, a circuit which would last 33 old ages.

Francois joined Marie in Britain in 1821, following the deceases of Marie ‘s hubby and female parent.The circuit came to stop in 1835, when Marie found a lasting base for Madame Tussauds on Baker Street. The lasting site was shortly pulling a big audience, drawn to the Chamber of Horrors, where victims of the Gallic Revolution and noteworthy liquidators and felons were exhibited. Marie wrote her memoirs in 1838, as her aggregation continued to turn, the figures of Nelson and Sir Walter Scott were added.

Marie died in her slumber in London on 15th April, 1850.Madame Tussauds though continued to boom, foremost through her boies and so grandsons. It was her grandsons who moved the exhibition to Marylebone Road in 1884, and since so other subdivisions have been established in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The modern Tussauds continues in the traditions of its laminitis, making wax figures of the most noteworthy persons of every coevals.

location and characterstics

The attractive force is on the corner of Allsop Place and Marylebone Road, to the North of Central London. The nearest belowground station is Baker Street, which is on the Jubilee, Bakerloo, Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City lines. Its separating green dome used to house the London Planetarium.Green dome of Madame Tussauds

History of location

Following a successful circuit of the UK, Madame Tussauds established a lasting base for her exhibition in London as the Baker Street Bazaar in 1835.

Visitors paid tanner for the opportunity to run into the biggest names of the twenty-four hours. The attractive force moved to its present site in Marylebone Road in 1884. As celebrity grows it is a frequent observation that crowds of people can cut down enjoyment of the exhibit by increasing line uping times and doing herding that has prompted ailments and many frequenters to inquire for refund

Opening times

Off-peak gap times are by and large 9:30am to 5:30pm. Off-peak periods are weekdays and non UK school vacations.Peak gap times are 9am to 6pm. Top out opening times are weekends, UK school vacations, bank vacations and the whole of the summer period ( July through August ) .In 2008, the gap times in the summer period were 9am to 7pm.Occasionally the attractive force shuts early if there is a corporate event go oning.

] Zones within the attractive force

A-List PartyFormally Blush, this is the first room on the circuit. Included in this room is the Big Brother experience, plus figures such as Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Leo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman David and Victoria Beckham and Robert Pattinson. It is designed to experience like you have stepped into a famous person party, with wax figures dotted around the room.

High School Musical & A ; Hannah MontanaLaunched in 2008, this room has a figure of Zac Efron as the character of Troy Bolton from the High School Musical franchise. The room is set like a hoops tribunal and a cabinet room. It is synergistic in that if you successfully shoot a basket a crowd will hearten.

In add-on the cabinets have ‘belongings ‘ of other characters of the film. This zone besides includes Miley Cyrus ‘s wax figure. There is besides a karaoke installation, in which a individual can sing Miley ‘s vocals.Premiere Night ( Movie Room )This zone houses four Bollywood figures every bit good as famous persons from Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey and Audrey Hepburn. It besides has several fictional characters: Shrek ( which has a compressible tummy ) , Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk ( which had to be airlifted into the attractive force due to its size ) and the smallest wax figure of all time made, [ 1 ] Tinker Bell.Sports ZoneThe Sports zone has several synergistic elements.

Putt a golf ball with Tiger Woods, stand on packaging graduated tables next to Mohammed Ali and see what ‘weight ‘ you would measure up for in pugilism, take a punishment on a practical world screen, and sit a motorcycle next to Lance Armstrong.A Royal AppointmentIn the Royals there is an chance to stand following to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles, Prince of Wales, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William of Wales and Prince Henry of Wales.CultureA mixture of cultural icons fill this country, including Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Pablo Picasso and Charles Darwin.

Music MegastarsA mixture of music stars from across the decennaries appear in an country with a music phase complete with glister balls. Music icons include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue, Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake and Freddie Mercury. The Beatles in this country appear on the album screen of Sgt. Pepper ‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

World LeadershipsThe World Leaders country of the attractive force contains political and religious leaders of the World – yesteryear and nowadays. The new figure of Barack Obama dominates this country ; he is standing in a mock-up of the Oval Office which has a reproduction of the Resolute desk. Other leaders in this country include Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ronald Reagan, Tony Blair, Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Gandhi.The World Leaders country is besides noted for its inclusion of controversial figures, including Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe. Mother Teresa is one of the really few icons to inquire non to be made, stating “ her work was more of import, non the individual ” [ 2 ] . Another noteworthy skip from this country is current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown – the company said it has non been made into a wax figure due to his low popularity and non being elected into the place of Prime Minister, holding assumed the place after the retirement of Tony Blair.

[ 3 ]Chamber of Horrors and ScreamThe Chamber of Horrors is the horror subdivision of Madame Tussauds, which showcases consecutive slayers and slayings. Included in this country are Guy Fawkes and Dennis Nilsen. This country besides exhibits the original closure by compartment blade that killed Marie Antoinette.The Scream experience ( officially Chamber Live ) is a live-action, actor-led panic labyrinth. It is based on the premiss that several consecutive slayers have been let loose in the chamber. This attractive force is non suited for pregnant adult females and kids under 12 old ages of age.

Behind the Secenes and History of Madame TussaudsThis country shows the history of Marie Tussaud, and how she started making wax figures. It besides has an country on how the scupltors make the figures, utilizing Beyonce as an illustration.Spirit of London driveThe Spirit of London is a sit-down drive in which visitants sit in London taxis and are taken on a journey through the history of London. The drive starts in Tudor times and terminals in the 1980s, go throughing through the times of Shakespeare, the Great Fire of London, the Industrial Revolution and the Swinging Sixties. The drive has commentary in a few linguistic communications and a exposure is taken near the terminal of the drive which can be purchased when disembarkeTop of FormBottom of FormTop of FormJames BondThe James Bond country contains the figures of Daniel Craig and Judi Dench. It has on show an original minibike used in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

Warhol ‘s WomansThe Warhol ‘s Women zone contains the figure of Andy Warhol every bit good as the female famous persons he famously portrayed, including Marilyn Monroe in the authoritative airs where her skirt is blown upward, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, Jerry Hall and Jackie O.

About Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds has subdivisions in 8 major metropoliss ( Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. ) . A 9th attractive force in Hollywood is planned for 2009.

Madame Tussauds is portion of the Merlin Entertainments group, which besides owns the London Eye, the Dungeons, Sea Life Centres and Legoland Discovery Centres, every bit good as subject Parkss including Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park in the UK, and Gardaland in Italy.KEY CHALLENGES TO BE FACED BY THE EXHIBITIONSwar Brooke ( 2002 ) provinces without visitant attractive forces there would be no demand for other touristry services and touristry as such would non be without them.Different attractive forces provide their clients with services that are available with in the attractive force for illustration some give their visitants a twenty-four hours out, others give educational services, some give their clients ancilliary operations but Madme Tussaud is one that entertain its visitants with combination of all above mentioned services due to which it is of import that this work is put into topographic point to cover with consumers content wellness and safety and to do certain of their repetition visits. To keep this criterion of excellence the tussauds administration may perchance confront some challenges in future specially inSelling and competitionCustomer attentionHuman resource directionSWOT ANALYSISThis can be used in order for the administration to accomplish their aims. This process is an effectual method of placing concerns Strengths and Weaknesses, and to analyze the Opportunities and Threats they face.

Often transporting out an analysis utilizing the SWOT model that will be plenty to uncover alterations, which can be usefully made. Swift ( 2000 )Harmonizing to Hannagan ( 1992 ) he defined SWOT analysis as:“ A SWOT analysis helps to concentrate attending on the cardinal countries in an administration that need to be taken into history in bring forthing a selling planaˆ¦ .A SWOT analysis is a smmary of the selling audit. It highlights internal differential strengths and failings form the clients point of position as they relate to external chances and menaces.

”Madame Tussaud ‘ s is like any attraction/organisation that analysis its internal factors ; this is carried out in the selling procedure, to analyze the effectivity of the concern operation and their internal factors, which influence to their success. This is achieved by carry oning the SWOT analysis.Selling AND Competition:In today ‘s universe of concern and economic sciences makets have become really competitory therefore understanding consumer is no longer adequate.Organisations must get down giving attending to their rivals, if want to hold portion in the market. ( kotler 2003 ) As it is stated before, Madame Tussaud ‘s it is a big administration within the travel and touristry industry, therefore it face high criterion of rival non merely in London but all around UK, which can go stronger in the hereafter. that is why more effectual selling is required to last in the competition However, it uses circulation channel for more cognition of their merchandise national and international.They chiefly deliver the consciousness of their product/service through the Internet, as it is planetary.

However, other beginnings of promoting and consciousness of their merchandise is chiefly done through Media, in the signifier of postings at tubing Stationss and coach sides which is chiefly and to pass on the trade name to a wider audience, public dealingss, portrayals, concern development and Banqueting & A ; Co-operate Entertaining,The premier aim of the administration is to remain London top paying attractive force, hence a selling scheme should be in footings of its mark, current and possible market survey and their procedure of publicity in order to pull their merchandise to their client by distribution. However, the purpose of promotional planning in the long tally is non merely to inform, but to advance clients to buy products/services or, to follow thoughts. Therefore, effectual publicity is normally attained by good researched for tracking gross revenues degrees and attitude forms toward consumers demands, this means nonsubjective must associate to the mark aimed.

This can be achieved by updating, converting and foregrounding the administration current and possible mark markeCUSTOMER CAREGuaranting that clients are provided with quality services every clip is a key in organizational success. Like other tourer attractive forces Madame Tussaud may besides confront the challenge of presenting quality client attention.The administration should observe that words of oral cavities from satisfied clients is a free advertisement and improved repute and above all an increased gross.Tussauds administration should keep a high criterion of client attention developing with in the exhibition to accomplish ends likeIncrease gross revenuesDerive a competitory advantageMaintain consumer truenessAttract new consumersDerive client satisfactionEnhance the visitant attractive force imageFor accomplishing high criterion of client attention the administration must betterA?A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Their queuing procedure in term of non doing consumer to wait for a long period to come in the A A exhibitionA?A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Signs around the exhibition for way ( such as way for installations for disablements section )Having more staff talking different linguistic communicationsHaving effectual direction that can manage crowd



Human resource direction can besides be a challenge as choice and enlisting costs will be much more due to the high presence of staff at visitant attractions.A Competition in the service sector offering prmanent employment can take away suited appliers from using for places within visitant attractions.A With the high staff turnover consistence will be hard to keep within visitant attractive forces, which necessarily will hold a negative consequence on the quality of service delivered to customers.

A This is due to the fact that to be able to present quality services to consumers requires skilled and well-trained employees.A As many employees of visitant attractive forces are employed on short-run contracts, operators may be less willing to put in preparation and development for seasonal staff.A In Scotland the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions encourages its members to put in preparation and development for all staff, whether full or portion clip, seasonal or permanent.

A Many operators of attractive forces dislike passing money on preparation and development for seasonal employees as there is the possibility of the employees non returning the undermentioned year.A Operators are being encouraged to put in preparation and development as this has proven to take to a stronger more motivated workforce.A If employees are enable and empowered to present a quality service, employee turnover should cut down, and employees affected by seasonality would be easier retained for the following season to come.


They chiefly deliver the consciousness of their product/service through the Internet, as it is planetary. However, other beginnings of promoting and consciousness of their merchandise is chiefly done through Media, in the signifier of postings at tubing Stationss and coach sides which is chiefly and to pass on the trade name to a wider audience, public dealingss, portrayals, concern development and Banqueting & A ; Co-operate Entertaining,The premier aim of the administration is to remain London top paying attractive force, hence a selling scheme should be in footings of its mark, current and possible market survey and their procedure of publicity in order to pull their merchandise to their client by distribution. However, the purpose of promotional planning in the long tally is non merely to inform, but to advance clients to buy products/services or, to follow thoughts. Therefore, effectual publicity is normally attained by good researched for tracking gross revenues degrees and attitude forms toward consumers demands, this means nonsubjective must associate to the mark aimed. This can be achieved by updating, converting and foregrounding the administration current and possible mark market.At the same clip one of their mark is to transport out a promotional action program to tsarget market, pull all types of consumers both domestic and abroadDecisionOperators in today ‘s concern environment face many challenges as we have seen in conveying quality services to visitants of their attractions.A By seting in topographic point suited steps and procedures, and guaranting their employees are capable of cognition about efficient client attention preparation, assurance and inducement in which to execute at their best, operators can derive an competitory border in their market, and present client satisfaction s every clip.