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Marshall Essay, Research Paper

The Life and Hard Times of Grantly Marshall

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Could anyone imagine holding no money, few friends, and no opportunity to win

in life? Well, for one person this state of affairs is all excessively existent.

Grantly Reed Marshall, a 18-year-old high school pupil from Franklin Square,

Ohio, had large dreams but small money. Grantly had reached a important clip in his

life. He urgently wanted to go to college. Grantly & # 8217 ; s siblings were much

smarter than he was, as were his parents. None of his schoolmates expected

Grantly to amount to anything, but this made him more determined.

Grantly & # 8217 ; s household was really different. They had one visible radiation bulb in their full

house. Grantly got his name when his female parent read the book Childbirth Without

Pain, by Dr. Grantly Reed.

His male parent ran for president in 1928 under the Communist Party.

During this period in his life when they normally excluded him from the other

childs, and was the poorest he would of all time be, Grantly wanted most of all to travel to


The best things Grantly knew how to make was act and recite poesy. He would

memorize poesy with more than 20 stanzas in a hebdomad and declaim them to

anyone who would listen to him talk.

Finally, with scholarships, pupil assistance and multiple occupations Grantly fulfilled

his dream of go toing college. Majoring in theatre Grantly graduated Kent State

University in 1972 with awards.

After he graduated, Grantly did move in local theatres for a few hebdomads and

so decided to make to the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Just hebdomads before

he was to go forth Grantly & # 8217 ; s male parent fell badly and died shortly at that place after. Grantly

cognize his male parent would desire him to travel to the Olympics anyhow so off he went to

Germany. Because he was such a passionate talker Grantly could talk many


Ges and had no jobs in Europe.

A few people Grantly did cognize and was friends with began to inquire about him

after the Summer Games ended and he did non return. Then, one twenty-four hours Gary Johnson,

one of Grantly & # 8217 ; s merely friend & # 8217 ; s received a phone call. It was none other than

Grantly. It ended up that Grantly loved Germany and he got a occupation as a German

Postal Worker. Gary had many more long negotiations with Grantly. These negotiations did non

cost either of them a cent because Grantly ever called from the station office.

This did do Gary cautious but, they were ne’er caught.

Grantly, one time once more started moving and declaiming poesy. Peoples began to

notice how good he was and Grantly began to do friends with more of import

people in Munich. Grantly so got the chance to bring forth a drama entitled

& # 8220 ; The Sleuth. & # 8221 ; It was a immense hit throughout the metropolis. Grantly so began to acquire

more chances to bring forth dramas. Soon Grantly Reed Marshal was the most

sought after drama manufacturer in Munich.

For his 20th high school reunion Grantly came back to the provinces. He was

dared by a few pupils to memorise and declaim the verse form & # 8220 ; Casey at the Bat & # 8221 ; at

the following dark & # 8217 ; s response. Grantly went to the library that afternoon and with

a transcript of the verse form walked the streets seeking to implant the words im his

mind.Grantly received a standing ovation as he nervelessly stepped up to the

mike. Without anything to trust on but his memory, he stood before the

audience and recited the verse form with but one defect.

Everyone agreed Granlty had done rather a bot for himself. He started by

moving in little dramas and now he produced them with a budget over one million

dollars. Not a exclusive their could differ that hapless, Grantly Reed Marshall was

the richest adult male their. Not for his money, but for what he had the most of, a

good personality.