The Louisiana Purchase was one of the most important transactions in American history because it literally expanded the territory of the country by approximately a quarter. This is also remembered as one of the most important accomplishments in the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, who was in office at the time of the purchase. The cause of the Louisiana Purchase was that France was willing to sell it to the United States for what would be remembered as one of the most cheap land deals in history with the price being approximately 3 cents per acre. President Jefferson felt it was important to purchase this land because he was fearful that France and other nations would try to block trade through the ports in New Orleans.

The United States was greatly transformed geographically by the purchase of this land because it added a great deal of unknown territory to what comprised the United States of America.The purchase of the lands that comprised the Louisiana Purchase from France was extremely important because it helped to strengthen the nation politically and geographically. Jefferson did not have to worry so much about the Spanish or the French prohibiting trade or access to ports and it also was setting the stage for the westward expansion that would eventually create the current United States of America. The effects of this purchase were long-lasting. The expedition of Lewis and Clark was a direct outcome of the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and the subduing of the Native Americans who lived in these areas would eventually take place because of the American takeover of these lands. It will go down in history as one of the most important moments in American history because of its contribution to the land of the United States and what it did for America politically.

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