The 1920s wasa turning point for Canada, with many battles won in the previous decade,Canada had proven itself as a nation worthy of becoming fully autonomous.During the First World War at the Second Battle of Ypres, the Canadians wereoutnumbered by the Germans, they were on the Western Front when suddenly a cloudof chlorine gas from the German side came rushing towards them. Some 6000soldiers died because of this attack.

It was the first use of chemical gas as aweapon. Despite the pain and agony, the Canadians were able to stop the Germansfrom penetrating their lines. On July 1st, 1916, in Beaumont-Hamel,France, the Newfoundland Regiment attacked the Germans after errors and miscalculationswere made. They rushed the German lines through no mans land but were stoppedby barbed wire and heavy machine gun fire. Within 30 minutes, 700 out of the800 Newfoundlanders were killed, missing or wounded.

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This battle showed theamount of sacrifice Canada is willing to take to win the war. On April the 9thof 1917, the Battle of Vimy Ridge has begun. The Canadian Divisions wereordered to capture Vimy Ridge from the Germans. The ridge was an important assetto have as it held a view overlooking all the allied lines. The fight tocapture the ridge would be hard as previous French attempts had failed, but within3 days into the battle, the Canadians managed to capture the ridge. By using anew strategy named the creeping barrage, the Canadians were able to keep Germanforces away from their machine guns and into their trenches.

The Canadians alsohad access to new maps made from aerial photographs to guide their way throughthe battlefield. With this battle won, the Canadians were prouder than ever asthe Canadian Corps had achieved what the French and the British had previouslyfailed to do. With Canada playing a key role in allied victories and showingmajor contribution to the war, Canada was given the right to sign the Treaty ofVersailles as an independent nation. On January 10th, 1920, the Leagueof Nations was created and Canada would the League as a separate nation fromBritain.