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The Manchurian Candidate Essay, Research PaperCapable: Recommendation about The Manchurian CandidateI would wish to first province that President John F. Kennedy s blackwash was a really tragic incident that touched the Black Marias of many around the universe. He hoped for both the equal rights of Americans and the peace of the universe. He will ever be remembered non merely because of his immature age but as a great individual every bit good. I realize that authorities functionaries have been pressing you to retreat The Manchurian Candidate out of regard for President Kennedy, and because of tensenesss with the Soviet Union.

I truly experience it isn t necessary to take that path of action. On behalf of everyone who has worked on the movie including the executives and myself I believe we are really respectful and understanding towards this contention. Yet I feel our difficult work and dedication shouldn T go on intermission because the United States and the Soviet Union are on thin ice.

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To be honest with you Mr. Stowe, we defend ourselves and this film from a quotation mark by Raymond Shaw when he says, There are two sorts of people in this universe: Those that enter a room and turn the telecasting set on, and those that enter a room and turn the telecasting set off. [ The Manchurian Candidate ] This clearly describes the feelings of both sides on this issue. If a individual wants to watch this film he can, but if he doesn T privation to he has the option non to watch or back up the film. An illustration of this is in the film when Raymond Shaw was brainwashed to follow specific orders every clip he saw a queen of diamonds.

In the terminal he prevailed to complete off the Communists even though it was his female parent who started it all. I think it would be a letdown to the histrions, module, and manufacturers if we withdraw the movie so it s obvious where I stand.Our movie should remain in gesture because it depicts the truth and honestness of what truly happens in the cold war. Some have argued that The Manchurian Candidate may act upon thoughts to other states about undercover agents and may flush demo some failings on our portion, but I think the U.

S. will ever be the human dynamoof the universe. The Manchurian Candidate besides informs and educates the citizens of the adversities that could ensue from contending in any war. The film besides takes topographic point after the Korean War and trades more with Communists and brainwashing. I know that dealingss with the Soviet Union are on thin ice but the two states have been like that for a piece.On that note, I late read a book speaking about the Cold War and our dealingss with the Soviet Union. George Kennan, American diplomat and Soviet authorization, argued against the acknowledgment of the Soviet Union.

He said, Never-neither so nor at any ulterior day of the month did I see the Soviet Union a fit ally or associate, existent or possible, for this state ( U.S.A ) . [ Gorn, 222 ] Cipher wants to stop up contending in a war and I don t believe a film will of all time hold such an impact on a state to do any force at all. Yes we ve fought in wars and in the hereafter, there may even be another war, but I think many will hold that The Manchurian Candidate helps people think about some of import issues.

Its really of import for the populace to cognize what is go oning every bit good as what can go on in wars whether its amusement or non.I believe a film is made to entertain every bit good as educate, but The Manchurian Candidate will one twenty-four hours go a authoritative film concentrating on the gesture pictures amusement intents. It has it all, the play, love, and action to do it a all-around movie. Our film has been out for a twelvemonth and people enjoy it. I know you will truly believe about this and it is of import to look at all the things we can make to do it a small easier for others to accept my recommendation. I feel we need to compose a missive to the authorities functionaries who are pressing the backdown of the film and explicate our state of affairs to them. We besides need to include grounds that I have included in this memo.

We could even compromise and do small alterations in the film that will fulfill them. I know it will be a shame to all the people and histrions that have worked on the film but I hope this memo clarifies my base and I hope you consider all my recommendations.Thank You,