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This assignment is by and large based on Olympics 2010. On 6th July 2005, the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) announced that London would congregation the ( The London 2012 Olympics, Bob DigbyCommunity Geographer, and Geographical Association )

2012 Olympics It was chosen to be held in London Stratford, Newham. This is a athleticss competition which all the people in the universe observing. To go an Olympic title-holder the jocks in all around the universe together in one metropolis disputing each one in scope of games. Games are likely to be held on terminal of July 2012.



In this undertaking I do look into planning rules and marketing be aftering procedure of 2012 Olympics. Develop the strategic selling program.

The selling planning rules and procedure

The most basic selling rules ( Harmonizing to kotler ( 1980 ) are applied to client point of mention to acknowledge what ends garnering now, believe, and do. The class of act begins with marketing research to place market section and possible demands, desires, effort, concerns, public presentation. Then settle on the mark market be able to act upon and fulfill. Then usage ” 4ps ” to power on to the market. The ” 4ps ” are merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity. Equally good as the selling mix. The selling rules besides revolve around the client. The rule is “ acquiring the client the right services and goods in the right clip. The rules besides place accent on client engagement and good as integrating or engagement of staff in all selling determination devising. To acquire this right, the procedure has to be taken into consideration.

The selling planning procedure ( selling rules and pattern )

Where are we now?

Where do desire to be?

How do we acquire at that place?

Which manner is the best?

How do we guarantee safety reaching?

Where are we now?

To finish the selling research and roll uping the past informations about the undertaking is the first measure. And besides have to analyze this information and nowadays that to future program.

This procedure helps to

see the fiscal and trade environment

See present position in the market place and chief sides of gross revenues.

Come across at the strengths and failing of the company.

To analyze the bing fortunes have to transport out situational analysis.

SWOT analysis of 2012 Olympics.

SWOTS stand for- strengths and failing every bit related to chances and menaces.


Quality and a good extremely regarded building of carry oning the undertaking.

Sir Robert Mc Alpine is one of the building houses on the london2012 undertaking. Because this company is an icon in the in a edifice building sector in UK

The West Midlands is geographically and economically well-placed for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Marketing techniques non superior. Need to better new selling techniques to clients before, during and after the Olympic.

Staffing and direction jobs


Encouraging immature people to athleticss.

The peace can be developed.

Enhance the touristry of UK.


Security of people- Dr Peter Rayon the advisor of London Olympic 2012 added particular squad for supervise bomb direction and VIP, Athletics security.

Current fiscal fortunes

Where do we desire to be?

After placing strengths, failing, chances and menaces of London 2012 undertaking and made premises about outside factors that may impact to the undertaking have to put up the selling aims.

The aims are what we want to accomplish to finish the undertaking. This is the first action of full procedure of fixing a selling program.

Aims of London 2012

Care for lands cape without any alterations

To do certain to give safe games for london2012 the Olympic administration commission work in partnership with constabulary, authorities, public governments and security companies.

Ensure best personal safeness before and during Olympic competition.

The ends of london2012

The concern and employment development

In the instruction sector accomplishments and desires.

Enhanced wellness and better life.

Superior environment ( Sources )

Better communicating

The mission of london2012

Beginning: IOC web site ( 2005 ) Mission Statement.

The Olympics should supply aˆ¦

“ Sustainable environmental bequests, such as

aˆ? Rehabilitated and revitalized sites,

aˆ? increased environmental consciousness,

aˆ? improved environmental policies and patterns,

The vision of London 2012

The vision of london2012 is a great alteration in different countries by the power of games. Such as alterations in people ‘s lives, athleticss. And besides motivates the people to travel caput on their lives through the athleticss.

( degree Celsius ) How do we acquire at that place? ( How to compose a selling program by john Westwood )


The selling schemes are the wide methods selected to carry through exact aims. There are different types of schemes

Defensive scheme

Developing scheme

Attacking scheme

First expression at the type of schemes that available is to utilize a matrix that was developed by Ansoff.

Market penetration-

Worldwide market penetration-The International Olympic Committee was leap to suggest the games event to China.

Global patrons -Consumer merchandises elephantine Procter & A ; Gamble has signed up as a planetary Olympics patron.

Merchandise development

Olympic park maestro program ( ) –

In 2006 January ( ODA ) was workout the maestro pan of Olympics.

Olympic Games will supply local touristry concern for both to new visitants from abroad and regional travelers.

Market development ( ( )

New study predicts that the value of the UK CCTV market will increase by 10 per cent by 2012.

Investing chances – to manufacture Olympic named merchandises and services. E.g. Olympic jerseies, mugs, cups, chapeaus, playthings


London 2012 Business Network

The Network constituent

A A A A A 1 ) A A Vital information for West Midlands businessA

A A A A A 2 ) A A A attractiveA concern events

The enlargement of new clean tech industries and other strengths in artistic industries, media, logistics, and touristry.

( vitamin D ) Which is the possible significance?


Tacticss are constitutional the specifics of entity way of accomplishment that will be followed on a day-to-day footing.

Once developed the selling scheme, there is a “ Seven P

Formula ” should use to invariably measure and revaluate Business activities.

The seven P ‘s


Monetary value


topographic point


physical grounds



Compare to the other rivals offer be superiority trade.


New website nowadayss including truth of installations and chances

Development of Olympic park

Monetary value

The ticket monetary values have been announced. Tickets are available from ?20. Besides particular monetary values offered to immature people, seniors across all Olympic athleticss. In this instance from the cheapest monetary value to higher monetary value tickets are available harmonizing to clients ‘ demands.


To advance London 2012 and pull the people on that specially designed ticket draw was introduced.

Topographic point

Local people and visitants are doing betterment plants that have taken topographic point along The Greenway, for the Olympic Park to Victoria Park and West Ham Station. East London is being developed with all the installations and attraction.


To this immense undertaking instruction sectors, concern sectors, cultural administrations, charity, voluntaries are affecting to this. And all the scope of clients is mark in all around the universe.

( vitamin E ) How do we guarantee safety reaching?

Control steps

The ODA has resolute to unclutter its advancement manage public-service corporation via a Planning


This manuscript provides way for the authorization of the ODA ‘s

Servicess biased the Planning Committee, peculiarly to let go of

Of the enlargement manage.

Creation determinations on readying application

Prepare and subjecting planning studies to the Planning Committee

Offer planning advice to the squad.

The strategic program

Overall strategic construct


Strategic aims

Strategic rules

Strategic stage

Develop of Olympic installations

Principles and locations

Plan and design Olympic viridity

Entire contemplation for Olympic games

Environment development

Pollution control

Environment development

Transport development

Information and engineering development

Social environment development

Cultural environment

Health attention and security

Legal environment

Strategic support

Speedup economic development

Advance development new engineering

Develop human resort direction

Olympic action program

Action program proposal

Strategic construct

Work undertaking

Support steps

Transport building

Guide lines/ aims

Transport ( urban )

Traffic direction

Traffic support system

Traffic administration

Energy development


Mix and readjustment

Clean energy undertakings

Environment protection

present provinces

guidelines/ aims

prevent/ control pollution

mange assure step

task1 ( B )

Here I am traveling to discourse the SWOT direction tools that could assist to analysis the current 2012 environment with mention to selling.

The SWOT direction tools

SWOT analysis is for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

A SWOT analysis is a planning tool used to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a undertaking or in a concern. It involves saying the aim of the concern or undertaking and placing the internal and external factors that are either supportive or unfavourable to accomplishing that aim. SWOT is frequently used as portion of a strategic or concern planning procedure, but can be utile in understanding an organisation or state of affairs and decision-making for all kinds of state of affairss.

Internal factors – The strengths and failings

To place the strengths and failing have to scrutinize 7ps, 7s, ans5m

External factors – The chances and menaces

To place the external factors have to cover PEST analysis.

A SWOT analysis can be used a method of gross revenues distribution

a concern thought

a strategic option, such as come ining a new market or

establishing a new merchandise




STRENGTHS- resorts and capablenesss can be used for competitory advantage

e.g.-strong trade name names

WEAKNESS- absence of certain strengths

E.g.-weak trade name name

OPPURTUNITIES- external environment analysis can uncover chances for growing. E.g. unrealized client demands

THRETS-changes in external environment

e.g. new ordinances

Can be identified strengths and failing in the current environment when we do the SWOT analysis. So after that whatever the failing we can change over for strengths. And besides we can fit chances and strengths and supply best service for London 2012

Plague Analysis

What is PEST Analysis?

Organization considers PEST before and get downing the selling procedure. After that environmental analysis should be uninterrupted and feed all facets of planning.

The full Selling environment is made of

1. Internal environment e.g. staff

2. micro-environment e.g. our external clients

3. macro-environment e.g. , Economic forces

Political factors.


authorities ‘s policy on the economic system

authorities position on civilization and faith

Terrorism influence in traffic Activities and it will hike demand for crisis and concern stableness.

Economic Factors.

See the province of a trading economic system.

1. Interest rates.

2. The degree of rising prices Employment degree per capita.


Global competition may prevail to hike over the following 5 old ages.

London 2012 Olympics driving venture.

Drive to cut down costs.

Social cultural Factors

In this instance have to see

the functions of work forces and adult females in society

the population

client constitutional rights and duties

Technological Factors.

It is a competitory advantage, and immense driver of globalisation.

Cheap and supper criterion of quality

Distribution alteration of technological development. e.g. books via the Internet

Technical betterments to pare down exhaust waste.

Potter ‘s five

A concern has to understand the kineticss of its industries and markets in order to vie efficaciously in the market place. Porter ( 1980a ) defined the forces which drive competition, postulating that the competitory environment is created by the interaction of five different forces moving on a concern.

competition amid providers

Menace of new market entrant

Dickering power of purchasers

Power of providers

Menace of replacement merchandises

Undertaking 2


In this undertaking I am traveling to discourse the market scheme options available and benefits and restrictions.


A selling scheme is the result of determinations being made a fastidious merchandise or service promote to its purpose clients.

In this instance i do show

Ansoff growing matrix- four schemes

Market incursion

Penetration pricing

insistent advertisement

Traditional industries. – Memorial keepsake, featuring goods which benefit from the Olympic boom.A

Market development

Targeting new clients

The new web site has been developed to maintain you up to day of the month with our merchandise development. It includes-





Future Website Development:

On-Line installations

Merchandise development

Product line stretch

Introducing new line

violative new merchandise with new sector

The Sponsorship Programme with five-year calendar of events and chances.


Advantage of variegation is even one side of concern go through bad state of affairs, the other may non be affected.

Marketing mix

Marketing mix is seting the right merchandise in the right topographic point, at the right monetary value, at the right clip.

American writer, Philip Kotler prefers the 4 Cs.

He suggests that the 4 Ps are a marketer ‘s mix or gross revenues orientated attack and it hence should be replaced by the 4 Cs which are more client orientated, or selling orientated.

It is made up of

Customer demands and wants ( the equivalent of merchandise ) ,

Cost ( monetary value ) ,

Convenience ( topographic point ) and

Communication ( publicity ) .

1960 by E J McCarthy.

The 4Ps are:

Product / Service

Topographic point

Monetary value



Have to see what the Customer demands from the merchandise or service are and Features that needs.

Then expression at the topographic point. The easy topographic points to clients can make this merchandise or service and entree the right distribution channels?

After this, what is the monetary value as they want and What is the value of the merchandise or service Are at that place established monetary value points for merchandises or services in this country and What price reductions should be offered to merchandise clients, and besides compare the monetary value with rivals.

Then believe about the Promotion. In this instance rival ‘s publicities and how that influence to our promotional activity does all those have to see.

When see the Olympic 2012 in London, when we do practical the selling strategic options the selling mix has allots of benefits and besides varies restrictions.

Because of London 2012 the building sector, concern economic sectors, instruction sectors transport systems, like that allots of sides on UK is being developing. But because of the security grounds like terrorist act and pollution, environment protection there are some restrictions have to see with all the strategic options. This undertaking pushes the state through the development of new engineering such as elephantine screens and environment protection like green strategy.

Undertaking 2 ( B )

The interest holder

‘Stakeholders are anybody who might straight be affected and influence on London 2012 Olympic

Main interest holders of London 2012

British association

The BOA is wholly dependent and commercial sponsorship who support for GB.


Responsible for the London Olympic Games and Paralympics Games and works closely with other cardinal stakeholders –


The Mayor of London is Co-Chair of the Olympic Board, which oversees the 2012 undertaking.

Olympic Park Legacy Company

After the London 2012 Games this company is responsible for the long-run planning, development, direction and care of the Olympic Park.

Secondary interest holders




Police/ forces



Stakeholders are analysis harmonizing to their power and involvement of the organisation.

There are four types of stakeholders

Keep Satisfied -high power /low involvement

Engage Closely and Influence Actively- high power/ high involvement

Monitor ( minimal attempt )

Low power low involvement

Keep Informed-low power / high involvement

It is of import to affect interest holder to selling determinations be cause some types of be aftering intent will necessitate to consist a study of engagement to demo stakeholder conversation in move in front of the entry of the planning application. And some undertakings, like concern planning require stakeholder engagement and wider communal liability. Cardinal stakeholders are straight influence and of import to the success of the undertaking.

Undertaking 3 ( a ) current alterations

The pest analysis of London 2012


Political factors are largely including authorities statute law coercing concerns.

The Olympic Games are often under onslaught by terrorist groups.

Sports events are largely developed and improved in instruction sector.

The cost of Olympics budget may impact to present authorities stableness.


Economic services consist of effects of addition, involvement rates and exchange rates.

Present fiscal dip can be a force per unit area to the authorities.

Over budgeting of the undertaking

Hard to cover the Skills spread


In the schools increasing engagement in athletics

Community Development such as charity organisations, voluntary work forces.


Technology is altering quickly. Depending on market, engineering can be alteration.

For London Olympics elephantine screens are best illustration for that people can watch the Olympic in unrecorded where of all time the state when screens are available.

On line people can make investings and develop the concern through the new web site.

Undertaking 3 ( B ) how respond

For all these alterations be aftering commission and undertaking squad has to react to make their end.

So they… .

Have to see with wellness and safety regulations and ordinances and follow them accurately for safeness of the people.

The information ‘s of the undertaking and employees and all the people who involve to the undertaking must be protected

And the average clip have to supply best chance to the people.

For technological alterations if there any accomplishments spread have to do usage from another states. It may be really expensive.

Undertaking 3 ( degree Celsius ) the functional countries may develop






In the hour sector have to clear up the present occupation chances. And to acquire maximal out come from human resort. And besides by understate the figure of occupations and cover the budget of the undertaking.

School pupil ‘s undertakings and voluntary workers undertakings and besides presenting systems can be introduced following 3 old ages.


For security purpose high tech speed cameras can be fixed.

Train a particular secret security squad with particular concealed cameras and mike that no 1 can recognize.


Giant screen

New web site

Particular magazines


Development of roads, main roads

Particular coachs, battles, trains for London 2012