The Media and the Individual’s Perception of the World

One of the main actors today that utterly influences every individual’s mindset is the Media. Indeed, as most people have put it, “What the Media show is what the people think.” Though the latter sentence appears to be quite a generalized assumption, we cannot deny that most of its ideas are fairly true. Because for one, the populace can never escape the grasp of the Media – they’re just everywhere. Another reason is that the Media is our daily source of information. They’re the ones responsible for organizing daily information into simple articles for reading. As far as I am concerned, no one in their right minds would ever put himself or herself into the task of organizing relevant information on a daily basis. As such, we read or listen to what the Media writes or says and, for most people, believe what the Media writes or says.

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Personally, I am aware of this natural power of the Media. This awareness has allowed me to disavow some reports from the Media that I do consider or perceive as either arguable, propagandist, an act of framing or lacking credible facts. I see the world in a different perspective – one that is independent of the Media. In other words, I do read or listen to what the Media writes or says, I just don’t believe it completely. Listening to the Media only provides me with some knowledge regarding the daily trends happening in society. But even so, never have I considered the Media to be the sole provider of true and factual information – because if I do, my personal perception of the world might become infected with misinformation and false claims. I never completely believed what the Media says; therefore, I am almost never influenced by the Media in any way.