Last updated: February 19, 2019
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The Mediation Process

It is a matter of fact that mediation process is playing very important role in contemporary business environment as it is one of the best ways to settle down disagreements and conflicting situations. Usually, mediation process can be either private session or joint session. Nevertheless, each session starts with an opening statement or formal greeting. Mediator always waits till both parties are present and then introduces himself giving an opening statement. It is necessary to underline that mediator demonstrates neutrality as he should always remain impartial.

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Opening statement is usually a review of guidelines and core issues of mediation process. The next step is problem statement by each party. Each party has an opportunity to discuss problem without any interruptions. The first word is given to a person who requested for mediation process. Problem statement frames conflicting issues and provides mediator with emotional states of both parties. After then the mediator sums up information, provides in-depth analysis of the problem and seeks for the most suitable solution to settle the dispute. In the private and joint sessions parties are allowed to make short presentations and to work towards conflict resolution. Confidentiality is guaranteed by mediator. While seeking for resolution, mediator may refer to group or private discussions, framing plausible scenarios or offering his own proposals. Caucus is the most commonly used technique.

Mediation process strongly affects both parties as they get an opportunity to communicate and discuss their disagreements and emotions in a confidential surrounding. In order to make parties understand the mediation mediator should firstly make parties acquainted with general rules. Mediation process helps parties to listen to each other, to discuss conflicting moments, etc. It is better to use simple language to make parties understand mediation. Mediator should use neutral stance and behave in impartial manner. If parties understand the role of mediator, then the power between them will be balanced.