The Met Essay, Research Paper1. The museum I visited was The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, New York.

The museum contains plants of art from antediluvian all the manner to modern times.2. The museum was founded or incorporated on April 13, 1870, and began constructing on 1874 and completed on 1888. The museum since so has gone through uninterrupted building, enlargement, and reconstructing.

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The two original designers were Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould, and in 1971 when the museum was expanded the designers were Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates. The manner of the architecture is Gothic Revival-Style. Since 1888 the museum has expanded twenty times from its original size. The present entryway and fa fruit drink construction along 5th avenue were completed in 1926.

3. The flying the art work is exhibited in Lila Acheson Wallace wing.4. The piece of art I chose was Modern Art, the creative persons name was Dona Nelson. The rubric is Daily News, the medium is Oil on canvas. It was created in 1983 and the approximative dimensions are 84 Ten 60 in.5.

This peculiar picture has many formal ocular elements used to make it. The most obvious component is its usage of position. If you look at the tabular array in the picture it looks like everything should merely skid off the tabular array on to the floor, but everything else looks like it could be in a one-point position with the top of the edifices as a skyline line. The forms in the picture expression really natural, nil truly has right angles or true angles. The edifices outside the window are the lone objects with consecutive line and right angles and have some sort of shadowing around them unlike anything in the room. The coppice shots are really seeable bespeaking that they were long and travel in fickle waies, as seen on the wall.

The pigment looks really thick particularly outside the window and around the Moon. As you can besides see it is really colourful inside the room with orangish-red for the walls making a really bright consequence, and the exterior is really dark with black and bluish colourss except for the Moon light reflecting off the edifices. The picture besides seems to resemble a exposure or still painting because nil is in gesture, its still like a intermission in clip.6.

I think the thought behind the work is about a individual adult male life in the modern-day universe. He has his small flat in New York City up on a high edifice, and we know this because of the Daily News newspaper on his tabular array. It is clearly seen that he s individual adult male because of the jacket seen on the chair and the muss on the tabular array.

On the newspaper is says Nuclear Arms Buildup, and on the wall there is a small picture with doves on it. This could intend that the adult male is worried about the universe interrupting out into a atomic holocaust, but he merely wants peace in the universe. The clip of twenty-four hours is nighttime with merely the Moon as the beginning of visible radiation. This could possible intend that is a clip of fright or sadness.

This picture could picture the fright of a possible atomic eruption from the grounds we have seen. All of the objects on the tabular array could stand for other states. The cock could be the Soviet Union because the cock is a symbol on their flag. The teapot and home base could stand for European states like England or France.7. The properties of this work may include that people want peace in the universe, they do non desire to populate in fright.

The whole image seems to be dark and dull doing it experience as if it is a clip of fright and darkness. The picture could besides be a impression to the authorities or universe that people fear the worst can go on with all these states with atomic arms. We besides notice that the topographic point is New York City, if a bomb were to assail, New York would likely be one of the first topographic points it would hit.8. What attracted me to this picture was that it seemed as though a kid could hold painted it. The tabular array has no position in relation to everything else including outside the window. The pigments that were used, the objected drawn, and the feel seemed a spot infantile excessively.

This is why it took me a piece to calculate what the creative persons hidden significance of the picture could be, even though I could be incorrect. I stared and stared at the picture until eventually I came up with some sort of thought. The fact that it seemed to be about a atomic eruption. This might be a small pathetic, but at 1983 it could hold been a menace at the clip. I am certain that there are many different readings, but my sentiment, I think, has much contention.